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Twisted Music Video Of The Week Vol. 62: Isis “Holy Tears”

It’s still a bitter shame that Isis has called it quits. However, their music lives on and so do their videos, many of which are incredibly unsettling and full of eerie, frightening images. However, it’s my personal opinion that their video for “Holy Tears” takes the cake for being the most twisted. And that’s why I chose it for this week’s installment of Twisted Music Video Of The Week!

The video follows the journey of a man who leaps off of a skyscraper, his death inevitable. Right before he hits the ground, the video cuts and shows a life growing from a single cell to a fetus, attaining a moment of self-realization. Then it cuts back to what might be one of the most horrific images imaginable of a personal slamming against the ground at high speeds. It’s truly unsettling.

The song comes from their 2006 release In The Absence Of Truth. The video can be seen on the DVD disc of their recent release Temporal, which collected unreleased demos and rough edits from their musical career. You can snag that release here.

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