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Fox To Learn The ‘Theory Of Everything’

20th Century Fox is closing a deal for Theory Of Everything, a pitch for a sci-fi action thriller that follows a disgraced scientist as he seeks to rescue his wife from a parallel dimension, a woman who was previously assumed dead, reports Deadline. The film will be produced by Oscar-winning American Beauty producer Dan Jinks.

The idea was hatched by Dan Casey and Nick Nantell, the latter a senior veep of The Dan Jinks Company. Casey will write the script and Nantell will be co-producer while Matt Hawkins and Marc Silvestri of Top Cow are executive producer. Fox’s Mike Ireland is steering the project.

Casey wrote a comic book that was published as a one-off by Top Cow Comics. That provided a strong template for the concept, which is grounded in string theory and quantum physics. Fox took it off the table preemptively.



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