Video Teases 'The Devil's Carnival: Chapter 2' For 2013 - Bloody Disgusting!

Video Teases ‘The Devil’s Carnival: Chapter 2’ For 2013

Less than a year after making its cross country circus trip, a sequel to The Devil’s Carnival has been announced.

2013 will see a new roadshow by Saw II-IV, 11-11-11, Mother’s Day and The Barrens director Darren Lynn Bousman, who returns to direct another chapter in the battle between Heaven and Hell. Creator Terrance Zdunich (Repo! The Genetic Opera) also returns.

The Devil’s Carnival: Chapter 2 teaser trailer promises a trip to Heaven, and that rapper Tech N9ne will star. The full trailer is dated for release on January 10, 2013.

  • djblack1313

    did the first CARNIVAL do well enough to warrant a sequel/follow up show?

  • devilmaycry26

    yes i love the 1st one.