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The Sawyer Family Will Return In ‘Texas Chainsaw 3D’ Sequel

Exclusive: While many critics were quick to dub Texas Chainsaw 3D (review) as the film that would kill the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise, they maybe should have taken a deep bite into their tongue.

Bloody Disgusting has heard through the grapevine on various occasions that the producers behind Texas Chainsaw 3D had acquired the rights to make up to 7 more films (including this one), and that this Leatherface adventure is the beginning of an entire new franchise at Lionsgate.

And as always, the success of each film dictates what comes next.

We’re the first to receive word that the people behind TCM 3D will in fact move forward on a sequel to the continuation of Tobe Hooper’s 1974 classic. As reported earlier today, TCM 3D topped the domestic B.O. Friday with $10.2 million, and is looking at a three-day haul more in the low-to-mid $20 million range.

Horror is #1 at the boxoffice, and Leatherface is king once again. It feels pretty darn good.



  • Full_Effect_Ed

    This is Lionsgate we’re talking about…guarantee you they rush into production this summer and the sequel gets released in 2014.

  • Zombie-Killa

    Eh, I guess I’ll try to contain the pessimistic outburst inside of me, because I haven’t seen the new films just yet. But I will say this, if Texas Chainsaw 3D is any indication of what’s coming in the future, then I’m not too excited.

    Hopefully, the new Texas Chainsaw series won’t devolve into a pile of shit, but in most cases, film franchise don’t improve as they produce more films (i.e. Star Wars, Halloween, and from what I’ve heard about The Hobbit, The Lord Of The Rings).

    But hey, I love slasher films and the horror genre, so I will watch every new film regardless of quality or an overwhelming amount of negative reviews.

    • Aaron Emery

      The TCM franchise has a pretty terrible track record already, Hooper’s original is obviously great but his sequel was terrible (most fans will say otherwise but let’s be real here), LEATHERFACE: TCM3 sucked, lets forget about NEXT GEN, TCM (2003) was in my opinion a very well done remake, and THE BEGINNING was mediocre but at least tonally fit with the original story. Now we have this one, with too many ideas squeezed into one film and executed terribly, I believe it’s possible to come back from that and continue the story the proper way but I doubt that will happen. As you said franchises rarely work out that way.
      **THE HOBBIT wasn’t terrible, but Jackson’s decision that a 300 page book warrants 9+ hours of film is baffling to me. It’s only going to get worse.


      • Zombie-Killa

        Aaron, I agree. the TCM franchise’s track record is pretty crappy.

        Sure, they opened the door for more storylines to evolve in the future, but after watching this movie, do you really want to see more? I’ll use an analogy someone told me before “if you’re a cook and owner of a restaurant, and you serve your customers a bad meal, what follows after that won’t matter. You could cook the PERFECT five star dinner, lunch, or breakfast, but your customers won’t come back, because they’ll always remember that first bad meal.”

        And Ha ha! Aaron, I enjoyed the 2003 remake also!!! I thought I was the only one! But yeah, The Beginning was kind of a bummer, and it KILLED me, because I’m a big fan of Jordana Brewster.

        LULZ about The Hobbit! Why did you have to tell me that! True story, I ALMOST watched it on Christmas night, but I saw the 170 minutes runtime on the showtimes website, and I said “eh, maybe I’ll think it over for a few more days.” But I’ll force myself to watch it in theaters eventually. lol.

  • The film may not be the greatest but an R rated horror at the top of the box office is always a good thing and will hopefully encourage the other studios to follow suit after a very barren 2012.

  • thrashx

    I was disappointed after watching it last night (my expectations were already low) but I am happy they are having success for this weekend. Six more films…that makes me nervous.

    • staindFAN

      I wouldn’t worry about six more films…they will be lucky to get another made. I don’t care what the producer’s say about moving forward with a sequel. We have all heard this same story before. Movie opens to good numbers, sequel is expected, sequel never happens. Examples…The Strangers. Cloverfield. Friday the 13th (remake) Im actually shocked they would go for another one considering how bad Texas Chainsaw 3D was. I will believe it when I see it, and if it does happen, I really hope they learn from how bad the current one is and make the next one worth peoples hard earned dollar.

      • Zombie-Killa

        Ah, I didn’t think about that. They can plan all the films they want, but if the next one flops, there’s a good chance we won’t be seeing anymore theatrical releases in the near future. Until they do another remake in 2023. lol.

  • Autoflower

    I loved this movie. Sure it had it’s moments, but it kept me entertained. Loved the happy ending. It had a plot, what more can you ask for? The gore was good, 3d it did not need to be though. That one seen with the saw in the casket was cool. TCM 2 is my fav, but this was better than all those shitty as remakes and leatherface was still brutal.

