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The ‘Dead Island: Riptide’ Zombie Bait Edition Brings With It A Buxom, Bloodied Bust, Awful Ideas

You hear that sound? That’s the sound of a lot of people getting angry over Dead Island: Riptide’s special edition. Unlike the Rigor Mortis Edition, which is actually pretty cool, Deep Silver decided that was far too tame so they designed the Zombie Bait Edition, which apparently has a target demographic of fucking serial killers. “What’s that on your mantle, George?” “Oh, you noticed that? That’s my bloody bust of a mangled woman. Her name’s Lola, isn’t she pretty? Hey, you want to come down to my dungeon, err, basement for a sec?” More after the break.

Here’s what the UK exclusive edition looks like:

I don’t know who thought this was a good idea, but at least Deep Silver was quick to apologize. The publisher took to Twitter, the Internet’s #1 source for apologies, to clarify their motives. Here’s what they had to say:

A statement on the Zombie Bait Edition:

We deeply apologize for any offense caused by the Dead Island Riptide “Zombie Bait Edition”, the collector’s edition announced for Europe and Australia. Like many gaming companies, Deep Silver has many offices in different countries, which is why sometimes different versions of Collector’s Editions come into being for North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

For the limited run of the Zombie Bait Edition for Europe and Australia, a decision was made to include a gruesome statue of a zombie torso, which was cut up like many of our fans had done to the undead enemies in the original Dead Island.

We sincerely regret this choice. We are collecting feedback continuously from the Dead Island community, as well as the international gaming community at large, for ongoing internal meetings with Deep Silver’s entire international team today. For now, we want to reiterate to the community, fans and industry how deeply sorry we are, and that we are committed to making sure this will never happen again.

Remember the first game’s trailer and how it sparked an industry-wide conversation about an emotional, character driven take on the zombie genre? A majority of my family aren’t gamers, but when I showed them the trailer, they were moved. This is where we are now.

Hey, at least they posted a “Warning: Includes contents that may cause offense” label. That’s… something.



  • HorrorManiac666

    OMG I need to own this and plus it would look nice next to my The Walking Dead zombie head.

  • huntermc

    If this were the Japanese edition, the bikini would be fully removable and anatomically correct. But the genitals would be censored.

  • Joe-Banger

    That is pretty cool, but I think I will make one like that myself, and I mean a fake one out of clay or plaster! Thanks for this news feed Adam!

  • DeadManZombieFan

    nice tittys

  • Ravinus

    Why are you being such a pussy, Adam? You girlfriend looking over your shoulder? I think its fucking awesome. Since when was horror tame and politically correct? Douchebag.

    • Adam Dodd

      You seem like a really mature and super nice guy, but my problem with this is the gaming industry is currently under public scrutiny after the Newtown massacre last month and something like this only gives those who would like to see greater censorship in video games more fuel for their argument. Video games have an image problem, and severed, bikini-clad female torsos isn’t helping the situation. Also, please grow up. Feel free to disagree with me, but the name-calling only makes you look like a child.

      • Ravinus

        You seem like a super cool and conscientious dude. Apology accepted.

        • djblack1313

          Ravinous, you’re a cunt.

          • Ravinus

            “You seem like a really mature and super nice guy…name-calling only makes you look like a child.”

      • That’s an interesting perspective, and by interesting I mean thoroughly flawed.

        “but my problem with this is the gaming industry is currently under public scrutiny after the Newtown massacre last month and something like this only gives those who would like to see greater censorship in video games more fuel for their argument.”
        But it shouldn’t be under public scrutiny as it has no relation to that event, and I think, well hope, most of the public would reject those ridiculous claims. To say we can’t have nudity in the games/figures because of the newtown massacres is just absurd, it is fucking absurd and offensive you want to talk about rather than gun control.
        I don’t care if it adds fuel to their argument, censoring everything to a Disney level because of absurd claims already makes them the winners. A black man eating watermelon could fuel racists arguments, that doesn’t mean we should ban black people from eating watermelon. That’s a great analogy for the logic you’re using. Free speech is paramount for creativity especially within horror and art, to suggest otherwise is simply uneducated.

        “Video games have an image problem, and severed, bikini-clad female torsos isn’t helping the situation. Also, please grow up. Feel free to disagree with me, but the name-calling only makes you look like a child.”
        In the image that people view them, or the visual images they used? I also find this incredibly sexist, if it was a male there would be no cries of misused used loaded words like objectification and sexualized, it wouldn’t even be in the news. Also wear was the outrage of the naked served bodies on the first game? So you can have a game full of them but not a tacky figure?

        • well put.

        • rgold

          The theory may well be flawed but its also pretty damn relevant. All you have to do is turn on any cable news channel, at any given moment and see that these games, at this time are under scrutiny. Violence in the media (and for some reason CABLE NEWS is not counted as media in all this)is a hot topic at the moment because some groups refuse to have a reasonable discussion about gun control. While I do agree that censorship is not the answer I also believe that a stupid gimmick to try to sell a few more game units is as dumb as your “watermelon” analogy. Sometimes timing really is everything.

