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5 MORE Horror Movies With Horrible Endings!!!

As often as the importance of endings is stated, it can never be stated loud enough. Can you have a reasonably enjoyable film with a bad ending? Sure, there are plenty. Just as there are more bad films than good films, there are more bad endings than good endings (even amongst good films).

A few months ago I wrote a piece called 5 Horror Films With Horrible Endings and you guys had a lot to say on the matter. So I decided to incorporate some of your suggestions into the sequel, 5 More Horror Movies With Horrible Endings (there’s also 5 Horror Movies With Amazing Endings if you’re feeling more positive)!

Head inside to check it out! And submit your comments for which bad endings should make the next round!


Katie running around snapping people’s necks isn’t scary. PA3 had scares galore, but I’m hard pressed to think of a recent movie that left me as unsatisfied as this one. A suburban backyard filled with CGI witches? Come on! I’m not sure I like where the Paranormal mythology is headed. Ghosts are scary. Katie isn’t.


I tend not to nitpick about potential plot holes in films. For instance, I think it’s annoying when people complain about time travel logic in movies like Looper. But Haute Tension isn’t a time travel movie. It’s a straight-ahead narrative the plunges into a sea of absurdity when it asks you to believe that Marie is the killer. I wasn’t looking for plot holes here, they came looking for me.

THE RING (2002)

I’m going to get sh*t for this one. I love the first 2/3rds of The Ring, I really do. But it lost me when Samara physically manifests out of the TV. The whole thing was much more creepy when you somehow just ended up dead after watching the tape. For me, this is a clear cut case of “less is more.”


A reasonably good remake except for 2 things. A rape segment that’s way more fetishized than it should be and the final scene of the movie. What? All things being equal Monica Potter and Tony Goldwyn are just going to blow up Garret Dillahunt’s head in the microwave like that? Just for the f*ck of it? They couldn’t think of anything else to do with him? Do microwaves even operate in that manner?


The whole movie is terrible, but that really starts to sink in once Jason actually gets to Manhattan. That’s when you realize there’s only 15 minutes left for the movie to make good on the promise of its title. Speaking of the title “take” is a bit of strong word, he sort of just mills about. On the heels of that disappointment we’re supposed to be okay with a line of exposition about how the city regularly floods the sewers with toxic waste? And then Jason is melted by said toxic waste and turns back into a kid? Okay, that last part might have been a hallucination by one of the characters (I think). Still, weak sauce.

Chime in with some of your bad endings so we can include them in the next one!



  • Doug-Brunell

    Good list, but I feel like “Haute Tension,” which I like, works on a different level. It’s not your standard slasher film. I actually wondered in the end if any of it happened, and that’s where its strength lies. Did any of the incidents happen? If so, whose version of it are we seeing? Was this all the fantasy of a psychotic woman?

    • EvanDickson

      I admire HAUTE TENSION, bit the ending is a little pretentious for me. Aside from that it was heavily voted on in the comments of the last article and I promised I would include suggestions.

    • lovezoid

      I agree that you could look at Haute Tension like that but I think if we’re meant to take it that ambiguously, then the film-maker has to do a better job of suggesting that it all might be in her head throughout the film (which, in my view, is still a painfully derived cop-out ‘twist’). There’s no clues or ambivalence in the narrative of Haute Tension to suggest none of this is happening – it’s a very physical, visceral film, and I never felt there was any question that the twist was meant to be taken seriously. And its awful. Such a shame because the rest of the movie rocks

    • High Tension is awesome…. But they could’ve easily let it be a crazy fat guy the killer….. Why the twist? Where’d she find a truck? who is actually driving when they’re both in the back? it just doesn’t work the second time you watch it….

      • DisturbedPixie

        Maybe it’s just me but I imagine many pit stops to cover both characters, and that she always had that truck because she was never friends with that girl. The twist never bothered me. I thought the whole ride was exciting and gory and well acted, and disturbing, and the ending made it more disturbing, in a badass psycho way. And it does remind me of Psycho. I think it’s very satisfying.

