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‘Predators’ Co-Writer Takes A Stab At ‘Hellified’

I quite enjoyed the 2010 Predators, albeit I found it incredibly concerning that they completely screwed up the characters.

Hopefully co-writer Michael Finch has learned a thing or two as the Hollywood Reporter writes that he’s been tapped to write Hellified, a supernatural action project set at Paramount and being produced by Di Bonaventura Pictures that is getting a new breath of life.

Originally picked up in June 2009 as a spec by Andy Burg, “The story follows a strike force, comprised of criminals, that goes to Hell in order to stop the End of Days.

Second-unit director and stunt coordinator-turned-Red Dawn director Dan Bradley was attached at the time, when Hell was conceived as a CGI-created inferno overrun by demons.

The project has been scaled back in the vfx department (and with Bradley gone) to accommodate a more moderate budget and hell is now being envisioned as a ruined bombed out urban landscape.



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