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Review: ‘Comeback’ #1

Image and Shadowline make yet another noteworthy addition to their lineup with Comeback #1, written by Ed Brisson with art by Michael Walsh. “Comeback” tells the story of a shadowy company named Reconnect, which specializes in rewriting the past by averting untimely disasters and reuniting families with loved ones who died before their time. The first issue of the mini-series primarily focuses on two Reconnect agents, Seth and Mark, as what should be a routine job goes terribly awry.

WRITTEN BY: Ed Brisson
ART BY: Michael Walsh
PUBLISHER: Image Comics
PRICE: $3.50
RELEASE: November 21, 2012

Brisson has crafted a narrative that expertly strikes a balance between intrigue and exposition, while stringing us along with the promise of a much deeper story. There’s more to Reconnect than meets the eye and Brisson uses his time wisely, opting for an in media res vibe rather than wasting time on lengthy introductions.

The issue only begins to scratch the surface as to what really goes on behind the scenes at Reconnect and we know there’s much more at stake than straightforward task of saving lives and faking deaths. An air of foreboding permeates the plot as Seth and Mark take on another job that’s set to be Seth’s last. Seth has been keeping secrets from his partner and it’s only a matter of time before they come back to bite him in the ass, as secrets are wont to do.

Meanwhile, an as of yet unnamed shady character, whose association with Reconnect is still nicely ambiguous, has an approach to client management that’s markedly less amicable than Seth and Mark’s. This shady fellow is up to no good and he might just prove to be the dark side of the Reconnect coin when compared to Mark’s benevolence.

Walsh’s art is adequate if somewhat lacking in the finer details. The characters could do with a less generic feel. Jordie Bellaire’s coloring is appropriately atmospheric and the limited color palette adds richness and depth to the book’s aesthetic.

Overall, the first issue of Comeback is a promising start. It isn’t easy to juggle mystery, action, and a healthy dose of talking heads but Brisson manages it with great aplomb. It’s a story worth sinking one’s teeth into and Brisson serves up a book that both satisfies and leaves you wanting more.

Rating 4/5

Reviewed by – MelissaGrey



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