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[Special Feature] Psychology and Horror: A Means To An End. Dissecting ‘The Human Centipede 2’

Written By: Joseph Forsberg

We are a product of our environment; psychological defects can be the result of how we grew up and the trauma we experience at a young age.

Borderline Personality Disorder: A condition in which people have long-term patterns of unstable emotions or pure rage, caused by sexual abuse or lack of communications in the household. Their behavior may reflect negative feelings of themselves or others.

Tom Six’s The Human Centipede Part 2: Full Sequence is by far one of the most disturbing movies I have ever seen; yes it has a lot of violence and gore, but the worst part to me is the fact that every single part of Martin’s personality can be diagnosed. His goal throughout this movie is to create a centipede out of 12 random people; to him this would be a beautiful master piece, almost a form of art. Martin, the villain in the film, is not always displaying random behavior; for the most part, he has a reason for every action taken and his personality is influenced by everything that he has had to endure throughout his entire life. This man is not insane; Martin is simply an example of how our environment can create pure evil. When fantasies are no longer an escape from reality, one must create a reality that reflects fantasy.

Human Centipede 2 introduces us to the mind of the mentally disturbed who has reached the point of a complete breakdown. Martin is a middle aged man who lives with his mother and has a low level job at a parking garage. Although his physical characteristics portray him as an older male, his IQ and lack of vocabulary puts his maturity level around that of an adolescent. The movie and his personality have made it very clear that he has been sexually and verbally abused by his father; victims of sexual abuse have been known to become abusers themselves, especially when the child does not receive proper medical attention. Social bond theory states that outside sources such as teachers, parents, or counselors can prevent violent behavior by reaching out to the victim in need. Unfortunately for Martin, he never had a chance to live a normal life; his father was sent to prison, his mother was verbally abusive and blamed him for everything that went wrong in their lives. With this type of environment, a child has no choice but to separate him-self from the rest of society and create his own little world through fantasies. These fantasies are a friendly form of escape but can easily turn violent as he continues to suppress his traumatizing experiences. After a while, the memories will be drawn out from the unconscious and once again become a reality. Martin’s first sexual experience was being molested by his father so he probably began envisioning himself doing the same to others while in the comfort of his own fantasy. At the age in which this experience first happened, I believe Martin was suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder. His moods and relationships have been unstable and inconsistent, and he clearly has a poor self-image. There is a good chance Martin would have killed himself had he not found an external object to represent his rage and the pain he wanted to inflict on to others; in this case, he found the centipede. Centipedes are known as violent creatures and in Martin’s warped mind it could have been a phallic symbol. People who suffer from this disorder like their privacy but lack the skills to be independent; they have to rely on others whether they like it or not. Notice that Martin relied on his abusive mother for breakfast, dinner, and a place to live.

Borderline Personality Disorder does not lead to the type of behavior Martin displayed throughout the movie; it is more of a starting point that can escalate as his life becomes more depressing and wasteful. First impressions are everything; it is quite possible that Martin associates pain with sexual pleasure as a result of being molested and most likely sodomized. These disorders of sexual arousal are called paraphilias; this means that sexual arousal occurs almost exclusively with the use of inappropriate objects or in the presence of an inappropriate individual. Martin experienced a real life fantasy when he first watched Human Centipede; the pain that was inflicted on the characters as he watched is what truly turned him on. However, watching was not enough, and Martin needed to experience that pain. He wanted to be a part of the movie and tried to duplicate the same level of pain by masturbating with sandpaper; only this was not pain, this was pleasure. People who suffer from sexual disorders tend to compulsively masturbate; because of the objects used, it is likely that Martin’s genitals are mutilated and the ejaculation process was quite painful. His urine is shown as a dark red color so it is possible that his semen is discolored as well. The human centipede became a fetish; Martin used this as hardcore porn, made a scrapbook, and even hid pictures under his mattress. This fetish was too much for Martin to handle; in his mind, creating his own human centipede would be the ultimate high and give him the sexual arousal that fantasies no longer could. At this point, Martin’s sexual disorder has escalated to sexual masochism; this is when someone loves to inflict pain on himself as a way to become aroused or reach a certain high.

