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[OMFG] The Scariest Elevator Prank Ever Makes Grown Men Cry!

I’m always shocked at how much more daring international television is than what we see in the States.

Last night my brother posted on his Facebook wall a 5-minute long video from a popular Brazilian TV show. The fact that my own brother said this would terrify him was enough to get me to click the play button.

What you’ll see in the following video is a series of people entering an elevator that’s been designed as a prank. The most epic prank I’ve ever seen. While the passenger or passengers take a ride up, the lights begin to flicker, and eventually go out. As the elevator is stalled, a little girl sneaks in through a side panel. When the lights pop back on, the reactions are hilarious! Watch as grown men cry!



  • I did not see one grown man cry

  • huntermc

    If they tried this on American TV, the studio would get sued for “undue emotional distress” or some bullshit.

  • HorrorManiac666

    Did anyone else want to give the little girl a hug or was it just me?

  • Seal_Clubber

    This … Was …. Fantastic !!

  • fmyers1

    I’m from Brazil. Its nice you guys post this here. These kind of pranks are really commom in our TV. Algum brasileiro no BD aí?!

    • Kunt

      pensei que só tinha eu de brasileiro aqui rs

      • anezka

        Oi, oi! =)

  • carlos.filipe

    I don’t find it funny only because it’s too extreme, imagine if someone panicked and goes violent on that kid, or suffers an heart attack, that is really claustrofobic, no way out, i’ve seen in from of me a guy faint because we showed him a dead mouse, later we knew he had suffered from panik attack or something, extreme is cool, but in that case, with one way out, ppl can be impredictable. That girl was in danger.

  • K-Dogg

    Okay, I will say this, knowing I sound like a pussy…I am a HUGE horror fanatic, and don’t find this funny or cool at all, this could give many people with a bad heart, a heart attack!! Just not cool at all.

  • anezka

    When I saw this video on facebook, I also thought that someone was going to be violent with the kid when scared. My after thoughts, however, convinced me that it is extremely unlike: who is the person who will want to touch the ghost? I mean, if a person is scared enough to be violent, they won’t want to touch whatever they are seeing.

    Most of these kind of tv pranks involve scaring the shit out of people (because seeing people being scared is actually pretty funny). I am totally sure that they had medical assistance ready to act fast if it was necessary and the prank had gone bad. They wouldn’t risk it in a big tv channel and a very known tv program.

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