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This Is The Best ‘Dead Space’ Cosplay I’ve Ever Seen

Cosplay can be a wonderful thing. If I were creative enough or had any discernible talent I’d love to be a cosplayer. I’ve seen a fair share of Dead Space cosplay over the years, but none have been as fun to look at as Kevin, who you can see in the supremely badass armor of Isaac Clarke (if we want to get really nerdy I could say he’s wearing the Security Suit from Dead Space 2), and Léa Charvin, who portrays Ellie Langford in many of the shots. Check them out after the break!

Kevin’s suit is so good he’s done promotional work for EA, and Léa’s also portrayed other characters that are dear to many a horror fan’s heart, including Resident Evil’s Claire Redfield and Sherry Birkin, as well as Heather Mason and a nurse from Silent Hill.

If you want more of Kevin and Léa’s work, you should definitely visit their Deviant Art portfolios — you can find Kevin here, and Léa here.

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