Martin is a very unique character; he would not be categorized as a killer because the pain inflicted on his victims was incidental and necessary to fulfill his fantasy. The violence was a means to an end; he wanted his victims alive in order to successfully create his centipede. Although he killed his mother, he did that out of rage and to defend his obsession with The Human Centipede. Some might consider him to be a sexual sadist, but I do not believe this is the case. He showed no signs of being sexually aroused when becoming violent with his victims; the excitement he did show was when he finally started seeing his fantasy come to life as he began stapling someone’s ass to another person’s mouth. There was a scene where one of the victims died; because of unstable emotions and irrational behavior, Martin started to cry; it was if he started to come back into reality and notice his dream might not come true. This also further indicates that he had no intention of killing his victims. His emotions were fueled by frustration; he knew he could not duplicate what had happened in the first film. His techniques were sloppy and did not realize that the amount of pain he inflicted on his victims would eventually kill them; he simply thought he could create the centipede in his own way. Remember that his IQ is very low; he went into this procedure thinking that he could become the doctor that he idolized so much. Martin is the definition of a disorganized asocial offender. He is socially inadequate, unskilled worker, shows poor personal hygiene, and has a very unstable mood. His disturbing and chaotic crime scene shows that he simply does not care about anything else except fulfilling his fantasies.

We have no way of knowing what people are thinking; what we do know is that something could set them off at any time. There is really no way to determine if or when they will break. At some point maybe they will blame the world for their trauma and unfulfilled life; they might take it out on themselves or find pleasure in torturing other people. Martin had a specific agenda because of his film fetish; as I said before, he is very unique and is a great example of how sometimes people can’t distinguish fantasy from reality. As for the rest of these personality types; some are simply here to watch the world burn.

Could Martin be considered a victim? One could argue PTSD, but it is highly unlikely that it could be justified. It is quite clear that Martin is mentally unstable and is need of help from a mental health professional.

Stop your crying, your tears only make daddy’s willy harder

About the Author: I am currently going to school for Forensic Psychology; I am finishing up my Bachelor’s Degree and plan on continuing my education until I receive my Doctorate. Although I am still in school, I spend hours a week studying human behavior and psychological profiling; my main focus is on sexual homicide but study all types of murder. I do not currently work in law enforcement or around people suffering from personality disorders; this psychological profile on ‘The Collector’ is based on years of research, school, and books written by retired FBI Profilers. – Joseph Forsberg



  • Jason188

    Wow this goes pretty deep into the mind of a killer. Hope to see more of these posted

  • BadCrumbs

    This is a well written article, and normally I would agree with you, but am I the only one who sees this film as a comedy? It’s just to over the top, ridiculous and shocking for shocks sake to be taken that seroiusly. It’s trash cinema at it’s finest.

    • Incinerated

      You’re probably not the only one. To stay with the psychology angle, humor can be a defensive mechanism in the face of fear or feelings of shame (One may have feelings of shame because one is experiencing fear and believes feeling fear is itself shameful to have). This is why I don’t watch serious horror films with my friends who claim horror movies don’t scare them. I’m pretty callous myself but when they watch horror they’re either watching with the lights on or laughing at everything when a scene isn’t funny and not even in a ‘it’s so bad!’ way. This may not be you, though. Perhaps you are a sociopath 😛 Truthfully, the poo sounds and poo eating seemed like it should be funny… but the tone of the film kept me from laughing and left that just confusingly awkward.

  • cupid-stunt

    Awesome article! Looking forward to the next one.

  • Patrickj3

    Lol wow this is so interesting and has a lot of detail! Makes me fear there characters even more! Would love to see what you can come up with next. Very good thoughts and writing!

  • ChrisBaker

    After watching the original Human Centipede I have fantisized about being part of a chain myself. I dream about being at the end of the line and watching person number one being fed, knowing that soon the remains will be forced into my mouth. Just watching that trailer above got me hard to the point of having to fap multiple times.

