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10 Things I Learned From The ‘Evil Dead’ Trailer… 55 Screen Grab Images!!

FilmDistrict has read the incantation and resurrected the official trailer premiere for Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead, which opens in theaters April 12, 2013!

It’s been an interesting few weeks here on Bloody Disgusting. Since the first image hit, and the trailer leaked out of the New York Comic-Con, we’ve been extremely excited. Unfortunately, not all of you agree. The word “remake” stings quite a bit, especially when you’re talking about Sam Raimi’s cult 1981 The Evil Dead. It definitely leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but, it’s hard to ignore the fact that this film was obviously made for us. With Paramount releasing ultra-safe horror like Paranormal Activity and The Devil Inside, Sony and FilmDistrict are venturing into new territory. From my perspective, they’re dipping their toes into the waters of “dangerous” cinema. Most of us will be in theaters April 12, but will the rest of the country? Evil Dead looks absolutely, fantastically brutal. And that’s cause for some celebration.

Ok, enough filibustering. After watching the first red band trailer, I not only took 55 screen grabs for you guys to dig through (HD grabs forthcoming), but I quickly dissected them into 10 things I learned from the Evil Dead trailer. You’ll find it all inside.

1: Elizabeth Blackmore lops off her arm, giving homage to Ash’s (Bruce Campbell) self inflicted injury in Evil Dead 2.

2: An unknown person or persons had previously read from the Book of the Dead, and penned warnings inside. Lou Taylor Pucci reads the incantations and unleashes the evil.

3: Another homage to Raimi’s original trilogy comes when Shiloh Fernandez uses a chainsaw.

4: Echoing Cheryl’s (Ellen Sandweiss) horrific The Evil Dead experience, Jane Levy also gets raped by a demonic tree.

5: These demons are self-mutilating masochists.

6: Instead of a collapsed bridge, a massive flood traps the group.

7: Alvaraz shows some love for Raimi’s original by utilizing his “motorcycle” shots through the woods.

8: The infamous cabin looks like the same cabin from the original.

9: Evil Dead looks a tad bit like Platinum Dunes’ Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake. Concerning? Maybe.

10: Lastly, I’m shocked this reboot will receive an R-rating. It looks astoundingly grotesque and violent (thumbs up!).

And with that I present to you 55 screen grabs that’ll give you a better look inside the trailer. Watch for an HD version tomorrow.



  • Neptunesblood

    Awesome trailer.

  • EvilHead1981

    The movie looks extremely green. I think it might’ve looked better without the filter.

  • I’m holding out no hope this will be any good

  • Nothing333

    The filter gives it a really “saw” feel, as well as the Texas Chainsaw look D pointed out. It will lead to dating the film in the future. Still, this doesn’t ruin the movie’s potential.

  • djblack1313

    i can see them NOT getting an R rating for this. i highly expect this to be cut down to get an R and we’ll get the unrated DVD/BR.

    • RidinQwerty


    • unisonruss

      Not necessarily. I’ve seen worse r rated movies. Remember TLHOTL remake? Gruesome, nudity, rape, blood, gore, sadistic violence…Evil Dead could get an R, as is.

      • LiamZH

        I thought TLHOTL was cut to have an R rating, then the Unrated was on the home release.

    • Bah – it would be SO awesome to see this gore on the big screen, but we all know this will NEVER happen.

  • djblack1313

    oh and i really like the green filter used on this!

  • sweetooth

    The fact that this movie has gore is not really going to sell it to me. Of course it does, remaking Evil Dead as a PG-13 movie would be like setting fire to a pile of money.

    This just doesn’t feel like Evil Dead at all. Everyone’s too pretty, it looks too much like every Platinum Dune’s movie ever made, and the makeup/lack of white eyes looks all wrong.

    Also, from what i gather, the trees don’t actually rape, just grope in a suggestive manner based on what was in the script.

    I read an interview with the director where he’s claiming he wanted it to be the scariest most horrifying and gross movie ever, but if they can’t even muster up the balls to have some hardcore tree rape, I suspect this will be yet another in a long line of boring, safe, flashy remakes of movies that didn’t need to be remade.

    I am still holding out a bit of hope this will be to The Evil Dead like Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead was to the original: slicker, made for an audience with an attention span no longer than 5 minutes and gory and action packed enough to be entertaining but ultimately a hollow shell of the original and by no means a classic.

