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[FEAR AWARDS] Vote For Your Favorite Horror Game Of 2012!


I did some serious slacking the past 2 years and didn’t post my Best Horror Game articles like I did from 2007-2009. But I’m going to make it all up to you guys now. It’s easy for me to post my favorite horror games of the year, but I’m more curious about what games YOU guys liked the best. So if you head past the break you can look at my hand clicked selections from last year. Choose your favorite from the list, and then we can crown the winner! The poll will go for a couple weeks, or until I decide it has fizzled out! Head past the break to see your choices and to vote!

In the past I have had to put up a disclaimer because people get all uppity about the game that are on the list. The games on this list are that that would reflect anything horror, sci-fi, bloody and or disgusting, gory, thrillerish, creepy, aliens, ghosts, zombies, vampires, plain old really weird stuff, stuff that is outside of “normal”. There are no Mario’s in this list, no Call Of Duty’s etc. These are the games people cringe at. The games some people are too scared to play. The games parents don’t want their kids playing. The games that we love here on BD. Ok, we don’t love every game on the list, but maybe you do?

Alan Wake’s: American Nightmare

I’m a huge Alan Wake fan. I would definitely go down on him in a theater. Or in the back of a broken down car in Bright Falls. Alan Wake’s American Nightmare put an interesting spin on the Alan Wake series. While it wasn’t as good as the original it was still very fun.

The Darkness II

A magical sequel I don’t think a lot of us saw coming. Released 5 years after the original game and in a totally new art style The Darkness II definitely put an awesome new spin on the series. But is it good enough to win horror game of the year?

Diablo III

The game that gamers never gave up on. As more and more years passed it was assumed the game would just never come out. It only took 12 years or so, no big deal. And then upon its release there were errors straight from hell leaving jaded gamers just a tad more jaded. But that hasn’t stopped anyone from playing now, and it doesn’t look like it will for the next 12 years.

Lollipop Chainsaw

Doing what no game has really done, Lollipop went straight up Anime/Manga over the top. With a smoking hot cheerleader zombie slayer. But at the end of the day it seemed to have just as many flaws as it had good qualities. Definitely a game I would love to see a sequel for if the opportunity ever arose. I definitely feel it could benefit from some more fine tuning.

Resident Evil 6

What can I say about Resident Evil 6? It got about as many mixed reviews as Deadly Premonition did. The game has still supposedly sold in the ball park of 4.5 million copies which is nothing to gawk at. But it still seems it isn’t what many Resident Evil fans are looking for.

Resident Evil: Revelations

Resident Evil goes 3D while taking 2 fan favorites Chris and Jill on an adventure that takes place between Resident Evil 4 and 5. It also introduced some seriously dumb fuck characters. The game did get mostly positive reviews and didn’t seem to have any game ruining flaws. A game I hope eventually gets ported to the consoles so I can actually play it.

The Secret World

A very different style MMO game taking place in modern times. Formerly subscription based the games creators dropped the subscriptions and sales increased 30 percent. The game was horror themed in many aspects putting you up against zombies, ghosts and many mythical creatures straight from your nightmares.

Silent Hill: Downpour

Probably the most different game in the Silent Hill series Downpour was the 1st to offer weather changes, side quests, and a seriously vast landscape. The sales for the game were not good, though the reviews were fairly positive. The Silent Hill series has taken quite a trip in the past several years and most fans are wondering exactly what is going to happen next.

The Walking Dead

Winner of many awards, and quite popular in general I could definitely see this unique twist on gaming winning this contest. The Walking Dead game is like no other, and like no other on this list. Where as most of the other games want you to shoot first ask questions later, The Walking Dead wants to make you think about if shooting first was a good idea or not.


A fresh zombie game for the super fresh and new Nintendo Wii U. There probably isn’t the manpower behind the WiiU yet to push this game to our number 1 spot but it definitely deserves to be among the top. The game received pretty decent reviews but did it take a bite out of your heart?

Greatest Gore | Best Arsenal | Best HD Remaster/Port | Best Zombies | Most Original
Best In Bite-Sized Horror | Honorable Mention in Horror | Best Multiplayer | Best Indie | Scariest Game
Most Disappointing | Best New IP | Most Anticipated | Where The F**K Is It? | Game Of The Year



  • BornVillian

    The Walking Dead all the way. It does such an amazing job of catching the look, feel and emotion of the comic.

  • theCr0w

    Resident Evil Revelations because it’s just simply more thrilling and all-around better experience than 6. SH: Downpour and Lollipop Chainsaw come second.

  • weresmurf

    Incidentally, that competition for passes to THE WALKING DEAD that was run at the end of November, was that ever drawn? Adam ran it, haven’t seen anything about it on BD since then? I’ve asked once or twice but never seem to get an answer? Is it possible to get an update on it and when it will be decided? If I missed it, can I get a link to the article with the winners please?

    • Adam Dodd

      That contest ended on Dec 2 and the winners were sent their codes. Better luck in the next one! And who did you ask about the contest that didn’t answer? If you ever have questions like this (or anything, really), feel free to send me an email or tweet at me (@BabyColada). I’ll answer any questions, assuming they aren’t math related. I despise math.

      • weresmurf

        Not complaining lol, was just wanting to see the winners answers, they’re usually worth a giggle or two! Awww bummer. Not worried I didn’t win, I bought it on steam and the ipad, but aww well 🙂 Just left a msg on one or two articles, again, no complaints, was just curious.

        • Adam Dodd

          GEEZ, STOP COMPLAINING, WILL YA? haha. I don’t remember which comments won, but there were so many great ones, it really made it difficult to choose the top three. We may have another contest soon, stay tuned for more details!

          • weresmurf


          • Adam Dodd

            If you don’t stop right now, I’m going to turn this website around and we will ALL GO HOME. Don’t think I won’t.

  • Skullbone

    Secret World seemed to have such a rich theme and a more horror vibe than some of the others but I haven’t got to really play any of these so what do I know.

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