    • ChrisBaker

      The article was very well written btw

    • bloodnguts666

      Looks like next week I will do a psychological break down on chris baker!! lol

    • sadiesaidhorror

      I like your style good man. I like your style…

  • tlarson83

    This is pretty dang cool, freaky, but cool. never thought of the movie that way

  • jcruz

    I read the last segment and enjoyed it but failed to leave a comment because I saw that so many people already had. However, this one is on of the most in depth posts I have seen on this site. The writer went all out on this one and broke down martin in every way possible! I hope to see more of this. This looks like it was written by a professional.

  • Devilinside

    Honestly, this is wayyy better than the first!! not that the last one was bad by any means, I just love how far you went into the mind of this truly disturbing character! cannot wait for more!

  • diapers

    Great read, good job with the research. I hope to never cross paths with a real-life Martin. P.S., how about a analysis of Blood Junkie? Just kidding. Sort of.

    • bloodnguts666

      lol, blood junkie would be fun, but I would have to see it again…it would obviously have to have the expectations of not being the most professional profile ever written. Keep up the requests though, I am making a list.

  • Darkness69

    Great article! I just watched the Human Centipede 2 and the analysis is spot on. It’s definitely one of those movies that leave a lasting impression, although not a very pleasant one. What has been seen cannot be unseen!

  • Great article. I think I draw the limit at ever watching this movie but I have read numerous summaries and I definitely agree with your analysis. I love these! As a big Saw fan, I think a Jigsaw article, or maybe one on Amanda, would be really interesting.

    • Typo. Draw the line. Whoops.

    • bloodnguts666

      You know, jigsaw and amanda would be an interesting approach; I do take requests so let me know which ones you would like to see next! Keep in mind that there has to be a psychological view when going into these segments. For example; jason voorhees would not work because he is the walking dead; however, Ms Voorhees would work pretty well. The thing about saw is that there are so many different parts to it, I would literally have to do each movie separately, which I could do if need be. I really appreciate your comments!

  • Canucklehead

    I’d like a second opinion. Paging Dr Curly, Dr Larry, Dr Moe!

  • bloodnguts666

    I take requests, let me know which killer you would like profiled!

  • Ravinus

    If any of your psychology professors feel that this was a sound article accurately addressing someone suffering from borderline personality disorder, then you need to transfer schools. There are so many things wrong with this article on so many levels, it isn’t even worth charting each one in this comment. But, a few things to consider, the medical field is not the only answer to preventing or treating ill effects of trauma, nor do all treatments have success. Not all people diagnosed with borderline personality disorder are sexual abuse survivors. You also need to rule out intellectual disability, prenatal alcohol/drug exposure, head trauma, and a host of other possible explanations for Martin’s behavior as well as the motivation behind the behavior before diagnosing a personality disorder. I would recommend working in a mental health facility, preferably a state run institution, and getting some direct interaction with the mentally ill.

    • bloodnguts666

      I said borderline personality disorder as a child! it escalated to sexual disorders such as masochism. It says in the movie that he was sexually assaulted and his mother was clearly abusive. I go by what the movie gives me; it gave me plenty of facts for me to come up with my profile. Again, this is not meant to create a cure or anything for Martin, this is using the facts given to break down his personality. If you are in psychology that is great; and if you are, you should know that there are so many different theories to why people behave certain ways. Appreciate your comment. I did not diagnose him with borderline personality disorder; if you read again, I said it probably started out as that. No one can say he didnt start out that way because we simply do not know. I really left his diagnosis up for discussion. If you read the article again I say “Borderline Personality Disorder does not lead to the type of behavior Martin displayed throughout the movie; it is more of a starting point that CAN escalate as his life becomes more depressing and wasteful”. Thank you for your comments.