    • staindFAN

      Let me just say the filmmakers had the right intentions with where this film was going, it was just executed terribly.

  • itsnickkarcher

    I’m so excited. I loved TC3D but I hope they don’t do all SEVEN films. At some point or another it will just turn to shit like Saw and every other franchise that has had that many sequels.

    I’d be happy with 3 or 4 in total. I hope Daddario comes back, her performance was amazing. I honestly don’t know how they’d do it without her, anyway. In an interview she said she was open to a sequel…I can’t remember where I read it off the top of my head. I was Google News searching TC3D like crazy the days prior to when it was released. Total fan boy.

    I’m glad this one is having success and hope the sequel will too!

  • Aaron Emery

    Lets face it people, TC3D was an unintentionally hilarious, over-plotted mess. What WOULD have made sense is this one being two films; the first half would have been good if it wasn’t so rushed. Imagine the carnival being the entire finale! The second half was almost like starting over (talk about horrible pacing), at least if we had some time to see Heather go through some kind of internal change rather than looking at a newspaper and deciding to help Leatherface! I mean, seriously, how the fuck are we supposed to believe that within five minutes she forgives this beast for killing her friends and decides to befriend him… based on a damn news article (one that describes him slaughtering other people). Oh my, I shouldn’t have o write a long paragraph to explain how stupid this all is! I wanted to like it as much as everyone else but there’s no way I could convince myself this was at all a good movie.

    • WalkingDeadGuy

      You are correct, the movie was bad, very bad. I think most people agree with you, however, it was entertaining. It’s a total guilty pleasure for me, I think that’s all that the people giving it a favorable review are saying. If we can look back at the ‘Friday the 13th’ sequels and have a good time watching them despite all their horrible acting and cliche’d moments, why can’t that be done for this film?

      Oh, and I actually liked the films pacing, I think that’s one of the few things it got right. Having the second act end with what traditionally would be the third act, then going a different direction in the third act was refreshing (although still predictable). The core material had so much potential, but I agree that the execution was horrendous.

      • staindFAN

        I do like your point about the Friday the 13th sequels, I never thought about that. lol…

        • itsnickkarcher

          It doesn’t matter how bad the continuity was, how many plot holes there were, etc, it kept the general public entertained. As long as it keeps doing that, it will be successful.

          I’m not saying that just because I liked the movie but lets face it, the Saw movies only got worse but there were SEVEN of them so…

      • DeadInHell

        There’s just something about the TCM series. Its sequels lack entertainment value. There were a bunch of shitty sequels in the Friday the 13th, Halloween, and Nightmare on Elm Street franchises…but there were also good ones. And even the bad ones were more entertaining than the average TCM sequel. There is just something distinctly bad about all the movies in this franchise. It became a hallmark of the series to make the films poorly and with no budget. It worked to the benefit of the original, but all of the other entries have been pretty dire. 2 and 3 have the most redeeming qualities, even if they are pure b-movie cheese (Dennis Hopper chainsaw dueling Leatherface, Ken Foree kicking hillbilly cannibal ass).

        For me, TCM is on the low end of the bigger horror franchises. Though the crude 1974 original was effective and influential and easily the best of the franchise, it isn’t the masterwork of horror that Halloween or A Nightmare on Elm Street were. And the sequels to Friday the 13th, while never very good, were far more fun.

  • ThunderDragoon

    I’m so happy to hear this and I can’t wait to see where this goes.

  • Marty McFly

    So.. wait a minute… there is going to be a guaranteed minimum of atleast six more Chainsaw movies after this one?! Holy shit. I thought this was performing poorly and had bad reviews? Why the sudden greenlight? I still haven’t seen this one, but I will probably wait for DVD cause the whole 3D thing is 99% of the time just a gimmick to get people to pay more money and never even look like three dimensions. Plus, after seeing the trailers for this movie I thought it looked pretty cheesy…

    • DeadInHell

      It has tons of bad reviews. The reception for TC3D is even more negative than for the remake duology. When you consider how much good will they earned just for discarding those remakes and returning to the original film’s continuity, it’s almost impressive how they’ve managed to squander it all with their inept execution. I expect those who reacted positively to the film didn’t exactly grow up on the classics.

      But the reception didn’t stop it from having a good opening. Not great, considering it’s just about on par with the 2006 prequel and sports a larger budget than either of the remakes, but good enough for Lionsgate and it will end up making a profit. I think Lionsgate wants a new horror franchise so badly that they’re hoping they can hype this one into existence. Maybe they think the sequel announcement alongside the “#1 at the box office!” ads will convince people this retread is worth watching.

  • Nothing333

    Sadly with piss poor reviews I have a feeling this will be incredibly front loaded and disappear after a few weeks at the box office. Horror is not thriving right now as every horror release last year has either bombed or made low to modest profits. Even the Paranormal Activity cash cow failed to meet expectations this year. Denial isn’t going to help. Horror unfortunately is not king. We need 2013 to turn this trend around.

