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[FEAR AWARDS] What Was The Best Multiplayer Horror Game Of 2012?


It’s that time of the year again, folks! I hope you aren’t too tired from all the egg nogging, snowman crafting, slay bell jingling, and sloppy mistletoe kissing you undoubtedly put yourself through last month, because we have some voting to do. For the unfamiliar, the FEAR Awards is something we started here at Bloody Disgusting back in 2009 when we realized there are a ton of best and worst games lists and awards, but none that gave much attention to the horror genre. We decided to create this so we could celebrate the many horror (and horror adjacent) games that release every year.

This year we’re doing things a little differently. Every day we’re going to post a category and a batch of nominees for you to vote on, then when the votes are tallied we’ll reveal the results. Today we’re asking what horror game of 2012 had the Best Multiplayer — vote after the break!

Greatest Gore | Best Arsenal | Best HD Remaster/Port | Best Zombies | Most Original
Best In Bite-Sized Horror | Honorable Mention in Horror | Best Multiplayer | Best Indie | Scariest Game
Most Disappointing | Best New IP | Most Anticipated | Where The F**K Is It? | Game of the Year



  • Marty McFly

    Without a doubt, Resident Evil 6! I beat that game within a week of non stop playing and Leon’s campaign was fuckin incredible. Operation Raccoon City was a joke and I didn’t play those other three games.

    • Adam Dodd

      As a co-op game, RE: ORC is actually pretty fun. LOVED RE6 though – Leon’s campaign was the best by far.

  • Haydn-David

    ZombiU in a sense for me, but not because of the actual Multiplayer, but playing the single player with someone watching, helping you out as you look through your inventory with the game pad with the possibility of being killed while doing so, shouting “run” when they’ve noticed something you haven’t, and feeling as tense and petrified as the player in a scary moment, made ZombiU’s Single Player feel more like Multiplayer than the actual Multiplayer did.

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