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Confirmed! New ‘Texas Chainsaw’ Sequel To Start Shooting Later This Year! Oddly Titled ‘Texas Chainsaw 4’?!

It was only a matter of time. Our exclusive report that a sequel to last weekend’s Texas Chainsaw 3D (review) has been greenlit was just confirmed by Millenium Entertainment. This is on the heels of a much better-than-expected opening weekend for the latest Sawyer tale.

We had previously reported that the producers behind Texas Chainsaw 3D had acquired the rights to make up to 7 more films and that the most Leatherface adventure was the beginning of an entire new franchise. Now at least one of those seven films will get underway with producer Carl Mazzocone (and an army of executive producers that include Tobe Hooper) still in charge. As far as Lionsgate is concerned, Millenium Films Chairman Avi Lerner said, “We very much hope to partner with them for the next chapter.

In a weird bit of news, reports have the title being Texas Chainsaw 4. Since TCM 3D was supposed to be a direct sequel to the 1974 original, I’m not sure how that works. I’d expect the title to change – soon (in fact I’m betting that it’s a reporting mistake and will be changed by morning). No work on if director John Luessenhop will return.

Oh yeah, and you won’t have to wait that long this time. The sequel apparently starts shooting this summer in Louisiana! I can only hope that it continues the insane premise set up at the end of TCM 3D.



  • Bulkapalooza

    I don’t understand how its entirely a “sequel” to the original. The beginning of the film i understand, but the rest of the movie is set in modern day. I assumed it took place after the next generation. I’m still so confused as to the story line.

    • NecRomancer

      It’s okay, so is everyone who made it.

    • longlakerockstar

      The other sequels have no continuity with this movie. Those movies, in this storyline DID NOT HAPPEN. It strictly takes place after the first one

  • lovezoid

    Texas Chains4 Massacre

  • Rops

    Starts shooting this summer… Is there a script? Silly question?

    • TwistedCritic

      Seems the producers would consider that a silly question at least. I like how they didn’t even mention one.

  • tlyon2

    Yeah it’s just a screw up on there part,the next one will be part 3 not part 4. I wonder if each sequel will be released in January?

  • Zombie-Killa

    Meh, the title doesn’t bother me at all.

    Well, it’s almost been a week. And I’ve calmed down A LITTLE BIT after my outrage over the twist at the end of Texas Chainsaw 3D. It’s hard for to me go into details without spoiling it for the people, who haven’t seen it yet. The ending pissed me off, BUT I’ve settled into the “let’s see where it goes” mentality. Heather’s decision could turn into a disastrous hurdle storyline wise, but I’ll try to keep on open mind for the next film.

  • Blood-Sicles

    I’m gonna go ahead and apologize for looking forward to the sequel. I expect more retarded fun- minus the lame masks and lack of “actual” chainsaw killings.

  • betz

    i actually liked the ending, yes the movie is all over the place but with what they did but i liked the ending, i mean she is family and he was warned bout her comin so he knew. my girlfriend cried like it was a forrest gump movie haha i love her!!!

    • betz

      oh yea did anyone stay for the after credits scene????

      • longlakerockstar

        I did I laughed my ass off

  • AaronBKoontz

    this news makes me more nervous than following an idiotic bloodstain in a basement next to mangled bodies while recording it on facetime.

  • HellionHellsing

    I could only see 2 titles on this one. A: TEXAS CHAINSAW: UNCHAINED (Seeing as how it just whooped Django’s ass right out of the top spot.) or B: TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: FAMILY TRADITION.

    • ggium24

      good titles, especially the second one. Do you think that Alexandra Daddario will return?

    • longlakerockstar

      Hellion great Titles. Well spoken from Chainsaw Disciple

  • knappy

    Maybe in the sequel they’ll explain how Heather looks so young for being 40.

    • Hahahahahahahahaha. The timeline in this movie made no sense. I like how they never showed the year of the past events. And how the hell did all those people get in the house in the opening scene. There were no women, babies or old men with beards in the house in 1974. Whatever.

      • longlakerockstar

        It was 1974 not the middle ages I’m sure they drove over to the house and waited. You guys do realize realistically Sally would’ve had to drive to the nearest town, report what happened to the police where the police would then have drive all the way back to the farm house. This would take ALL DAY not a split second from right after she left.

