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GLaDOS’ Cameo In ‘Pacific Rim’ Is Del Toro’s Tribute To Portal

Not long after the ‘Pacific Rim’ trailer came online did it take for geeks around the world to notice the remarkable similarity between the AI voice in the trailer to that of Portal’s lovable rogue AI, GLaDOS. It was uncanny, and apparently, on purpose. Director Guillermo Del Toro told the Toronto Sun in a recent interview that he’s a fan of the Portal series and he actually sought out Ellen McLain, the voice of GLaDOS, to be in the film. He even went to Valve to get permission to use GLaDOS, which he received.

Del Toro also confirmed that the actual voice of the AI will be a little less GLaDOS — good thing too, because while I’m a huge fan of the games, hearing her would’ve been a little difficult to get used to. Unless she sang about cake. Then it’s obviously okay. If you missed the trailer — in all its GLaDOS goodness — you should most definitely check it out after break.

Here’s the debut trailer for ‘Pacific Rim’, in case you missed it.

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