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Celebrate The New Year With Our Complete Holiday Coverage!

And just like that it’s 2013.

How in the bloody hell did this happen? The site is nearing its 12 year anniversary, there’s a remake of The Evil Dead on the way, and the world didn’t end (well, that’s boring).

While most people use the holiday season to kick back and relax, we worked our asses off to ensuring top notch content every single day throughout the snowy madness. Thus, it would be a crime for me to not use this time to send you off to our completed coverage, which includes all of our “best & worst” movies lists, “best & worst” trailers and posters, and of course our extensive 2013 preview pieces. Evan Saathoff took a deep look at horror on the small screen, while Dickson asked a serious question: What counts as horror?

Even the boys in the Video Game (Dead Pixels), Comics (Graphic Content) and Music sections of Bloody Disgusting got into the mix as they all presented a wide variety of awesome year-end lists.

And with that we look to 2013 and beyond. We thank all of you dear readers from the bottom of our disgusting hearts for all of these amazing years, and look forward to bringing the horror day in and day out for the next 365 days!




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