  • taysaintlaurent

    i registered just so i could leave this comment. i saw this the saturday it opened and noticed that leatherface’s ACTUAL name in the movie was “jedidiah sawyer”. in the 2003 remake the little boy’s name is Jedidiah, also. do you think this could explain some of the storyline ? even though it’s “direct sequel” to the original. maybe they used some of the plot from the remake and the little Jed grew up and somehow became even MORE socially retarded and fucked up went all leatherface

    • EvilHead1981

      The Sawyers and Hewitts really have no relation to each other. Reboot series is different in itself, while the original canon(which TC3D sticks with) is about the Sawyers.

    • NecRomancer

      I take it both of you have seen this movie, and if so- do you really think they gave it much thought beyond let’s make some money on a franchise? The plot was practically see-through. I’ll bet if you asked them that question, the film’s crew would be caught completely off-guard. “Wait, they already made sequels and remakes?”

    • Kelsy Teague

      It was supposed to be Jebidiah but a Jeb Sawyer raised a stink about them using his name and they had to change it to Jed. It has no ties to the remake series.

  • EvilHead1981

    Maybe they aren’t counting New Generation as TCM4, though given it’s a sequel to TC3D, maybe they aren’t counting Leatherface(TCM3) either and TC3D is the spiritual third installment. I can see them keeping Hooper’s sequel because, c’mon, not only is it infamous with horror fans, they still respect Hooper’s involvement and keep it “sacred” as an installment. Thought like I said elsewhere, TC3D COULD technically be TCM5.

    • longlakerockstar

      None of the other sequels exist in this timeline. This movie erased movies 2-4. there is no continuity between this film and the other sequels.

  • Primeus

    I find it amazing that we can’t get a sequel to the F13 remake which was crap but compared to TCM3D is Oscar worthy, and it made tons of money..more then the TCM3D.

    TCM 3D was the worst horror film I have seen in a LONG time, and that’s saying something after having sat through The Devil Inside, Apollo 18, and The Possession.

    • EvilHead1981

      From my recollection, Ft13 reboot had a big budget. That’s probably why. To PD, I think with Michael Bay as the “monarch”, a sequel would have to be BIG too, or even BETTER(go all out). TC3D was this low budget horror movie that made all it’s money back and MORE, and no doub the sequel will also go “low budget” too. It’s kinda like Insidious(though Insidious was a better movie), really next to nothing budget, but were well recieved.

      Oddly enough, I actually go for a lower budget Ft13 movie. You don’t need all thoat big budget sheen for an effective horror movie. I think PD overproduces their horror movies. They look too shiny, too MTV-music video-ish and too mainstream. Something more lower budget, less shiny could definitely work for a new Ft13 flick. If anything, the low budget horror hit thing is going back to many of these franchise’s roots. Most big infamous horror franchises originally started off as pretty low budget indie flicks. It wasn’t until after they blew up that Hollywood took notice and they became these big budget monsters. What was the saying, “When you work with a limited small budget, you learn not to be wasteful of you time and effort and learn the tricks of getting the most bang for your buck!”. I do think that’s true. It seems studios get more lazy with big budget horror movies because, especially with reboots, they consider them sell-selling “sure things”, so they can afford to skimp and slack off.

  • Kwonkicker

    Uhh……we’ll see. I mean, this COULD work out or it could end being like the Saw franchise with just dishing anything out..

  • NecRomancer

    What the hell is wrong with some of you people?! This movie is garbage- one of the most laughably lousy movies I’ve ever seen in an actual theater. Yes, it was #1 at the box office for opening weekend (Most likely because people thought it would actually be good- myself included). Check it out now (hint: it’s not #1)! I also wouldn’t be surprised if they numbered the sequel to this shit-show with a 4. It would go to show how much thought they put into it. Poor acting, just plain dumb scenes (a cop holding a gun and a cell phone for a ‘visual’ haha) terrible dialogue complete with pathetic one-liners (“welcome to Texas MF” anyone?), and then there’s Leatherface… The movie’s even dumber than he looks.

    I will give the writers/director credit though- it did feel like an actual sequel to the original. A 1986 direct-to-video sequel.

    • itsnickkarcher

      No horror movie will ever stay at number one past it’s opening weekend when it’s going up against a fantasy, action and classic musical all at the same time. Those obviously have much more appeal to the general public. Regardless, the film has held up well, even increasing in box office receipts from Monday to Tuesday. I wouldn’t be surprised if by the end of the weekend it’s at $35-40 million. This weekend will be tough for it though cause on top of all the movies it’s going against now, two more are opening.

