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Did You Hate ‘Prometheus’? Watch A 4-Minute Long Hate Fest!

I loved Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. Shit, I’ve watched it twice now on Blu-ray, along with nearly all of the extra features. At this point, I will never be convinced to join the haters.

But the haters exist, and rightfully so. The leaps in logic in the 2012 sci-fi horror prequel to Alien are out of control. In fact, the plot-holes are so out of control that we’re now in 2013 and people are still bitching about it.

Below we’ve added a 4-minute long video that attempts to point out everything wrong with the Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron and Idris Elba starrer. While some of the complaints are straight up ridiculous, there are quite a few that had me cracking up. It says something about the movie that we’re still talking about it nearly a year later…



  • PeteyHalfSox

    Yes a couple of those were legitimate gripes about the movie, NOT 82 of them, using this dickheads logic you can pick apart every Alien film, this asswipe just wanted the movie to fail… Prometheus was a very good film, cant wait for the sequels leading up to the original Alien

  • grayghost

    I agree with all of that BUT I did NOT hate the film.

  • grayghost

    I’ve said this before if Ridley Scott hadn’t directed this film and said Michael Bay did and it was the same exact film…Y’all would hate the movie,

    • polock91

      > implying it would be even CLOSE to the same movie

  • lucie-with-a-gun

    lol @ everything wrong with charlize theron.
    you please go first.
    mon dieu.

  • Zombie-Killa


    I LOVED Prometheus, and I don’t mind anyone else having some fun picking it apart, but the “criticisms” (using that world loosely) in this video are laughable(not in a good way). It just feels like they’re pulling stuff out of their asses to get some attention. I have the same feelings for the 4-minute Dark Knight Rises video.

    The Honest Trailer is MUCH better.

  • LaurenTaylor

    Down with the haters.

  • flesheater24

    HAHAH that was funny as hell. “here kitty kitty.” HAHAH

  • K-Dogg

    Prometheus is my favorite film of 2012, however, I am done trying to defend it. Everyone has their right to dislike a movie, all is fine there, but I would like to point one thing out……My favorite horror movie of all time is Carpenters HALLOWEEN, and I can point out to all of you soooo many issues with that film, heck , I even laugh at them with every watch , but it is, and probably will always be, my favorite horror movie of all time.

  • Mr.Mirage

    My one, serious stomp my feet like a three year old bitch is that when I bought the 4-disc release, one disc is a 3-D version, which requires that I purchase a 3-D TV. AND glasses.


    Other than that, well… hell, as I hear in the BDSM clubs, different strokes for different folks, and frankly any film that generates this much buzz a year after being released has a metric fuckton more going FOR it than AGAINST it… cf: director’s comments in Hard Candy (that he thought it was a success because a third of the audience despised it, a third loved it and a third were too gobsmacked to say one way or the other).

  • doomas10

    I hated Prometheus BUT the criticisms addressed in this video are just too meh… Lack of the real focus. Sure they addressed some of the problems I spotted but certain points are utterly ridiculous

  • I honestly don’t think it was supposed to be a legit analysis of the problems in the movie. I think it was supposed to semi-sarcastic and maybe some were true, but it seems (like everyone else is saying), they just did it for a good laugh and some views. Personally, the amount of flaws in this movie doesn’t surprise me and shouldn’t surprise anyone else. When you have a near 2+ hour movie (or even more, I forget the running time), how are you not going to have some gaps in logic? You try to have a movie as high-end as this one (numerous characters, different things happening at once, tellings of the story, etc.) and then tell me it’s easy to make a flawless film. Judging on being a film, this movie is actually a good movie. Acting, directing; Really, really good. The script can be distasteful at parts, but it’ll do.

  • After watching this same video and a few others last night I decided to watch Prometheus. I really never had any interest to watch it, but decided to see if it was as bad as seemingly everyone said it was. I didn’t hate it, but it wasn’t great. I feel that this movie gets more negativity than it should.
    “The leaps in logic in the 2012 sci-fi horror prequel to Alien are out of control.” Things like this are bound to happen when the first movie came out 30 years ago.

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