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‘Miasmata’ Get’s Greenlit On Steam, One More Island Gets Added To Your List Of Places To Never Vacation

The list of amazing looking Steam Greenlight games is long. Greenlight is such a great idea because it gives games a fighting chance that may have never had a chance to begin with. Miasmata is one of those games. Kotaku is reporting that the game has been greenlit on Steam, and we’ll be able to download it this November 28th. You play the game as a man known as Robert Hughes. He is exploring the island known as Eden, and it seems he is searching for a cure for a plague that may have wiped out the islands inhabitants. More past the break!

The game was made by (brothers?) Joe and Bob Johnson, and it would seem they are the only 2 masterminds behind the game. The game was made so you could explore the island any way your heart desires. But while exploring at any point you could be getting stalked by a mysterious creature that inhabits the island. You can choose to hide and try to lose him, or fight him. Could killing the creature lead you to the cure? I think so. But hey, what do I know?



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