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Watch A Guy Bludgeon A Zombie To Death In This New ‘State Of Decay’ Video

With The Walking Dead, Day Z and The War Z still fresh on our minds, I would understand if you had forgotten about Undead Labs’ upcoming take on the bustling zombie genre. Coming next year is their open-world title called State of Decay (formerly Class3). The XBLA exclusive focuses more on survival, stealth, and evading the undead. Every decision you make will shape the world around you, and it will even let you build bases, which you will need to fortify and defend from the zombie hordes. In this new video, we see a guy beat the crap out of a handful of zombies that are surrounding a gas station so he can search the building for supplies. Then he calls in a few friends to come raid the place. It looks neat. See it in action after the jump.

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  • Kainrich

    This is looking to be one of THE best zombie games ever. I haven’t played DayZ much (my pc isn’t suited for it) and the War Z is just boring. I wish it was a full console release instead of just an arcade title. For a game with so much promise, i would gladly drop 60 bucks into it.

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