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VGA 2012: Internet Quickly Picks Apart ‘The Phantom Pain’ Trailer, Discovers Metal Gear Conspiracy

You have got to be kidding me. Remember The Phantom Pain, that intriguing “new IP” that was revealed at the Spike VGAs earlier tonight? Well, only a few hours after the trailer’s debut and the Internet has already torn it apart, and in the process has learned quite a bit. It looks like this isn’t a new game at all, and instead it’s only the most elaborate trolling ever seen, and by the king of trolling himself: Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima. Some folks at Neogaf have combed over every detail, from the game’s logo, which seems to be hiding font above it, to the fucking scars on the protagonist’s face. It looks like The Phantom Pain is nothing but an ad for Metal Gear Solid V. This bums me out.

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