    • itsnickkarcher

      The 2003 remake got bad reviews as did the prequel but they both managed to gross 60-80 mil

      • DeadInHell

        The 2003 TCM remake made about 100 million worldwide, the 2006 prequel made about 50. The audience turnout for this one is about the same as for the 2006 prequel. It may outgross it slightly because of 3D tickets, but it absolutely is going to be frontloaded. Already was over the weekend. That combined with negative critical and audience reception are going to dampen this film’s success pretty quick, I would think.

  • black_orchestra

    “Horror is #1 at the boxoffice, and Leatherface is king once again. It feels pretty darn good.”

    Mr.Disgusting, I really don’t understand your attitude. Are you suggesting that any horror crap that gets released and has some success makes you happy and “pretty darn good”? Just because its in the horror genre? You sound more like a Hollywood executive than a fan of the genre with an attitude like that.

    • Marty McFly

      You’re wasting your time, Mr. D doesn’t care what we think.

    • WalkingDeadGuy

      I think you’re reading into that too much. I’m pretty sure he merely meant that it’s refreshing to see horror be #1 because it rarely happens. Of course, in a perfect horror movie fans world, every critical successful horror film would be #1, but it won’t happen. Having a genre film be #1 no doubt helps put more horror movies into production. Not more “bad” horror movies (I know that’s what you all are thinking), just like when a good horror movie has success, it doesn’t mean we will see a string of successful films follow it. I think most filmmakers want to have a finished product they’re proud of or at least that their target audience will love.

      • djblack1313

        WalkingDeadGuy, very well said.

        • WalkingDeadGuy

          Thanks djblack1313. I do think it’s kinda cool that leatherface claimed the #1 spot in the first weekend of the new year. With so many big studio films out, I don’t think anyone saw that coming.

    • Nothing333

      I agree with black orchestra. This movie was subpar and we shouldn’t celebrate the success of the creatively bankrupt.

  • DarrelDreadful

    I have to say, yes the movie let me down, however I got the vibe that everyone involved with this movie had their hearts in the right place. I’ll recommend this mindless fun over The Devil Inside any day. I would like to bring up the fact that this movie was originally coming out in October but was pushed back because it received a NC-17 rating over and over again. I’ve read rumors that say the original Carnival scene was longer and did include Leatherface cutting someone up in the House of Horrors. Is it possible that things were toned down to get an R rating. Im not ashamed to say that I will be buying this on DVD or at least renting if it is Unrated and has deleted scenes. The reason why I believe the rumor about the carnival scene is because apparently the person Leatherface cuts up is wearing a Pig Mask, similar to the one in the SAW series, and well this Movie is suppose to kick a TCM series of sequels just like Saw. The inside joke, I would have loved to see if it was truly shot. But anyway, Im a big Leatherface face fan and this movie didnt kill the franchise for me, and I am very interested to see where they take the future installments. Only thing I would like is a solid script, a different director, and more creative kills. This movie, already being mindless fun, just didnt take enough risks for me and thats where it failed. Its 2012 I dont care for a TCM to feel real anymore, I want ridiculous things to happen and people to die in ways where I can say OH MY GOD THAT WAS AWESOME. It was nice seeing this on the big screen, 3D was Meh. I already knew what to expect from the actors, so I wasnt disappointed there. The opening, I thought, was the best part – very cool. I didnt hate this film, it just was honestly a let down. I would love for someone to get an interview with the director or someone who can confirm exactly what was cut out in order for them to receive an R rating. I guarantee if the film had been left alone even more people would have enjoyed it. But oh well, better luck next time, Im glad it came in at #1 same needs to happen for MAMA and EVIL DEAD and CARRIE and whatever other horror movies are coming out this year lol Horror needs to rock the 2013 box-office.

    • Poindexter_Jones

      I’m curious to see the unrated version too.

      • huntermc

        Yeah, thank God for unrated DVD releases. I rarely go to see horror films at the theater anyway because I don’t want to see some toned-down version that some old farts on the ratings board think is more palatable for the general population.

  • xAshleyMariex

    This is going to be horrible -.-

  • Poindexter_Jones

    Following a correct timeline, wouldn’t Heahter be around 40 instead of 20? That said, I loved the use of the original film footage during the openining credits.

    • huntermc

      Other than the iPhone and the hip-hop music, this easily could have been set in the early 90’s.

      • ggium24


      • DeadInHell

        So yeah, besides those glaringly obvious technological anachronisms which explicitly date the film as more or less current, it could be set in the 90s.

        But it isn’t, because of those things. So yes, Heather is just a really REALLY good looking 40 year old.

