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[Random Cool] One-Of-A-Kind Vintage Style Action Figures Mint On Card!!!!

Expendable cash? You’ve come to the right place!

Ebay store Old Colony Hobbies has the most expensive action figures ever, only they’re the coolest thing we’ve seen all years – and they’re one-of-a-kind!

Whomever is behind the store has created custom G.I. Joe-style figures, packaging and all, of some of your favorite genre characters! There’s everyone from Freddy Krueger to Jason Voorhees, not to mention the co-stars from the various franchises from Jaws to Alien, Aliens, Friday the 13th, Dawn of the Dead and more!



  • KeepDoubting

    If these weren’t so expensive, I’d be all over the Michael Myers, Freddy, Jason, and Ash ones.

  • MrDisgusting

    One of these is missing! (My wallet, it hates me.)

  • bambi_lives8980

    Okay so are these just like custom figures that are made to look like, vintage or whatever? Or were there actual Kenner figures like these back in the day, which someone took the blueprint for and “remade” them? The Friday the 13th one has an offer on the package and if you read it carefully it says it expires in 1983. That’s why I ask. I’m starting to collect horror action figures and such so someone in the know please help me out here. thanks!

  • Rendrogy

    I’m not one for collecting toys to rot in a display case, but if I was a kid, I’d be all over this shit!

  • djblack1313

    these are awesome! it’s fucking hilarious (and awesome) how Ned & Steve Christy have action figures!! lol. i love all of these!

  • Joe-Banger

    @bambi_lives8980, thank you for stating that post! I thought I was alone there for moment! When the hell did these come along? I was a kid way back when and I dont remember these toys. Try or Ebay, I know I will.

  • Evil_Flip

    this is freaking awesome. he even made one for Chuck Norris xD

  • aus10

    These are so awesome!

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