      • Vo1cl

        But you did diagnose him with BPD. Personality disorders are stable, and generally last the person’s life. I mean, most people can agree that their current personality is similar to how it was 10 years ago, and will probably stay the same 10 years from now. So saying BPD only affected his childhood and not his adult life, behaviour, and personality is kinda strange. Also, he wouldn’t have BPD. To quote the DSM-IV-TR (it’s the handbook North American psychologists use in diagnosing patients): “the essential feature of Borderline Personality Disorder is a pervasive pattern of instability of interpersonal relationships, self-image, and affects, and marked impulsivity that begins by early adulthood and is present in a variety of contexts”. Basically, they fear being abandoned more than anything, and it’s this fear that makes their behaviour atypical. And Since you don’t figure he’s a sexual sadist, that would probably mean it’s more likely the guy has antisocial personality disorder.

        Also, Martin would likely be found guilty of being a killer. While there are a couple standards of guilt in the US (it varies by state), they generally all follow the whole “they need to know what they did is wrong, and need to understand what they did” thing (ie. M’Naghten rule).

        You have a lot of good ideas going on there, and it was definitely a good read. It may not seem super apparent but I’m hoping to see another article like this from you (my vote is Bloodyface from American Horror Story: Asylum actually, although it seems pretty easy).

        • bloodnguts666

          You make some good points; it is interesting you bring up antisocial personality disorder because that is another part of the puzzle; because this is a short article, I had to try and shorten it. Antisocial personality disorder is definitely a possibility; hell, it could be all of them. I thought I would go with the sexual disorder because it would attract more people. And it seemed that BPD would be a good starting point when he was young because he hates relying on people yet needs to stay with his mom, who is someone he hates. At this point, I would not diagnose him with BPD; I simply was using that for his childhood. We dont know his full childhood so it makes it more difficult. This is the reason I love psychology, there are so many theories and I am glad you brought your ideas into this. I would assume martin would go to jail, but there is always jury nullification if they feel bad for the guy, lol. People have been requesting bloodyface, maybe I will do that.

        • bloodnguts666

          I suppose you make a good point when saying our personalities stay with us..I guess i was saying his personality was escalating into something more dangerous. Because he might have symptoms of BPD but also have a more severe sexual disorder. Kind of like how depression plays into bipolar, but bipolar can be more considered psychosis..but that again is similar. lol, gotta love psychology. I like your view on antisocial personality disorder.

    • bloodnguts666

      I also recommend that you watch the movie and read my profile again.

  • Feleron

    Great in-depth look at Martin from Human Centipede 2. This guy truly was a sick individual and I think you hit the nail on the head. Can’t wait to see what you write next! Keep up the great work!!!

  • Devilinside

    Wow, i just read what Ravinus wrote and dont let it get you down; it is pretty clear he didnt even read the whole thing. You made it clear that it can start with the borderline disorder, but that it is not the cause of his issues..and you never mentioned a potential fix. I liked your post and love what you are doing. Please keep it up!

  • wildgator25

    While I will agree that this article was well thought out and MrDisgusting has made several good arguments to support his claims…..

    the bottom line is this film fucking sucked. I watched the first film and felt it was nothing more than shock horror, but still view-able. This shit (for lack of other words) goes beyond that. There was no semblance of story other than to push the viewer to his/her tolerance threshold. I would lump this in with the August Underground films in terms of uselessness in film history. Even “A Serbian Film” had a plot to it that was somewhat imaginable.

    This film should have never been produced or distributed. And to think that they are now working on a 3rd film….

    • bloodnguts666

      Maybe we should breakdown the minds of these movie makers…lol. some people just like to get a long lasting reaction out of people; you hated this movie, but you will never forget it and that is the point.

  • wildgator25

    Edit…. instead of MrDisgusting, I mean the author.

  • Nothing good can be said about this absolute piece of shit of a movie. I loved the first one, but this was so wrong in so many ways. I never thought I could be more disgusted by a film than I was when I bought “Salo”, but this movie takes the cake.

    • bloodnguts666

      I can understand how so many people would find this movie offensive, but the fact is that these types of people actually exist. Maybe not to the extent of creating a human centipede, but psychopaths or people with personality disorders do become obsessed with movies and are either motivated by them and do their own thing or try to copy the movie. BTK watched ‘In Cold Blood’ a few days prior to the Otero family killings; not saying that this is what caused it, but it is an interesting fact. One of the surviving members believes that the movie motivated BTK. But point taken; this movie can be seen as offensive.