  • c-s-a78

    im still VERY angry and pissed off that everyone here in australia didnt get a release here.we have to wait for dvd/bd!!!so by the time the new one gets made we prob still waiting for the 1st on on dvd/bd.everyone around the world got a relaese for this i looked it up,except australia.
    oh and we didnt get silent hill 3D either!whats going on here with distrabutions???

    • longlakerockstar

      I was pissed here in the states along with you guys. I have friends in australia and brazil, die hard fans that cannot see the film.

  • itsnickkarcher

    Yay! I wonder if this one will be in 3D as well, probably because TC3D made 80% of it’s profit from 3D ticket sales.
    And somebody asked the question to whether or not Daddario will return, in an interview I saw somewhere she said she was open to it and to be quite honest there’s no way they could do it without her. Unless they made a prequel but I hope and doubt they will.

  • Aaron Emery

    ‘Texas Chainsaw 4 Years Later’ (2053)

    • TwistedCritic

      This made me laugh.

  • DarrelDreadful

    I am very interested to know where the story will go in the next one, I don’t care what anyone says – I agree the script for this movie was weak but the story they are going for actually had me intrigued. Had they made at least one more rewrite, cleaned it up a bit, and had more fun TC3D would of been what I consider a good movie. However… “shooting this Summer”?? That makes me a little uneasy. OAN I remember when this was in production that it was claimed Daddario and Eastwood were already contracted to be in 3 films. SPOILERS The ending I liked, but it was very sloppy – The sheriff letting Leatherface and Heather go, Eastwood’s character disappearing, several townspeople aware of Leatherface’s existence. I really hope they take it up a notch for this next one. Leave the 3D and CGI alone btw, and just do practical effects please. Hopefully they bump the budget up to at least 12M instead of 8M lol that will be more than enough if they do it traditionally and not in 3D.

    • longlakerockstar

      The story is a great one indeed. However Eastwood’s character didn’t disappear he was told to go home and the sheriff knew what Burt did was wrong, besides who knows if Hooper will let them get away with it. And if he does, now we’ll have the massacre behind close doors again. The possibilities for the sequel are there it just depends on which direction the take it. I pay to see a guy wearing dead skin masks to butcher people with a chainsaw as long as there’s that in the movie I’m happy. Except for The next Generation. Keep Robert Jacks away from the upcoming new films.

  • NecRomancer

    Two more like this one and Leatherface will end up in space.

    • Aaron Emery

      Has he already been to tha hood??

    • longlakerockstar

      You’re bitching way to much over things too little to care that much about. When you go to see the Texas Chainsaw Massacre you go to see a guy wearing dead skin masks to butcher people with a chainsaw. You had that in this film. I don’t see the problem. So heather wasn’t 38 whoop de shit. So it was set in modern day Who gives a fuck. Rob Zombies Halloween was too and yet people actually liked that stupid abortion of a movie. This movie was a perfect sequel plus it’s the #1 movie in America.

      • Aaron Emery

        I would be more then satisfied with “a guy wearing dead skin masks to butcher people with a chainsaw” if that was what we got. My feeling on it is that if they wanted to go this direction and have an actual storyline, then they should have taken the time to write it with at least SOME sign of intelligence. For a film that was in pre-production as long as this was there is no excuse for a final product that looked as if it was thrown together quicker than PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 8. Even the SAW movies managed to put out a sequel every October that featured a full storyline and had great continuity! I have supported this film from the day it was announced but I have the balls to admit I was wrong, face it the movie semi entertaining but ultimately sucked! There is absolutely no reason any horror fan should support such a half assed effort, you’re just giving the studio the OK to produce more crap. Way to make horror fans look like the bottom of the barrel! -_-

        • NecRomancer

          Emery, I agree with you 110%, and no he HASN’T been to the hood yet! Maybe in the sequel Heather (now 17) will get a letter from a relative of one of her now-deceased friends. She’ll have to make the trip to Washington Heights to give them the news in person, and when ol’ Jed’s invited there’s just one thing he needs to pack…

          Derek, it’s not the little things like a modern-day setting and Heather not being 38 that suck about this movie. I’m not going to re-post what I already have before under this topic, but in short- read at least the last 2 sentences of the comment above mine. I will repeat one thing though- that “#1 movie in America” bullshit lasted the weekend only. Then word got out.

  • ThunderDragoon

    Sounds good to me. Bring it on.

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