    • djblack1313

      sweetooth, i just read from someone who saw the movie (a test screening apparently) and yeah……


      yeah, the trees/vines don’t rape Mia. a demon girl appears from somewhere and spits something out of her mouth and it slithers over and crawls up inside Mia.

      • sweetooth


      • Sami Smith

        sounds very fascinating !!

  • sweetooth

    Also, the electronic music in the trailer is piss poor for the content.


    I’m not as much of a blind purist as some of the “fans” I’ve seen commenting on these posts. This film look undeniably fantastic. I think the stigma attached to remakes is petty; you learn to judge based on comparison rather than the merit of self-existence. And remember, NO ONE IS TAKING THE ORIGINAL AWAY FROM YOU. They are just offering the rest of us who are not so thick headed a more modern look at an old title.

    • sascha henschel

      right, and I also like the sounds

    • sweetooth

      The problem is we’re getting this (which wasn’t needed considering the original is undeniably a classic and impossible to duplicate) instead of what I would like to suggest the majority of Evil Dead fans would rather see: Evil Dead 4 with Bruce Campbell before he gets any older and fatter.

  • M.a.r.y.

    I love how everything looks so far, and to be honest, I like it more than the original one.

  • M.a.r.y.

    oh, I especially loved what she did with her cheek

  • flesheater24

    Damn fuckin holy shit. I’ll admit I was super sonic pissed about a remake of one of my all time fav movies. But hey this looks pretty solid. But my main concern is it all CGI ??? or pracitial

  • RidinQwerty

    looks awesome!! can’t wait for this to hit the big screen. It’s about time the movie industry found some balls!! Hope it doesn’t disappoint.

  • -Ash-

    Damn…maybe this movie won’t suck as much as I thought it would.

  • STRIK9

    This is what I would want a remake of Evil Dead to look like.If I’m stuck with a remake,this is exactly would I would ask for.I hope this film can live up to its expectations from fans.

    • thaphantom

      Totally agree.

  • thaphantom

    The original was made with black humor. This one is serious and actually looks scary. I’m not the biggest Bruce Campbell fan or Evil Dead fan, but this movie looks insane. Must see. I thought the trailer for “The Lords Of Salem” looked crazy…

  • thaphantom

    If the original version of The Evil Dead was banned in other coutries, this one is going to wreck homes lol

  • Daniel

    The trailer looks awesome enough. Though, as many have pointed out before me, it dosen’t FEEL like a Evil Dead movie. But I have no doubt that it will entertaining as hell.

  • tgraci

    Movie looks brutal as hell can’t wait to check it out

  • JVoorhees86

    Love the nod to Sam’s Oldsmobile in the original (as well as every other movie of his)! It’s little touches like that, that give me hope for this remake. Oh, and the trailer looks great!

  • Darkness001

    I saw the movie on Tuesday! No joke. I usually don’t go to these screening invites, but this was advertised the most anticipated horror movie of 2013 and rated R for extreme violence, gore, and blood. This is hands down one of the best remakes I have ever seen! Must-see for any horror fan. I just pray the version I saw doesn’t need to be cut/edited because it definitely went pass an R rating.

  • DisturbedPixie

    I don’t get how a remake of a remake of a remake can bother fans. If your a fan, you know that Evil Dead 2 redid portions of Evil Dead, making it a sequel/remake, and Evil Dead was already a remake of the short film Within the Woods. We all already saw the same idea done those 3 times! What’s wrong with a 4th time? It looks like all that camp that was in the first ones has been replaced with shocking gore. It looks like what Evil Dead would have looked like if they didn’t feel the need to be silly considering their budgets. I’d like to see the dance scene redone in a terrifying way this time.And the tool shed scene looks like it is going to be hard to watch, most definitely. I’m excited, as a fan, and someone who doesn’t mind seeing a story told more than once in an attempt to do better. Sure most of the time remakes aren’t better, but they can be. We’ve all seen it happen.

  • jmac_007

    I also saw this at a screening. It was in it’s uncut version and we were asked what kind of rating should it receive. It is hard core (and for the record the original was one of the 1st video nasties I saw back in the 5th grade). Sure the indie “grit” to the shots aint there and the tongue in cheek aint there (thanks to a 15million budget). But once it gets going it is Bloody Disgusting to the point of insanity. It will get cut down, shame shame shame if they do that (christ! the french and japanese don’t have to cut this kind of shit out) but if the version I saw gets out? The Americans might finally be back in the hardcore game. And I did not find it so much as a remake but a new film. They will cut it though. 15million? Sucks but they will.

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