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Is ‘Evil Dead’ Actually A Sequel?!

FilmDistrict’s new Evil Dead is one of the most important genre films in the past few years. It’s one that could make or break what kind of movies studios make in the next 5 years. We personally fell in love with the first image and trailer, which is why I’ve been weeding through everything hoping to find a needle in the haystack. Through my morning of screen-grabbing (100 high resolution images coming right up!), I came across something that could be potentially HUGE (but then again, it could be nothing).

As many of you Sam Raimi fanatics know, his 1973 Delta 88 Oldsmobile makes a cameo in all of his films beginning with his 1981 The Evil Dead. In the latest installment, in theaters April 12, 2013, director Fede Alvarez has put the same car in as a prop. This drops a bomb of questions with the two main ones being: is this just an homage, or is this potentially the same vehicle Ash (Bruce Campbell) drove in the original trilogy? This car cameo could actualy mean that the new Evil Dead is a direct sequel to the first film. Could these demons have already feasted on the souls of the characters from the 1981 film? Perhaps it takes place in that universe alone and ignores Evil Dead 2 and Army Of Darkness (if I remember correctly, the car gets sucked in a vortex and goes back in time in those)? And if you look at the below images, the exact same light is smashed!

Am I reading too much into this? Probably. Still, it’s kind of a cool cameo that deserves a look. Check out Jane Levy taking a drag and writing something down atop the 1973 Delta 88 Oldsmobile.

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  • Lauren Taylor

    You may be on to something. And it could be cool.

  • Rendrogy

    Nah. It’s surely just gonna be an homage, since the idea of sequels for older franchises is dead in the water (much to my dismay). Surely, it’ll be just another useless remake, that will likely dismiss opportunities to be ambiguous in its remake-or-sequel status, and surely just become a flat-out redo, which in that case, I’ll end up hating it by default.


    It’s sad how petty people can be. Remakes are not a bad thing. The original is still in tact; they aren’t taking it away from you and ripping it apart. You CAN enjoy both without having to claim loyalty to this pathetic notion that the original is always superior merely because it came first.

    Not to mention the irony here is that Bruce Campbell (Ash) has been heavily involved with this project. So all of you horror “purists” should be on-board for this.

    You don’t have to like the fact that they are remaking this film, but they are still going to do it. And those of us who can see greatness without prejudice will pay to go see it.

    • EvilHead1981

      I think people love to know that the original events can coexist with the reboot’s events in the same world, just different times and places. It’s kinda like TCM, where we know in the original and reboot, it’s a given that those accounts are one of many instances where people have fallen preyt Leatherface and his family. You could very well have linked them together by saying the reboot was another “account” of Leatherface killing wayward young people, and it could be self-contained that it COULD still be it’s own new story with little to no ties to the original. Especially because time has passed, I don’t think it would hurt anybody if that was the way these reboots went. I mean, for the purists, it’s acknowledging that their favorite movies still exist in the new movie’s timeline, but to newbies, it’s new enough and self-contained enough, that they can pick it up and don’t need to know about the original movie. I always felt that was probably the best way to cater to both new and old fans without stepping on anybody’s feet. It DOES make sense, though. If a new fan has no preconcept or expectation of a movie that is virtually “new” to them(it’s their first time in the franchise) whether or not it takes place in a new rebooted universe or the classic continuity shouldn’t make a difference if they it doesn’t beat the newbies over the head with “inside jokes” and make them feel awkward because they aren’t in on it. It CAN be done, it’s just a matter of fact when. When will someone get the balls to do this? You can can reference the past installment briefly(it can be to the effect of a “Long time ago… this happened” story that’s basically in most horror movies anyway).

    • thaphantom

      Dude I’m lovin’ your comments on all of these. I totally agree that people shouldn’t write remakes off in favor of originals. THey SHOULD coexist. If you want the original, watch the original. But so many remakes in the past decade have been great. This looks like it might be the best one. I mean, you don’t see people hating on John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’ like they are these newer remakes. As long as there is enough time left between it and he original, I always get excited for a new version or installment of my favorite horror movies.

      • Ravinus

        Totally agree.

  • Samhain2010

    Maybe! That would be awesome if it was a sequel. Maybe with an Ash cameo!!? My mind would be blown for sure.

  • Nothing333

    Hmmmm since the director and producers have stated this is explicitly a reboot I have to say your dead wrong.

    • cryocore

      Let me start by saying I am not suggesting that Evil Dead is a remake or a sequel.

      A remake could be a reboot but not a sequel.
      A reboot could be a remake or a sequel.
      A sequel could be a reboot but not a remake.

