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[Album Review] Philip Anselmo/Warbeast ‘War Of The Gargantuas’ EP

The Japanese film War Of The Gargantuas is about the battle between two gigantic hairy men and…well, that’s kinda the plot in a nutshell. It’s one of those cheesy, giant rubber suited monster movies that are hilarious and loads of fun to watch. And sometimes, you want music to be like that. Y’know, those heavy and crushing albums that you pop on that you’re just gonna have a good time listening to.

So what does that have to do with the Philip Anselmo And Warbeast EP of the same name? Head on below for our album review and find out!

Let’s talk about the Warbeast tracks first, shall we? The first track, “Birth Of A Psycho”, is a fast and furious slab of thrash metal. It’s controlled and focused rage that features singer Bruce Corbitt barking out lyrics with a snarl. Their second track, “IT”, is a bit slower paced (by a bit I mean barely if at all), that features some almost military-esque rhythmic drumming. The chant of “Body without a soul!” will have audiences shouting along at concerts while attempting to survive the mosh pit.

The production for these songs is tight but the guitars feel just a bit thin. Still, everything sits neatly in the mix and all can be heard.

On to Philip Anselmo, hearing his solo work, which has been in the works for a while, is nothing short of satisfying. It’s everything I could’ve wanted and more. It might very well be his best work since the days Pantera. On “Conflict”, he shrieks and screams then dives down to gnash out lyrics, biting and rending them like some wild, ferocious beast. Perhaps my favorite line is when Anselmo is on a mantra-like roll and he states, “My insignificance is significant!” It’s a very simple line yet he delivers it with such authority and intensity that it is impossible to avoid.

“Family, “Friends”, And Associates” is a mashup of so many different styles. There is punk, hardcore, grind, thrash, and more. And yet there is a flow to the song that makes everything sync up perfectly. When Anselmo determinedly lays down the law, yelling, “I’m calling you out!”, well, there hasn’t been a moment that made me feel that badass in a long time.

The production here is a bit more loose. The distortion on the guitars sounds like it’s just before the breaking point, where it would feedback and screech in every direction that it could. Yet somehow it is contained and restrained, like a pitbull on a chain that is desperately trying to break free to snap its jaws upon your throat. It’s a joy to listen to.

The Final Word: There is nothing cheesy about this release. The combination of Philip Anselmo and Warbeast make War Of The Gargantuas a vicious, brutal onslaught of metal that creates the ultimate teaser for both bands.




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