[Random Cool] 3-Track EP Recorded Entirely At Guitar Center Behind Staff's Back - Bloody Disgusting
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[Random Cool] 3-Track EP Recorded Entirely At Guitar Center Behind Staff’s Back



This is simply something that I thought was pretty awesome considering the nature of how it was recorded. On Bandcamp, there is a group (solo project?) entitled Apprentice Destroyer that has a 3-track self-titled EP. Apparently, the way that all the instruments and tracks were recorded was by bringing in portable recorders into a Guitar Center and recording as quickly as possible.

If I’m reading this correctly, the tracks were recorded between 2009 and 2012, which would make a lot of sense. I’m guessing that a lot of tracks had to be rerecorded simply because other people were playing around and making noise that was picked up in the recording.

While I’m not exactly keen on the music, it’s still a rather impressive feat. After all, how many times was a recording ruined because some 14-year old Jimi Hendrix-wannabe put a Line 6 Spider III on “Insane” and start wailing the pentatonic scale thinking he was being a super badass? If I know Guitar Center at all, at least 20 times.

Check out the music below!

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