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Give It A Kickstart: ‘FUBAR’ & ‘Monstrology’

We’re shining the spotlight on two awesome horror anthology projects on Kickstarter right now. The first is FUBAR: American History Z, the third installment in anthology series that spans the entire American experience from the discovery of the new world to the present day…with zombies. “FUBAR: American History Z” is over 300 pages and contains the work of over 45 writers, artists, and letterers. The second project is Monstrology, which offers 112 pages of monster storytelling from some up and coming names in horror comics. Check out more details below.

Why these anthologies? Honestly, just looking at preview art shows the talent involved in these projects. “FUBAR” has proven itself already as a solid entry into zombie alternative history literature, and this third volume is ambitious to say the least. For only $25 you can have your pick of any of the three volumes of “FUBAR”.

“Monstrology”, on the other hand, is packed with newcomers on a mission to prove their chops. There are a few stories of particular note in this anthology. First, “White Widow” by 
Charles Webb and Andres Esparza. The artwork in “White Widow” is just stunning, capturing the feel of modern horror cinema. Second, “What Fools These Mortals Be” by Joey Esposito, Erik Norris and JC Grande. Joey Espositois the comics editor over at and writer of the monster/noir mashup, “Footprints”, which was my pick of the week a while back. His comic writing career is just beginning, and he’s one to keep an eye on.



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