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[TV] Contrary To Reports, Jessica Lange Is NOT Locked For “American Horror Story” Season 3

Without question the life-force behind the “American Horror Story” franchise is star Jessica Lange, who completely transformed herself for the ongoing second season where she plays a nun in a mental asylum.

And though FX has already announced that Lange is sticking with “American Horror Story” for season three, she admitted to Examiner that the extent of her involvement still depends on the specifics of the storyline and the character. She has yet to have time to really give thought to what she’d want to do next season. Stay tuned for confirmation… and know that without her, there really is no “AHS”.

“American Horror Story: Asylum” airs on FX on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m.



  • Zombie-Killa


    Ugh, I honestly can’t picture AHS without Jessica Lang. She is the driving force behind that show. She was good in season 1, but she just took everything to another level in season 2.

    Please come back Jessica!

  • I really try to like this show, BUT IT MAKES MY HEAD HURT!!!!! She is really good and I like many of the other actors on it, but there is just wayyyyyy to much going on. I’ve just devoted to much time already to walk away, so depending on the ending it will either be a good show or one of the worst wastes of time ever, BUT I have no idea how they get half the stuff they show, on television.

  • djblack1313

    i pray Lange will return. in an interview in i think) just recently-ish, Murphy said that he has the set up/basic story for season 3 and that Lange was VERY happy/into it. i’m sure she’ll be back. if not, i’d be very happy with a lead role for Frances Conroy (i wish her part in season 2 was bigger) as well as having Lily Rabe, Sarah Paulson, Cromwell (maybe), Franka Potenta, etc, return. i DO love Lange so much in this show but Rabe & Paulson have been incredible times 100!

    Conroy IMO is so amazing that she should just be in every show and movie! i just love her!

  • Nothing333

    I’m sure they know that Lange is the glue that holds it all together.

  • CorbinRaven

    I’m sure Lange will be back for next season! She has been interviewed and stated that she has loved working with Murphy and Falchuk. I have no doubt that she will be back in Season 3!

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