      A Reboot does not mean remake, but remake does mean reboot.

  • ThunderDragoon

    Hmm, that would be cool.

  • nofxstarsfan

    Just looking at the pics, it obviously isn’t even the same year car… so seems pretty obvious it is just a cool little homage to the original(s).

  • JVoorhees86

    Well, since I already commented on this after the first 50 pics were posted, it seems that Mr.Disgusting is stealing my thunder… just kiddin’. It’s clearly an homage in my opinion but it’s just another reason to be confident in the production of this remake.


    I think the same questions will still exist after seeing the film. The time and place of these events will be left to the interpretation of the viewer.

  • Chance

    I’m with Warlust on this. I’ve been part of a discussion elsewhere about this very thing where I had brought it up yesterday as a possibility or at least that one may be able to look at it in this light if one wants to.

    A couple things I pointed out besides the vehicle: Someone has scribbled a warning in the book which may lend itself to the belief that someone besides Knoby has been there in the interim and invoked the deadites.

    A quote from Alverez: “Reimagining, I don’t know what that means. I know it’s just… They used to call them sequels. [laughs] I don’t know what happened today, but it’s just… I think it’s just a new story with a lot of elements taken from EVIL DEAD 1 and reshaped in a different way”.

    For the time being, I’m kind of with Mr. Disgusting on the possibility and Warlust on being left open to interpretation in that if you want it to be, it can, and if you can’t see it that way, you won’t.

  • -Ash-

    Probably just paying homage to the original, but I like the way you think.

  • Keegsta

    At the end of the day, it will likely just be homages to the original. However, people saying that the filmmakers have said it is a remake and explicitly said Ash will not appear, that sort of doesn’t mean a whole lot. If anyone remembers the press leading up to Prometheus, Ridley Scott swore up and down it didn’t have anything to do with Alien for the longest time. Even up until the film came out, he still denied it. So, I hope this is actually a sequel, I think that would please the fans. But, it’s more likely it is just an homage. Here’s to hoping!

    • EvilHead1981

      Sometimes the producers/directors aren’t that trustworthy either. With Prometheus, it was all over the place. No, it has no connection to the Alien franchise. Well, there’s some nods to the Alien universe. Yes, it DOES take place in the Alien universe, just on a different planet. It’s shady spiel at it’s best. The thing to know is, take their words lightly, because it’s bound the change if they FEEL the need it should. Basically, nothing is certain but uncertainty.

  • xAshleyMariex

    Im starting to think it is a sequel because at comic-con the director didn’t exactly say it was a remake but like what EvilHead1981 said, you can’t exactly trust the directors.

  • thaphantom

    I have this gut feeling Bruce couldn’t keep himself out of this and got at least one shot in it. A cameo is unlikely, but it just seems right.

  • johnny_blaze_113

    Image 46 of the 100 HD screen grabs looks like she’s holding the necklace that Ash gave to Linda in the original. I’m thinking sequel at this point.

  • H666

    Isn’t everyone who’s screaming ‘i hate remakes’ kinda forgetting that Evil Dead 2 is essentially a remake of Evil Dead?

  • Evil_Flip

    It could still be a sequel to army of darkness, as non of them are really winning prizes on continuity. Ash’s friends are ignored in the recap of part 1 (no H666 it’s only a remake for the first few minutes 😛 up until the being/camera comes after Ash like in the end of part 1). and Ash ends up being worshiped in part 2 but starts out as a slave in 3. but yeah I’d actually like it better if it is a sequel.

  • zer0M

    Evil Dead II is not a remake… And this remake is not a sequel. The ‘Book of the Dead’ was burned at the end of the original not branded with a warning and bound in barbed wire. Also wouldn’t our new cast be more perturbed by the decayed, mutilated corpses and putrid pulp left behind from the climax of ‘The Evil Dead’ rather than the cabin’s decrepitude? Everything that has been pointed out so far -the Michigan sweater, the oldsmobile- are things that have been carefully placed to give us fans a boner… And it’s working. Quite a bit I must admit. Myself as well as many of you could probably crack a diamond.

  • NixEclips

    RE: The Classic. It’s not in every movie Sam made. He couldn’t get it into The Quick and the Dead, and I’ll be surprised if it’s in Oz.

  • kaninja

    Wrong car. “The Classic” that is in all of Raimi’s movies is a 1973 model. The car shown in ‘The Evil Dead’ released in 2013 is a 1974 model. Look at the grill and the bumper and it is obvious that it is not the same year of car.

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