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[TV] Next On “The Walking Dead” Episode 03.03 “Walk With Me”

While some of you guys have already enjoyed the second episode of “The Walking Dead,” I’m just now sitting down to enjoy the prison-set mayhem.

Airing next Sunday, October 28, is Season 3 episode 03.03 “Walk With Me.”

In the episode, Andrea and Michonne find a new community of survivors — and a decision must be made. Watch the official promo inside and then tell us what you think of the season thus far.

We’ve also added some behind-the-scenes look at the making of “Sick,” along with an image gallery.

Below are some images from tonight’s episode, “Sick.”

(CONTAINS SPOILERS) Inside Episode 302, “The Walking Dead” – “Sick”: Carol tries to save Herschel, Rick deals with the prisoners, and Lori saves the day.

(CONTAINS SPOILERS) The Making of Episode 302, “Sick”: Inside “The Walking Dead” – The cast and crew give an inside look at the creation of the adrenaline pumping zombie attack in Episode 302.




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