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‘Enola’ Will Play Even Harder On Your Fear Of Islands

Enola is a mystery horror game for the PC. My best guess for a baby factor, Myst meets Amnesia. Which is an awesome combo. In Enola, like in many games you awaken not knowing who and where you are. You search the island you wake up on for clues, solve puzzles, while trying to find out who you are and how to escape. You can buy the game for $2.50 down from the usual 10 dollars for a limited time from GamersGate. The game is not yet finished, it is in Alpha. However purchasing the game in alpha allows you to play it now in its unfinished state, and you get access to all future updates. Screens, info, and video past the break.


Story-driven – Enola may be a horror game, but from gameplay elements to level design, Enola pushes the boundaries of the genre with a captivating and intriguing love story.

Horror Without Monsters – Enola pushes the emotional boundaries of the player, putting them in an isolated, defenseless state of mind.

Unconstrained Mechanics – The mix of first person mechanics and old-school adventure games allows players to keep track of clues and figure out puzzles without the constraints of traditional point-and-click interfaces.

Frighteningly Calculated Puzzles – Death traps meant to put players’ nerves to the test. Some puzzles are the usual “fail and try again” ones, but in other cases, failing can mean death…

Superb Voice Acting and Musical Score – Enola now offers a spine chilling soundtrack and immersive voice acting and sound effects.




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