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10 Facts About The New ‘Evil Dead’!!!

Last summer I spent two days in Auckland, New Zealand to check out the set of TriStar and FilmDistrict’s upcoming Evil Dead remake. I’m not going to mince words here, I have never walked away from a set this confident and hopeful that a movie will turn out well. With a lot of these visits you get the feeling that people are just fort of putting on their best face to meet you, and you’re not entirely convinced of their commitment to making a great movie.

Not here. Fede Alvarez is not f*cking around. Neither is producer Rob Tapert. Nor are Robert Gillies (the production designer) or Roger Murray (the prosthetics and props maker). The film’s DP, Aaron Morton, isn’t f*cking around either when it comes to getting those crazy roving tree shots we love so much. And the cast? Enduring all of the prosthetics, pain and hundreds of gallons of blood? Not f*cking around. I’m not talking about a bunch of disinterested dilettantes talking about “how much they love the project.” I’m talking about seeing the bloody proof of it firsthand. I’m not just talking about the scenes we witnessed, but the messy aftermath of everything they’d been shooting up until that point. You just can’t fake a production like this for two days while press is around.

Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Elizabeth Blackmore, Lou Taylor Pucci and Jessica Lucas star in the much anticipated remake of the 1981 cult-hit horror film. It hits theaters on April 12th, 2013. Be sure to read PART ONE and PART TWO for a more in depth analysis on this visit.

Then head inside for a bonus 10 Facts About The New ‘Evil Dead’

Everything I saw onset backed up claims by Alvarez that there would be no CGI in the film. I didn’t see any green screens and I saw tons of evidence of well executed practical gags. Even if they wind up using a little bit of it in the film, it’s probably just for small stuff like wire removal etc…

Per producer Rob Tapert, “I have always been exceedingly concerned about [getting an NC-17]. The woman who guided ‘The Grudge’ through to get a PG-13 assured us that ‘oh no, nothing in this is gonna get you an NC-17.’ I keep bumping up against that self-mutilation thing. And because they swing so much as to what they decide on a weekly basis is an NC-17 or an R or a PG-13, I just don’t know. But FilmDistrict, who bought this…they all said, ‘we want this the hardest R you guys can give us…

Jane Levy recounts filming it, “At one point I vomit all over somebody. A lot of vomit. Like, a sh*t-ton of fluid. I had a tube practically down my throat, and I’m on top of this girl and vomiting all over her. When you actually do something like that – I don’t think I can actually describe the sensation – but I actually went to the corner and cried. I’m really sensitive. But I felt like I was really drowning my friend Jessica, it felt so bad. I was shaking.” Of course it’s not actual vomit, I just know that some of you were thinking it was a CG effect based on the trailer. It isn’t.

DP Aaron Morgan on working to create the effect, “In the original there’s a lot of stuff where things are careening in and careening out of control. And we wanted to get to that point. So I wanted to start to infer that with our camera movements so there’s a lot of rolling. And there’s a lot of really fast movement through trees.

A real one in Woodhill Forest and a more destroyable one on a soundstage.

A few feet away from the cabin in Woodhill Forest sits a dilapidated recreation of “The Classic” – Sam Raimi’s 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88. It’s rusty, covered in pine needles and moss.

It’s called the “Naturan Demanto” – which is how it is referred to in the recording they listen to in the original film. Three of the books have been made for the production. Due to copyright issues with the original artist, the book has been significantly redesigned. Instead of a dried face, the binding is now assembled with large chunks of stitched-together flesh.

There’s still so much you haven’t seen. I’m truly excited to see how it plays out onscreen myself.

Alverez comments “I know we ordered a truck the other day that was… 50,000 gallons? Just for one scene! The violence is over the top. The showdown, that’s right there behind the wall [referring to the storyboards] you can see there is raining blood. So you can imagine that it’s gonna get to quite an outrageous, over the top, chainsaw action, raining blood…it just goes crazy, right.

And scarier in my opinion. This film is much darker than the original and it’s designed to scare people who have been watching horror movies for the past 30 years. The revamped approach to the makeup matches that aesthetic. The pronounced jaw and ocular cavities are gone, allowing for a more haunting visage for whomever is unlucky enough to be possessed.

Want more? Check out PART ONE and PART TWO of my set visit for a more complete look at the film.



  • djblack1313

    Evan, i noticed you went from NO CGI to “very little if any”. lol. (i’m just giving you a hard time). i’m so excited for this movie!

    • EvanDickson

      @djblack1313 yeah that one article had NO CGI with a question mark. I do think it’s possible there’s no CGI in the movie.

      But it’s also possible that what they mean is that there’s none in the gags themselves, but other minor stuff we wouldn’t care about.

