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[Web Series] Raimi and Carpenter Inspired “Stage Fright”

American Wasteland Entertainment is proud to announce, Stage Fright, its latest production, is now up for viewing at Produced locally in the Ozarks, this mini series follows Newlyweds Emmett and Laney, after they sign off on an old theater without knowing its evil past and sinister present.

This project was very nostalgic for me as a director as I had not directed a horror project since I was trying to make scary shorts in high school. The horror genre was what influenced me to become a filmmaker through the works of John Carpenter and Sam Raimi. I knew how Brittney felt about the genre, so when we started talking about doing a mini series, it was the go to genre for us. Getting back to our roots,” said Brasier, who co-owns American Wasteland Entertainment, LLC. A production company focusing on online based entertainment and film, with Greer.

Stage Fright also boasts some fantastic special effects and make up work from veteran Mike Strain Jr., whose recent horror film projects include the V/H/S and The Aggression Scale.

Brasier served as director, as well co-writer, and producer with Greer, who plays Laney in the series. Zac Rantz portrays Laney’s newlywed husband. The rest of the amazingly talented cast includes Chris Greig, Mickey Stone Kevin Keppy, Stephen Nations, Elaine Jenkins, Marci Manna, Haley Bertrand, Jennifer Eiffert, Jason Knight, and Angel Gonzales.

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