  • Schizophrenic

    That was amazing! It was truly incredible.

  • Alex-Visani

    Nice review! You go deeply inside this outrageous movie. I remeber the first HUMAN CENTIPEDE that I’ve seen during a fest in Italy. In my opinion it was a decent movie with just a crazy idea in its plot. This second chapter is more impressive and it’s in a thin equilibrium between irony and pure sickness. Martin is an incredible character and your sentence “he would not be categorized as a killer because the pain inflicted on his victims was incidental and necessary to fulfill his fantasy” is absolutely perfect! The horror of his life and the horror of society around him seems to be reflected also in his phisical appearance !

  • someones-mom

    Very well written review. It’s all incredibly disturbing, yet informational. Hope to see more of your reviews.

  • Jeffthekiller

    Nice! A very well written article! I agree I’d like to see a write up on Bloody face!! Can’t wait for more!!

  • nstepka

    movie could not have been more disturbing…I turned it off half way through. I would li to see bloody face

  • bundy06

    FANTASTIC!! And I agree, I would love to see bloody face!! This looks professionally written, I was surprised to see it was written by a student; what year are you?? anyway, great job and cant wait for next week

  • jerome31

    disgusting movie but great breakdown! I think bloodyface would be good, and then maybe norman from the bates motel series!

    • Darkness69

      I’d definitely like to see Norman Bates profiled!

  • Mr.Mirage

    Dear Mr. Disgusting,
    While I have (like everyone else on the planet) been infected with the whole Human Centipede meme, this article is heads and shoulders above the normal fangasm, even better than the fan anti-gasm slams about how bad something is. Superbly written, well thought out and elegantly presented…. I am now going to see both of them. I rather ignore anything that is so in the forefront of the public mind, but now, obviously, I have missed out on something truly interesting.

    Thank you, and do keep up the good work.


    • bloodnguts666

      Mr. Mirage,

      I am the one that actually wrote the article; thank you very much for the compliments!! Your support along with my other fans means the world to me! thank you!

  • ImPetrified

    Wtf? Nice try, Mr. Working-on-my-BA-in-Crim, lol. You know that’s cool you’re….you know, aspiring to something, or whatever. But like, don’t…..prop up some one-dimensional piece of torture porn as “unique”, or some kind of deep character study. This movie was pretty dull compared to its predecessor. It’s been critically panned by people far more educated than you. Your bloated, uncited paragraphs aren’t fooling anyone.

    If anything the film is a critique of mindless horror fan worship; not a study of people with borderline, or people who’ve been molested. Btw borderline has more to do with a distorted view of interpersonal relationships than it does with stapling people together ass to mouth. Just sayin’….

    Also ‘masterpiece’ is….you know, one word, not two, lol.

    • bloodnguts666

      This is obviously an extreme case of any psychological disorder and is not meant to be a diagnosis; it is for entertainment. The borderline personality disorder was for his lack of social interaction; his sexual abuse related more to masochism. this is a shortened version that does not include the interview with Laurance Harvey (Martin) and there is alot more i how he views Dr. Heiter as a father figure and is trying to live up to his expectations. If you read my first post, you would know that this is all about bringing horror into reality; it is for horror fans. This is not meant to be a book on personality disorders or mental illness. Again, this is for entertainment purposes. I appreciate your comments though. Citations and everything will be included in the full version. This is based on education and consulting other people in the field; this stuff is all based around understanding that it is a movie, which means that a lot of the behavior is fictional. We do the best we can while keeping all of this in mind. This is not a review; just a breakdown for horror fans. EXTREME CASES-NOT MEANT TO EXPLOIT ANYONE WITH A PERSONALITY DISORDER OR MENTAL ILLNESS.

  • diapers

    Oooooh, I’ve got two suggestions for future work-ups. The father dude from “The Woman”, and D’onofrio’s character from “Chained”.

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