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[OMFG] Warner Bros. Now Owns Paramount’s ‘Friday the 13th’ Library.

It was announced last week that Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group has gained exclusive rights to physical Blu-ray and DVD distribution of more than 600 Paramount catalog titles (Paramount keeps VOD rights). While nothing major was announced, horror fans have been in a frenzy hoping that we’ll now see that Friday the 13th Blu-ray box set we’ve been demanding.

Daniel Farrands, producer of the absolutely incredible A Nightmare on Elm Street documentary “Never Sleep Again,” already has inside word from Warners regarding the future of the Friday franchise: “It’s confirmed that Warner Bros. DID acquire the F13th titles from Paramount,” Farrands states on his Facebook page. “But they haven’t yet decided whether they will release a full Blu-ray box set or simply release “one offs” of each title.

What’s exciting is that we can now have one solid set that contains Friday the 13th through Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan alongside Jason Goes to Hell, Jason X and Freddy vs. Jason!

Knowing how the home video whores work, we’ll see individually remastered versions first followed by that well-deserved box set. If you thought the Elm Street box set was worth the wait, then this should be exciting news. I still think distributors are getting lazy with their extra features. Something as big as Friday the 13th deserves major features. One can only hope we’ll one day see the versions that weren’t destroyed by the MPAA.



  • sweetooth

    No uncut, no sale

  • djblack1313

    i despise all the F13 movies after part 5 so i have no interest in them. if they put out uncut versions (IF there is any way to restore them the way MY BLOOD VALENTINE’s re-release was) i’d buy each one or even suffer buying the box set just to get the uncuts of any of the first 5 movies. i’m glad this franchise is out of Paramount’s hands since they always have been ashamed of the F13 franchise even though it has made them a lot of money. i hope we get good re-releases with good bonus features. i will happily buy them again.

    • unisonruss

      One reason, out of many, why this series really started to suffer was the censorship that the movies got put through. If Warner is smart, they will release all the uncut versions. They are very sought after.

  • guttersnipesurfs

    Seriously, I could care less about special features. UNCUT with all footage reincorporated into the films, otherwise who cares?

    • unisonruss


  • Keegsta

    I’m really excited to get Part 4 and Part 6 on BluRay. My favorite is Part 2 though, which is already on BluRay.

  • thalazy

    Let’s look at the Nigtmare on Elm Street collection that was just released on Blu-ray. This first film is given it’s own disc and extras that were ported from the first Blu-ray release. All other films were 2 per disc and extras were ported from the dvd versions. The pq of the sequels were not given any special treatment it’s look slightly better than up-converted dvd quality and no uncut editions.They included a dvd bonus disc with a new extra is sd and 2 episodes from the Freddy’s Nightmares tv show. I would imagine WB to do the same to this franchise as they would to one of their own.

  • That_One_Guy

    I would love it if Warner Bros put some effort into putting out a quality set with special treatment given to all the films and not just the first few. As of now, I really want to see all the uncut versions of the movies and nice packaging. None of that book sleeve shit for each disc. I’d buy the box set just to have every kill in hi-def and because I love the films so much.

  • STRIK9

    Regarding”One can only hope we’ll one day see the versions that weren’t destroyed by the MPAA.”..Do these even really exist? I can’t see how bootlegs wouldnt have leaked by now if they did exist.Those first 4 would be incredible uncut.

  • djblack1313

    part 2 is my all time fave and it kills me (no pun intended!) that the cut footage (Jeff & Sandra’s double impalement, etc) is supposedly destroyed/gone. i’d pay just about any price (within reason) for uncut versions of part 2 & 4.

  • Samhain2010

    Well now I’m glad I never purchased the blu rays for 1/2/3/FvsJ/ Remake. Hopefully they clean these up, include every special feature that is currently available, and make it a box set. I will not buy them separately! I want the complete collection! Also has to include His Name Was Jason.

  • unisonruss

    What’s funny is even the uncut footage is not as glory is half the horror films that come out lately. They are almost tame in comparison, it’s silly that the uncut versions have not been restored and released yet. What gives? Come on, Warner Bros.!

  • Lauren Taylor

    I feel a little tingly.

  • sweetooth

    Warner has failed repeatedly to provide uncut versions of Nightmare on Elm Street (part 5 is quite a bit better in it’s uncut form which hasn’t seen the light of day since good ol vhs).

    It’s likely they won’t bring the goods for the Friday films either. But you never know. They were the studio that released the original uncut overseas when Paramount’s
    domestic release was cut.

    Fingers crossed…

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