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Capcom Lowers Sales Expectations After ‘Resident Evil 6’ Underperforms

I feel bad dropping so much bad news today. Between The War Z, THQ’s filing for bankruptcy, the apocalypse, and this — today just isn’t a great day for gamers. It should come as no surprise that Resident Evil 6 didn’t sell as well as Capcom wanted it to, and this underperformance could spur the publisher to give the franchise another much-needed reboot. Overall, Capcom is bracing for a whopping $1.8 billion loss in their net sales for the year, which they’re attributing to Resident Evil 6 sales and the delay of Monster Hunter 4.

In related news, those multiplayer modes promised us released on the Xbox 360 today. You can buy them individually for 320 MSP, or get them all for 720 MSP.

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