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Review: ‘Harvest’ #4

Harvest is one of my favorite series coming out of Image in the past year. Not only does it offer a fresh idea of an intense, unexplored reality, but the art is mind blowing, packed with graphic imagery. In issue #4, story truly comes full circle from its first issue. A.J. Lieberman wove a comprehensive story line that seems to culminate with this book. With only one issue remaining in this 5-part arc, it’s no wonder this book takes it up a notch in its 4th issue with a fast pace story line, ample amount of bloodshed, and plot twists.

WRITTEN BY: A.J. Lieberman
ART BY: Colin Lorimer
PRICE: 3.50
RELEASE DATE: November 7th

Issue #3 left off with our protagonist, former doctor, Ben Dane, about to get his underground surgery on. This issue opens up with a scene that strikes up déjà vu, as the very first “Harvest” issue opened at this moment. Having finished the flashback, we find ourselves at an unknown time. As per usual for Dane, the situation deteriorates around him and he’s once again on the run from Crave, Greer, and their goons. This issue is full of action and doesn’t lack the gore that “Harvest” showcases brilliantly. The issue starts off very fast but slows towards the end, there are several plot twists involved as well which lead up to a hefty cliffhanger ending.

The dialogue is clever, as always. The use of the child displays Dane’s inner thoughts; it also adds some dark humor as the kid can’t help but poke fun at Dane’s terrible situations.

I’m interested to see what role the police will have in this book. as they get closer to Dane it will start to become clear that he’s more of a puppet than they truly believe. But it is unknown where the blame is to be laid. Lieberman is doing one hell of a job with this book; I’ve been surprised constantly by the twists and turns, and with only one issue remaining I really have no idea how the story will culminate.

The art in “Harvest” is stellar, a very realistic look that holds a subtle sketchiness adding to its dark atmosphere. This book contains a lot more blood than the previous issue, beginning with a surgical scene show casing Lorimer’s detail on organs and gore. After this there is a sufficient amount of gun fire and blood shed, very well laid out and detailed.

“Harvest” fits its own niche and set a precedent for anyone who is thinking of dropping a book with a similar premise. If you’re a horror fan and you haven’t read this book yet I don’t know what you’re waiting for, only one more left to cap it off.

4/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – GreenBasterd



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