DLC Coming To 'DmC' "Shortly After Launch," Stars Dante's Twin Brother Vergil - Bloody Disgusting
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DLC Coming To ‘DmC’ “Shortly After Launch,” Stars Dante’s Twin Brother Vergil



Ninja Theory’s colorful take on the Devil May Cry series won’t be out until January, but that isn’t stopping them from giving us a taste of the game’s first DLC, dubbed Vergil’s Downfall. The DLC will bring with it a brand new storyline featuring Dante’s twin brother Virgil, as well as new weapons, attacks, enemies to attack with your new weapons, and places to paint with the blood of the new enemies you just attacked with your new weapons. The DLC will be made available soon after launch — that’s January 15 for those keeping track — and will cost 720 MSP on XBLA, or $8.99 on PSN. Punch that ‘Read More’ button in its stupid ugly face if you want to check out the DLC trailer.

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