      • Se_7_eN

        Agree on all points 100%, we were talking about this collectors edition in the office today.

        Funny how Deep Silver also had to apologize for the first Dead Island game also, and it kinda goes hand in hand with this Collector’s Edition. The debug client was released on Steam (on accident) and contained the “Feminist Whore” skill for Puma in the source code.

        Deep silver are cool dudes, but need to think of public relations. Not only with their female fan base, but how they portray gaming and gamer’s as a whole.

  • violentdope

    pretty lame but so is this game so go figure

  • Canucklehead

    If it was Japanese you’d also be able to buy it at a vending machine

    • evenscarier


  • Incinerated

    Horror is renown for it’s hypocritical portrayal of women. On one hand there’s the exploitative bevy of boobs per flick. On the other hand is the empowerment of strong woman leads–the survivor. No horror subgenre is more duplicitous than the rape revenge genre, which I especially like despite the exploitation simply for the revenge re: a sensitive and important subject… rape.

    Which kind of leads me back to this story. Yes, this collector’s item is indeed sexist, objectifying in a violent manner, and one more entry into the giant that is rape culture. How interesting it isn’t for the US release. Perhaps I underestimated the rape culture of other countries. Rape culture contributions (And stupid not funny jokes) is why I won’t see A Haunted House. I’d still play a new dead island, though.

  • djblack1313

    if the company was really “sorry” then why aren’t they removing this from being sold? and once again, Ravinus, junior, you ARE a cunt.

    • doomas10

      That’s the first time seeing djblack1313 being angry! that says something!

      • djblack1313

        doomas10, LOL. i just can’t stand people like Ravinus. 🙂

        • Ravinus

          I get it now. You are Mr. Dodd’s girlfriend. How sweet.

  • alex5523

    well i think its too much for the world to release this, for me it would be a really cool collectors edition one worth owning, i think we all need to think and watch a little bit how the world behaves how politicians try to pin every death to videogames, and to release this edition, they will have an easy product to point at and say this game was the cause of the shootings and deaths of innocent people, so part of me thinks this is the best move.

  • born2kill

    “The target demographic is serial killers”
    Seriously? You work at a site that specializes in horror fantasy media. You cover a genre thats all about slicing & dicing; where we praise creative kills & michael myers is our sacred cow. And you’re seriously going to utter such bullshit?
    Its a halloween toy. Liking it does not make you a serial killer, it makes you a horror fan. Horror is suppose to be creepy & gorey & subversive. That imagery on the figurine, is the same imagery thats in the game and in our movies, books, and on the wallpaper for your website.
    If you dont understand the genre & think we’re sickos for liking such a figurine, you should not be working at this website.

    Also: who cares what politicians & non-gamers falsely believe about videogames? Stupid people also believe rock music is satanic. Should rock musicians censor themselves because stupid people believe patently stupid shit? Should I, an adult not be able to purchase whatever music, games, or horror memorabilia I choose because non-fans have absurdly stupid & false ideas on videogames? NO. Thats their problem. Not ours.

    • Adam Dodd

      Funny you should point out the one line in the article that was a joke. The serial killer bit was just that, a bit. And I disagree, the horror genre is not “all about slicing & dicing,” it’s so much more than excessive stabbing and severed body parts.

      My issue isn’t that the statue is too gross, gorey, or even that it’s a torso of a scantily clad woman — though I can’t say I’m a fan of mutilated female torsos in bikinis, but hey, that’s just me — it’s that Deep Silver announced it during a time when the gaming industry is working on improving its public image. You may not care about that, but it’s important to many gamers, companies, and industry professionals who would like to see their hobby/industry/career receive more respect.

      • born2kill

        “Deep Silver announced it during a time when the game industry is working on improving its public image”

        Yeah. The game is coming out in a few months. That’s when the package is relevant. When should they announce it? after the game is released? or do you propose they cancel it because ignorant people, who dont play videogames, who dont like horror genre, are on some moronic crusade?
        Thats not gaining respect. Youre validating false, slanderous attacks against a medium you supposedly love. Youre censoring and trying to make creators & fans feel ashamed for liking something thats perfectly ok. Thats not respect. Thats self degradation. And if you’ve ever enjoyed a Friday the 13th movie, thats hypocrisy.
        Stand up for your genre. If the general public thinks its sick & harmful, correct them. If they wont listen to reason, then to hell with them. Never feel ashamed & never put yourself in a closet for someone elses insecurity.

        Plus, Theres always going to be real world tragedies.
        Theres always going to be new horror entertainment created.
        If we waited for people to recover & the sadness/anger to blowover before releasing new horror genre art, nothing would ever be released.

