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Marvel Wants Robert Downey Jr. As Iron Man In ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’

After the announcement that James Gunn would be directing the upcoming Marvel adaptation of Guardians of the Galaxy, the news-front for the film was on the quiet. According to, Marvel is keen on bringing Robert Downey Jr. into the film in his Tony Stark/Iron Man role. Interestingly, Downey’s contract is done with Marvel Studios after Iron Man 3, meaning he would have to sign a new contract. With the success of the Iron Man franchise and The Avengers, it seems likely Downey Jr. will be on board to sign a contract, but that doesn’t guarantee him a role in Guardians of the Galaxy.

In the soon to be “Guardians of the Galaxy” series from Brian Bendis and Steve McNiven, Iron Man is said to be a part of the team, so it would only make sense for the film to coincide with the latest series. That said, this is still only a rumor as there’s been no name attached to the source of such news.



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