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Microsoft’s IllumiRoom Concept Could Revolutionize Your Gaming Experience

No one knows where gaming will be five or ten years from now, but that doesn’t keep us from thinking of awesome ways to make gaming more immersive. A TV screen is just so small, and even if you have a massive HDTV, you probably only have one, so that leaves the neighboring walls, floor, and ceiling that add absolutely no immersion to your gaming experience. I suppose we could take the route that awful Gamer film did and replace the walls and ceiling with interactive screens, but I think it’s safe to say that’s way down the road.

That’s what makes this concept from Microsoft so exciting, because it’s something I could see happening in the near future. It’s not crazy, and it looks like it could possibly even be an extension of the third or fourth version of the Kinect. It’s Called IllumiRoom, and it essentially takes what’s going on on-screen and expands it in different ways. It could be as small as seeing snow projected on the walls or as big as seeing animated fire or entire levels on the walls outside your TV. More, including an awesome video, after the break.

As a horror fan, IllumiRoom becomes even more exciting because horror games tend to rely on your immersion. This could make walking through the empty town of Silent Hill, with the fog and ash projected on your walls, more immersive. Or say you’re playing Fatal Frame and you see ghosts blink in and out of existence while you’re exploring a broken down house. Or this could even expand on what ZombiU did with the Wii U’s GamePad where instead of using the controller to find enemies in the environment that can’t be seen on your TV, you can instead see them projected on your TV. The possibilities are limitless.

Anyway, check it out below, and if you’re feeling generous, you should definitely tell me how you would like to see this used.

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