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[Exclusive] Preview: ‘Whispers’ #4 Looks Truly Terrifying

Joshua Luna’s Whispers offers up a solid balance of the Twlight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock mixed with unhealthy doses of dream walking, severe OCD, ex-lovers, and demons.

Since issue #1 hit the stands “Whispers” has quickly become one of the most creepiest and disturbing horror books on store racks. As the series boils closer to its conclusion, Luna delivers Bloody-Disgusting a truly terrifying preview of issue #4, which lands in comic shops on Halloween.

WRITTEN BY: Joshua Luna
ART BY: Joshua Luna
PUBLISHER: Image Comics
PRICE: $2.99
RELEASE: October 31st, 2012

Sam discovers a horrifying weakness in his supernatural ability. Just when he thought he was in complete control, his actions come back to bite him in a way he could never predict.



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