      Technically, color grading and wire removal are Computer Generated Imagery

      • djblack1313

        that’s cool. again, i was just teasing with you. i am 1000% on board with this movie! it’s my #1 movie for 2013! 🙂

  • VampireJack

    Indeed – April can’t come quickly enough for me.

  • KorovaMilkbar

    can’t wait for this one. really hope it lives up to the hype

  • bozodeathgod

    Man, I’ve gone from Fcuk-not another remake to cannot wait.
    This is what I like to see in a remake is a genuine love for the original and a cast and crew who want me to shit my pants.

  • Trioxin83

    “This film is much darker than the original and it’s designed to scare people who have been watching horror movies for the past 30 years.” Oh sweet Cthulhu thank you! I hope it does!

  • Nothing333

    I’m so sick of the whole no cgi thing. It’s not a make or break thing for the movie so why does everyone care so much? It’s kinda hipstery

    • Trioxin83

      I was super excited to hear about the lack of cgi! I think it gets people excited because most movies today are so heavily laden with cgi that it can take a lot away from the movie. What they are doing with Evil Dead is a homage to the good old days when people had to have ingenuity to make/rig up/physically create what they wanted to have happen in a scene instead of just doing it on a computer like so many other movies today. Just my thought.

    • EvanDickson

      @Nothing333 I get what you’re saying, but my take on it is this – if this movie does well, studios will take note that the fans appreciated the effects not looking horrible. They’ll let filmmakers do more stuff practically.

      They’re never going to STOP a director from using CGI on these types of movies, but if this one is a success then it can level the playing field a bit.

      I for one thought THE THING from 2 years ago looked atrocious.

      • djblack1313

        i agree Trioxin83 & Evan.

  • Nothing333

    Bad cgi is the enemy, not cgi. Practical effects done poorly is just as bad as plasticky fake looking cgi. Amazing things have been done with both types of effects, and CGI has revolutionized things that can be conveyed onscreen. For special effects to evolve we need to make mistakes and improve. Think about how horrible top of the line spfx for the eighties and nineties look today. It’s because of constant improvement. Anyhow, my main point is the film will either be strong or fail and this is more dependant on plot than what type of spfx are used.

    • djblack1313

      Nothing333 you bring up an excellent point. well said.

    • Trioxin83

      That’s very true! But I also think a studio, director, or whoever, should know when their movie is looking like a movie on SyFy and do something about it hehe

    • Scorpionsy

      Nothing333, I concur! CGI is a double-edged sword as are Practical SFX and prosthetics. It depends on how good the people creating them are and how they are used on film. Look at all those SyFy movies being churned out…the CGI is horrible and looks so fake. For example, with all the sharks done in CGI in those movies, I would think someone would speak up at the studios and say “enough…this is not convincing at all”. They look very fake. That is why for example, Jaws’ Bruce the mechanical shark still looks more realistic in action than today’s best CGI shark…even though Bruce looked very fake when he jumped on the boat…but still this is an example where practical SFX trumps CGI. The last good practical SFX sharks were those used by Renny Harlin in “Deep Blue Sea”…and all the scenes with them were 100% better than the scenes that used CGI sharks in the same movie.
      It’s how good a practical SFX makeup/effect/prosthetic is created and used…and the same is with CGI…take the Avengers …it had tons of CGI…but it was very well done it looked realistic and blended well with the real-shot scenes.

      BTW, I do not mind a bit of well-made CGI used in the new Evil Dead at all…like was mentioned here…to remove wires or enhance a practical effect without taking away the realism of the practical effect. That is all good with me. But I am all for 99% practical SFX for sure…go Old School!

  • Trevor Hodge

    This is all I ask for from main stream horror, non-mean-spirited perversion, blood, creepiness, jump scares, and a sense of anarchy. This Evil Dead trailer delivers that! Horror film of the year!

  • c-s-a78

    you cant tell me the flooded river over the road or the burning person of fire is NOT cgi!?!.
    & im not
    happythey have changed the name of the necronomicon!
    & i wonder if the book will get burnt to stop the whole thing like they did in the end of the original movie???

    • djblack1313

      c-s-a78, read the set reports Evan wrote up. they already explain the person on fire trick. they film the exact same set/shot one with no fire and just the actress (in prosthetic makeup) screaming in agony the 2nd set/shot is without the actress but just the fire. they then take the 2 scenes of film and overlapp them and voila!! we have a person on fire with no CGI.

    • djblack1313

      c-s-a78, the answer to you question about the book………




      is no. the book even among fire doesn’t burn. David is shocked at one point when he looks over and sees the book remains uncharred/unburned when the whole cabin is on fire.

      • Scorpionsy

        You had to go and do it Djblack didn’t you?!?!…why oh why did you mention that about the book?…I know that you warned of spoilers…but i just couldn’t resist to look at what you wrote…LOL!! I was like a moth attracted towards the light!! 🙂

        But seriously, the book does not look as creepy on the outside than having a face on it like the original…it looks cool but not as creepy.

