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[Boredom Bytes] Three Incredible Horror Short Films You Really Need To Watch

It’s been a while since we had a new Boredom Bytes, but boy oh boy, is this a special one. They’re not necessarily related to video games, but I found three amazing horror shorts that are definitely worth your time. After the jump I have a film about a town that takes the problem of babysitter murderers very seriously, why you shouldn’t suck your thumb (this was news to me), and an intensely creepy thirty second short that’s as fun to watch as it is wholly unnerving. Check them out!

Usually, I’d save the best for last, but every once in a while it’s nice to eat your dessert first, so here’s your dessert. This short film is called ‘The Sleepover’, and it takes the old horror movie slasher subgenre and places it ever so delicately in the real world, where everyone is fully aware of the masked psychopath and they’ve taken precautions to keep everyone safe. I’m especially fond of the Buffy babysitter — I really wish I had had one of those as a kid.

Still suck your thumbs? Do people make fun of you for it? Yeah, me too. This short film entitled ‘Suckablood’ will either break you of your habit or have no real effect on you other than temporary entertainment, but I guarantee that one of the two will happen.

I love this. This thirty second short called ‘Rot’ reminds me of another short film I featured in a previous Boredom Bytes, only this features a real person, thus making it twice as unsettling. Enjoy.

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