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I Think I Just Found My Halloween Costume For Next Year

Can we all take a quick breather from all this holiday craziness so we can better focus on what’s really important right now? I’m talking about Halloween, and if you haven’t started preparing for next year then, well, I suppose you can get back to crafting that glorious two-story Gingerbread house I see you have there. I stumbled across this mask the other day and it immediately warmed my ice-cold heart. Created by Etsy user Epic Leather, these masks were inspired by the intensely creepy nurses from Konami’s Silent Hill franchise. Check them out after the break, and if you want one for yourself (and you have $200 lying around), I recommend grabbing one (or six) before my will crumbles and I buy them all for myself.

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  • KaKiHaRa138

    That has got to be the best Bacon Monster mask to date.

  • Se_7_eN

    That is truly terrible… Why not just wrap your face in gauze and save yourself $199?

    • Adam Dodd

      I expected more from you, Pyramid Head.

  • Evil_Flip

    Don’t like masks, I don’t want anything that blocks the path of the alcohol.

  • Lincoln Hawk

    Is this serious? Dude, this is the worst mask I’ve ever seen and it’s $200!?! It looks like fake bacon mask made of pleather with a fanny pack for a hat.

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