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Everyone Likes Free Comics! Image Giving Away ‘Comeback’ #1 & ‘Storm Dogs’ #1

Image Comics is either feeling very generous with Christ’s B-day approaching, or they’re trying to push new titles. Either way, Image is giving away “Comeback” #1 and “Strom Dogs” #1 through Comixology and their own digital app. Both books are sold out in print form.

STORM DOGS by David Hine (THE DARKNESS, THE BULLETPROOF COFFIN) and Doug Braithwaite (Journey into Mystery) has been hailed for its sophisticated depiction of an alien world, futuristic technology, and taut procedural mystery story. In a four-star review, Comic Book Resources called it “a worthwhile addition to Image’s growing line-up of science fiction titles with elaborate worlds and great looking artwork.”

STORM DOGS #2 was in stores on December 5 and continued the roll of positive reviews. Issue #3 will be in stores on January 16, 2013.

COMEBACK is a stylish time-travel thriller by Ed Brisson and Michael Walsh, published under Image Comics’ Shadowline imprint. Multiversity calls it “a high-concept thriller that takes its time, gradually drawing you into the story as it establishes the characters and the overall atmosphere” in an interview that gives it 8.9 out of 10.

COMEBACK has also continued its great reception with the release of its second issue on December 19.



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