  • MachetAY

    Someone is going to get paid to make another piece of shit like this. I went to the Thursday night showing at 10PM. Lots of horror fans there… most walked out laughing with 1/2 hour to go.

    Such a bad movie… its not even good bad. Its just garbage bad.

  • egaltt23

    I loved this movie! It gave me goosebumps when Heather ran into the kitchen and Jed turned around (in slow motion) while cutting fingers off an arm…

  • Primeus

    reading these comments really make me reflect on why Horror is hated by critics, and why we don’t get quality horror movies. Horror Fans pretty much will eat shit off the ground.

    This movie was 100% terrible. I can’t even imagine how brain dead you would have to be to enjoy a film this stupid.

    The plot was stupid. Why even bother with this being a direct sequel? I felt it had the same problems that Superman Returns had, when you just assume the people watching have seen the first film in the franchise.

    This movie wasn’t gritty. It was stupid. The plot was ridiculous. The tone was all over the place. There was no realism, and I felt like I was watching a Saturday Night Live parody of TCM not a actual TCM movie.

    Overall This entire franchise has been shit. TCM was a totally atrocious film, and dumb. It is no Halloween, or The Shining ect.. All the sequels were complete shit but at least TCM remake got it right. I think they overplayed their hand with TCM: The Beginning but at least the tone, and focus of that film felt right, and I cared about the characters in it.

    This movie had no character development. Stupid stereo-typical black guy…the big tit stupid slut who is planning the part from the moment she is shown in the movie.

    I mean seriously we deserve better then this. This movie was fucking disgustingly awful.

    • Primeus

      I also want to add as a 35y/o life long horror movie fan. I am very close to the point of never going to see a horror movie in the theater again. I feel like I am setting money on fire lately.


      The Possession
      Paranormal Activity 4
      TCM 3D
      Apollo 18
      Alone In The Dark
      Cabin In The Woods
      The Last Rites

      I just feel like I am being cheated, and I am sick of spending $10 to $16 on bad fucking shitastic movies that are not scary, not gritty, and overall are made for people under the age of 21 with zero taste.

      • djblack1313

        apparently only Primeus’s opinions/tastes are all that counts. i love how people like him think that just because HE hates something means everyone else should as well. believe it or not the world doesn’t revolve around you. shock huh?

        • egaltt23

          He acts like someone is forcing him to pay… fail.

          • WalkingDeadGuy

            Agreed. If a film doesn’t interest you and you’re short on cash, don’t pay to watch it. If you’re on the fence about a film, do some research and find reviewers with similar taste as you.

            I didn’t watch ‘The Possession’, ‘Alone in the Dark’, ‘Apollo 18’ and ‘Smiley’ (to name a few) because they aren’t my cup of tea and because reviewers I’ve learned to trust gave them negative reviews.

    • Nothing333

      I like you

      • ggium24

        i love you

  • violentdope

    ^^^primeus^^^What horror movie ever made has been scary?None.When I see a horror movie I want to be disturbed like what the fuck am I watching…A serbian film …oh and cabin in the woods was the best “horror” film to come to the big screen last year I loved it.

  • ggium24

    a sequel? Only if Alex will return

  • ggium24

    no really, Alex is the real queen of Texas Chainsaw 3D

  • DeadInHell

    It would feel better if the movie were any good. But it’s just as bad as all the other terrible TCM sequels and remakes. This Leatherface is a pale imitation of the dreadful maniac that stalked the doomed cast of the original. The one big payoff this film should have had is the one they teased in promotional material, but never delivered: carnage at the carnival. The whole film is just stunning waste of potential.

    And I don’t really understand why people are making a big deal about this box office gross. It will likely end up grossing about as much as TCM: The Beginning (perhaps slightly more due to 3D) but on a higher budget. That’s kind of the bare minimum. They’re coasting on the installed fanbase. This #1 weekend is the result of eager TCM fans and horror aficionados, most of which probably saw the film on Friday, and who did so only because of the namesake. Lionsgate doesn’t need a lot of reasons to produce a sequel, and I’m sure all 6 of them will be pure trash and maybe they’ll all make some money. But Texas Chainsaw 3D is not a win for modern horror. It’s a testament to the power of a horror icon, one who draws audiences based on his place in the public consciousness as a unique and hideous menace despite only ever being in one decent movie 39 years ago. Leatherface, just like The Walking Dead, is generally much better in our minds than on TV.

  • BRING BACK CHOP TOP !!!!!!!!!!!! BRING BACK CHOP TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m still waiting to see All American Massacre!!!!!!!!! I remember seeing that trailer almost 15 years ago!!!! and thought it was damn cool!!!
    6 More movies….. there’s definitley room in at least ONE for CHOP TOP!!!!!!

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