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[BD Book Giveaway] Scott Campbell’s ‘The Great Showdowns’

We’ve got a fun contest for you today from Titan Books. The publisher is releasing an art book showcasing Scott Campbell’s Great Showdowns series on October 30th. Campbell, known for his charming naive style, uses watercolors to paint famous scenes from classic films of every genre.

Below is a gallery of Campbell’s paintings from famous horror films. The first to identify all the films correctly will win a copy of the book. Simple as that. There’s only one winner, so get on this fast!

CONTEST OVER: VersaVulture is the winner (There was no specification of which Friday the 13th it was in the info I got from publisher, so I’m sticking to that.)

Contest is open to all American and Canadian residents. The winner will be notified in the comments and they will be asked to DM me their mailing address (No PO Box). Titan Books will then send you a copy in a timely fashion (roughly 2 to 3 weeks). NOTE: This is completely separate from currently running caption contests.




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