    • LoliZombie

      I am extremely annoyed by the ending of High Tension/Haute Tension because before the whole “she was the killer” the movie was pretty much the exact opposite of the standard final girl film. Instead of the killer stalking the girl she is stalking the killer that is just so smart and a clever take on the slasher genre. Then BAM nope despite a million plot holes suddenly she is the killer. I don’t hate the film by any stretch, it’s pretty amazing in fact. I just remember watching it my horror film class after watching a standard “final girl movie” and thinking wow this is so clever and being really let down.

  • Ha! Jason Takes Manhattan is one of my favorite Friday the 13th movies.

    • lovezoid

      Although it should be called ‘Jason Goes Boating’! Good fun though

    • jarmiez

      agreed but it should have been called jason takes a boat ride in all fairness

  • How about all of the Twilight films? I know they’re not horror per se, but I know every time I see a trailer for those films I am filled with a sense of dread and hopelessness.

    • Agreed!

    • ChelseaGoneAwry

      Comment of the year.

      • DeathValzer

        The comment of the year already hits us in January? Sweet!

    • livingdeadgirlEDF

      best vampire movie ever is J carpenter’s Vampires ๐Ÿ˜€

  • djblack1313

    HIGH TENSION is in my top 5 movies ever. i understand why people don’t like the ending but it never bothered me partly because EVERYTHING that came before that ending was stunning brilliance. everything.

    i skimmed through (the whole movie) PA4 online the other day and HOLY FUCK THAT IS A PATHETIC MOVIE!!!!! i respect everyone’s opinions and i’m not bashing anyone but how the fuck can anyone find PA4 to be even the slightest bit good is a complete mystery. my god that movie is an insult to movies in general but most definitely an insult to horror movies.

    LAST HOUSE is perfect IMO. it’s easily one of the best remakes ever and is an incredible movie in it’s own right. the microwave bit was a sight gag for the audience. that’s it. i loved that part.

    i hate any and all F13 movies after part 5 so i agree (from what i remember of them) that JGTH is horrible. LOL.

    THE RING i can’t look at without automatically thinking of SCARY MOVIE 2 (i think it’s part 2) where Samara(?) and the girl are fighting. LOL.

    • I agree with you on Last House. Easily one of the best remakes ever made IMO.

      And JGTH is awful, JTM is worse I think. But how can you like part 5 of F13 but NOT part 6? I LOVE part 6!

      Also, it’s Scary Movie 3 where Regina Hall fights Samara. 2 is the one in the haunted house.

      • djblack1313

        Trace, I KNOW! lol. i can’t help it i just hate part 6 because i hate the 3 Stooges/3’s Company slap stick humor it has (the 3 paintballers(?) being decap’d in a row! LOL) also i just hate the whole cast (Thom Matthews is cool though). i also DESPISE zombie Jason. trust me, i’ve TRIED to like that movie to no avail. LOL. ๐Ÿ™‚

        and thanx for the clarification on SCARY MOVIE! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • NixEclips

          DJ, you disappoint me. Jason was always a zombie. He died at the bottom of the lake, as a child. He’s always been a supernatural creature.

          • djblack1313

            NixEclips, LOL. NOOOOOOOOO. ๐Ÿ™‚

            most people would agree that Jason wasn’t a zombie until lightning brought him back in part 6. but the whole storyline involving his death is fucked because they never planned on a F13 part 2. they had to cluster fuck it and say he really didn’t drown but watched his mom get beheaded that night which makes no sense. if he didn’t drown then why wasn’t he with his mom all that time (before she went off her nut)? LOL.

            but if you (and some others) prefer to think of him as a supernatural creature, i respect that. IMO he was human until part 4 when he was killed.

          • Aaron Emery

            DJ I always thought of him as human until that point as well. I love how your explanation requires the use of “fuck” twice obviously because all logic was fucked in that franchise! I know it’s not related to the original films but the remake had that idea also, in that one he had been in the camp since his mothers death (right).
            –I think I’m replying from above you, not below.

          • djblack1313

            Aaron exactly!!

          • NixEclips

            DJ, ” he really didnโ€™t drown but watched his mom get beheaded that night which makes no sense. if he didnโ€™t drown then why wasnโ€™t he with his mom all that time”
            That’s part of my point. And I’m sure I’ve stated this before, but if you read the novelizations, they explicitly say he woke on the shore of the lake and vomited mud and worms. So, he’d been dead under the water for some time.