        The idea of it not being destroyable is pretty awesome…makes it that much more sinister!!! I love it!

    • Trioxin83

      I must admit I was a little disappointed, not angry, just disappointed that it wasn’t to be called the Necronomicon either, BUT they did point out that, in the original, on the recording it called it the Naturan Demanto, so I can see why they went with that.

      • En_Noir

        It was also a matter of some copywrite concerns I believe, something to do with the original artist of the Necronomicon and the rights. So rather than have to settle / go into a legal dispute, just change the name and look. Plus like you said it was the “name” of the book in the original movie, so it’s still honest to the original.

    • Scorpionsy

      c-s-a78, by the way…the book getting burn just stopped the attacking deadites…it did’t stop the whole thing….it did NOT stop the Evil Force…and you know how that really ended at the end of the original, don’t you?

  • yellowsicktoad

    “it’s designed to scare people who have been watching horror movies for the past 30 years”

    That almost brought a tear to my eye.

    I numb myself with horse tranquilizers so the pain of waiting is bearable.

    (For those without bad humour, I’m kidding! …It didn’t bring a tear to my eye)

  • DarrelDreadful

    I cant say this with a straight face but if they release another trailer (or anything that can show something I haven’t seen yet) I wont look at it. I’ve seen enough. This is the most anticipated movie of the year for me. Im seeing this open day and I dont want to go in with seeing anything else cause I want to be as pleasantly surprised as possible 🙂

  • superfreak

    Just want to say a massive thanks for the coverage so far, I was, like many others, apprehensive about the remake but with your ‘on set’ reports and the trailers this has definitely turned into the movie of the year for me! Cannot wait!

  • I want it now. DAMN!

  • djblack1313


  • ThunderDragoon

    This has to be the best horror movie of the year. It just sounds so perfect. I absolutely can’t wait to see this. I’m so fucking excited.

  • Darkness69

    Oh, man, first I was like hell, no, another remake (and The Thing, even if it’s technically a prequel, immediately came to my mind), but now I’m more than psyched to see this film! A horror film done by horror fans, now, that’s something!

  • Scorpionsy

    I signed up on BD just to make comments about Evil Dead…part one being my all time favorite horror movie of ALL TIME.

    I wanted to give a HUGE THANK YOU to Evan Dickson for this amazing coverage for my most anticipated movie of 2013 by far. At first, I was not sure how this remake would be..i mean they are messing with the first Evil Dead…but after seeing the Comic Con teaser and the red-band trailer and your coverage…i felt way more comfortable and excited that they would execute this with integrity and passion for what the original movie stood for “The ultimate experience in grueling terror!”. I was not sure about the Director that Sam Raimi picked for this…i was hoping Raimi would direct it..especially after I saw the Director’s ONLY short movie he directed “Panic Attack” which was ok..but nothing spectacular. Now I have a lot more confidence in him after your coverage Evan! Thank you so much for putting out the fire of doubt in me about how they would handle this movie. I am still not convinced that the deadites in this movie though look scarier than the ones in the original Evil Dead especially the ONE trapped in the Cellar with the puss-filled Red eyes and that scary face and frizzed out hair…drooling blood. That is by far one of the scariest makeups I have seen on a face ever!! The eyes of the new ones look like they the same contact-lenses they used for the Sith in Star Wars prequels…like Darth Maul and Anakin when he turned to the dark side..not scary at all. The new deadite in the cellar in the remake looks like a freakier version of Linda Blair from the Exorcist. Not scary to me at all.

    Evan, you said there were other looks that were scarier as the Deadites got more mutilated/possessed? You mentioned something like a hyper-possessed Mia or deadite…will it be as scary as the Cellar trapped one from Evil Dead 1? Please tell me!!!

    Finally, Evan will there be other parts to your report and how many more can we expect….the excitement of reading more of your adventures on the set and behind the scenes…is killing me…and Swallowing my soul! 😉

  • undertaker78

    If all this news hasn’t made you excited then it’s time to switch genres. I cannot see this being anything less than perfect. Although I will bet anything that all this hard work done by the actors and crew will be shit on by a good amount of people when Evil Dead does come out. Horror fans are the hardest group to satisfy.

  • Leaves only 1 big fucking questions (but don’t answer) IS THERE A CAMBELL CAMEO?????

  • derek.m.dillon

    Let me just say, if there is a Campbell cameo, the theatre will go ape shit.

    Also, I’ve shown the second red band trailer to some of non horror fan friends and they were so pissed at me after viewing it. And these are some open minded people. That alone makes me believe that this movie will offend, shock, scare, please and be a classic horror film on top of it’s already classic source material.

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