      • darkscarecrow

        Good point Adam. It does add fuel to the fire since all the psycho murderers and people on both sides of the isle coming down hard on the gaming industry these day’s. My personal opinion, is was in bad taste esp. at this particular time we are currently facing. As I stated “good point”!

  • thedragon803

    I wouldn’t go so far to say this was necessarily an “awful” idea…it’s just there will be a time for bizarre stuff like this packaged with our video games, but now is not it. The climate is way too volatile and although my personal opinion on the matter is “fuck kids, fuck mommies, fuck the NRA, and fuck anyone who don’t like my violent games, movies, and music,” I know that isn’t the attitude on the part of the video game companies. They got a future to think about…in the meantime I’m going to rub one out to a Sasha Grey scene, wipe up using transcripts of Wayne Lapierre’s press conference, roll some cannabis using a page of the New Testament, watch Natural Born Killers on my laptop while at the same time chainsaw some monsters in half in Gears of War 3.

  • doomas10

    i loved the first dead island game till the moment…you left the resort and went to the city, lab, jungle, caves, sewers and then a prison. The ending was bad – despite the fascinating interesting setting of the hotel resort- and while I was starting having emotions for the characters I was saving/helping them at the end it didn’t matter as they nuke the island! Talking about a satisfactory ending. I really hope they change this one as I would like to save and help others from the zombie plague while becoming the ultimate badass, Ash style *give me some sugar babe*

    • doomas10

      The torso edition it is not the greatest idea ever – and feels a bit sexist in my humble opinion – but it is an 18 game. There have been worse things than that. I do not think cencorship is needed 😛

  • turtlenipple

    I laughed out loud a couple times reading this, then then a few laughs reading the comments. Why are you people so serious and mean? And yeah, That thing is kinda gnarly. It’d be gnarly if it was a dudes torso too though. I will play this game though and cross my fingers that I won’t have to deal with sewer levels.

  • evenscarier

    I’m not crazy about the torso, but I fail to see what the big deal is.

  • Joe-Banger

    Adam Dodd, djblack1313, evenscarier, and all other non-confrentational horror news viewers please ignore ignorant gutter trash like ravinus and anyone else like that loser from now on and dont waste your energy. State your news/opinions and move on. Its better this way because if you do this then they will no longer have the power to bother you and they will be forced to move on too! Still an awesome article!

  • Ravinus

    Not moving on. I stand by my comments. The article is a lame position on this topic, platitudes abound.

  • Ravinus

    Adam Dodd, where are you with all this name calling? Joe-Banger, good point. Anyone that has a differing opinion from you is gutter trash and losers. Another intelligent statement within the context of free speech and censorship. By the way, check your spelling, genius.

  • undertaker78

    I guess I’m a sick prick for wanting this sweet special edition.

    Anyone who thinks violent video games or movies makes someone a murderer have been brainwashed by the censorship police. Do romances and inspirational cartoons make those viewers less violent and overall better human beings? No! I hope you know that crazy people can like opera music, mickey mouse and reading the bible.

    I respect your opinion Adam Dodd but feel you are grasping at straws. How a plastic toy produced for Europeans and Australians, has any relevance to the Newtown massacre is absurd. The fact that Deep Silver has had to apologize for the first video game is bullshit. It pisses me off when people shift the blame. It pisses me off even more when others cave in and feed the egos of the censorship nuts. It’s more less admitting that they’re right.

    We need to stick up for our rights and for what we love. We have done nothing wrong and shouldn’t be scolded and treated like we’re the cause of everything bad. No movie or video game has ever made someone a killer. That person was already fu#$ed up and needed a scapegoat.

    The last place I thought I would see the horror genre criticized would be Bloody Disgusting. Perhaps I don’t belong here any more because apparently I’m an insensitive and horrible person.

    • born2kill

      well said. I agree on all points.

      I also hate that they’ve apologized & cancelled the statue, but I understand why. As a company their first priority is to stay in business.
      If they tried to defend themselves against the massive backlash, you know the advertisers & game reviewers would do massive damage to their game.
      Dead island is their biggest franchise. they can’t afford it failing.

  • Venom-man4

    It’s a zombie game, but this bust doesn’t make me think of a zombie right off of the bat. I’m not offended by it but I would worry that if people saw it they would think you were just a perv with a violence fetish. Like I said I’m not offended by it I just wouldn’t want to own it and could see how some people you don’t know about the games could find it creepy.
    As for the worry about fixing the game industry public imagine. The idea of violent games are to blame has been around for years. No need to freak out about it know just cause someone mentioned it in a recent speech.

    • Venom-man4

      Image* auto spelling sucks at times.

  • bambi_lives8980

    Hate to respond to an old topic so late in the game, but this is so fucking lame. Video games responsible for another school massacre, its like 1999 all over again. The fact that people are getting their panties in a wad over this is just amazing, the fact that they had to cancel and apologize – insane. What a horrible argument, from a horror site no less… Christ almighty.

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