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MGM Remaking 1976 ‘The Town that Dreaded Sundown’

The Town that Dreaded Sundown

Continuing its library-mining operation, MGM, who is also rebooting Carrie, is developing a remake of 1976 horror movie >The Town that Dreaded Sundown, reports Variety.

MGM had no comment but the Lion has been asking agents for possible takes from writers to reboot the Charles B. Pierce film.

The original movie was based on five unsolved murders attributed to the Phantom Killer during three months in 1946 in and around the city of Texarkana on the border between Texas and Arkansas. Pierce shot large parts of the movie in and around Texarkana with extras recruited from local residents.



  • russellg79

    For once, I think that a remake might actually work. I had fond memories of this one as a kid, but after watching it recently, I think it was the awesome clambox video that stood out most. This movie was unwatchable at points, but the whole “true story” gimmick hooks me everytime. Hopefully it won’t get the dreaded PG-13.

  • oldrestless

    Yeah the movie is mostly unwatchable but what makes it interesting is that it’s clearly the inspiration for Halloween and Friday the 13th. I mean, it’s even a sack head killer.

  • K-Dogg

    You nailed it Russell, usually they remake gems that should be left alone…here we have a good premise done poorly, where if done right, could be awesome.

  • Remember-Slithis

    Keep the outfit and go for the gore!

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