[TV] Next On “American Horror Story: Asylum” Episode 2.13 “Madness Ends” (Season Finale)

  • djblack1313

    these last couple of eps are just meh… i DO like this season a lot but everything from SPOILER SPOILER

    sister Mary’s death/assisted suiced to Dr. Arden’s suicide to Grace’s death has just been UBER-rushed and anti-climactic.

    • Zombie-Killa

      I agree djblack. I’ve enjoyed the season as a whole, but the last three or four episodes have been a CHORE to sit through.

      Anyway, looking forward to the season finale. I’m expecting a shocking conclusion, so hopefully AHSA won’t disappoint.

    • wildgator25

      I agree with you guys. Had it not been for Francis Conroy’s amazing acting, last night would have been a complete snooze-fest instead of just the few minutes I did snooze through.

      I am still looking forward to next week’s twists and turns, but I’m sorry to say that I am ready for this season to end. Feels like it has died in the past two weeks.

  • K-Dogg

    If any of you have seen my previous posts on this show, I have LOVED this show soooo much. With that being said, I absolutely hated everything about tonight’s episode, I couldn’t be more disappointed with only one episode left. Super pissed at the direction this has taken.

  • Nothing333

    I’ve loved every inch of this season. It’s an acting tour de force littered with style and a twisty story. It’s the most unpredictable show on tv. Kudos to all involved and i seriously look forward to a fresh story next year with hopefully some of the key players back again.

    • Aaron Emery

      Consigned. How could anyone be bored watching Jessica Lange as she gets more and more embodied in this character? Her acting is simply breathtaking.

  • http://thefilmpolice.blogspot.com/ Armand DC

    I wanted Mary Eunice to live. Her goals were never achieved which sucks because I believe it should be sick! I’m looking forward to next season. I hope they won’t run out of ideas.

  • DarrelDreadful

    I agree that last night’s episode felt a little rushed and didnt pack the punch I was hoping for but I still enjoyed it and its just clear we’re coming full circle. This story wont continue in future seasons, so I understand cutting the lose ends and bringing a lot of the subplots to their conclusions. Im very excited to see how things will go in the season finale but Im not setting my expectations high because I know it will be either a hit or miss. I love AHS and Asylum has set the bar, I look forward to season 3 :)