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I Want This ‘Resident Evil 6’ Airsoft Gun Replica, And I Want It Bad

The Resident Evil series has brought us some incredible guns over the years. The Broken Butterfly? Yes please. Samurai Edge? Oh yeah. Red 9? Mmm, baby, say that again just a little more slowly. Resident Evil 6 is no slouch in the gun department, even though Capcom removed our ability to customize those beautiful weapons. Airsoft gun maker Tokyo Marui has once again taken it upon themselves to make me extremely jealous of the fine folks in Japan. Their new SIG p226 has been customized to fit in the Resident Evil universe. Check it out after the jump.

The gun will be available next spring for the low price of ¥27,090 (a little over $300 USD), and comes with a special hard carrying case and the bravado that comes with owning a bitching gun like this. Now, don’t let the many images of Leon fool you — this isn’t the exact gun he uses in Resident Evil 6. But even still, it looks neat.

Oh, and they also have a replica of the Samurai Edge handgun used exclusively by the S.T.A.R.S. which looks insanely cool, and it’s only ¥16,800 right now.

Military blog Echigoya took a few pictures of the weapons, which you can find below next to the promotional images.

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