    • Aaron Emery

      I loved the LAST HOUSE remake, in fact I own it and don’t own the original. Craven’s was gritty and all too realistic during the lengthy rape/humiliation scene.
      It was mentioned early in that the microwave was busted. I do agree it seems a little silly and out of place with the tone of the rest of them film, but that’s the point! It served as much needed comic relief after 90 minutes of brutality.

  • Grime

    I agree that Haute Tension had an awful ending. Really didn’t make sense and ruined the movie.

  • doomas10

    High tension was incredible till the gas station reveal ๐Ÿ™ It had fantastic suspense, the kills were brutal and nasty and I was in a shock state- plus the character was so likable. But the ending ruined it for me, because the plot holes were so huge! How can she be upstairs while killing the family downstairs at the same time and so on? it was a shame really since I was really investing emotionally in this story and I wanted Marie to kick the shit out of the killer! PA4 was a joke! It was utter @@. Not a decent scare, the story makes no sense and the common “why they keep recording when they should be running” cliche is so overdone that puts you off mood.

  • diapers

    I think I may be the only one on the planet that likes the ending in Haute Tension. I agree on the Jason Takes Manhattan ending. I very nearly smashed my VCR when I first saw it back in the day. Like djblack, parts I-V are my fav’s… but re-watching J.T.M. has given me new bizarre respect for it, if only because of the 80’s schtick.

    • lovezoid

      Your avatar is one of the best endings! Dumb movie but that last shot creeped the shit out of me

      • diapers

        Lol, yeah, when I saw sleepaway camp at age 13 I was under the impression that it was one of the best films every created. The ending blew us away back then.

        • BelaManiac

          Yes! Definitely agree. So great. I was so creeped out as a kid with that ending.

    • Falk

      I liked the ended for haute tension as well. There were no plot holes that I could see. The scenes where Marie was in the truck or upstairs in the house were in her head she was nuts. I also liked how there were no hints given about the ending.

  • joseph l. mummerth

    want a film with a bad ending ? the mist would have been so much better with the ending from the novel ! I liked the film up until the end , and then it was like ” what the hell ?” could king have made it more lame ?

    • djblack1313

      joseph, THE MIST’s ending is 100% on Darabont. so no blame can be thrown at King. personally i liked the ending in THE MIST but respect your opinion. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • NixEclips

        The ending of The Mist devastated me.

        • nixdad

          The ending devastated many people. I remember people talking about it and bitching about it…. and that alone got people into theaters to see it and rent it on DVD. Aside from that heart-breaking ending, it was a very forgettable movie. A father killing his young boy in an act of mercy seconds before being rescued left a scar the film otherwise would never have left.

    • ruthless2shoes

      I really liked the ending in the movie, not more than the novel but I thought it gave people that read the book a genuine surprise.

    • King actually said he preferred Darabont’s ending to the one in his novella. I do love the movie ending though. It’s kind of a slap in the face where Darabont is like: “ thought that was depressing? Well wait till you see THIS!”

      I loved it though but I do understand why people don’t like it.

    • grayghost

      The ending to The Mist was shocking…it still gives me chills when I think of it. When after Thomas Jane’s character kills four people he cares about at point blank range then sticks the gun in his mouth and is clicking away empty rounds screaming is chilling.

    • WalkingDeadGuy

      Sorry, I just had to comment on this one. ‘The Mist’ had one of the best endings. It really kept you talking long after you watched it. Other than the CG work, the movie was really well made and the ending elevated it to greatness.

    • rgold

      If I remember correctly, Darabont was offered a much bigger budget in exchange for changing the ending which he refused. I dug the ending. It left you with quite the gut shot.

      • nixdad

        I heard that also. A MUCH bigger budget.

    • DeathValzer

      That was an awesome ‘kick-in-the-balls’ ending. I personally loved it.

  • BadEvil777

    What made Haute Tension great for me was the flashlight scene.

    I completely agree that J.T.M. had one of the dumbest and most confusing endings I have ever seen. Actually, the whole movie is terrible. I think this the first one where Jason just appears out of nowhere after his victim is running away.
    I just imagine Jason playing red light green light.

  • JasonDidIt

    So clearly the majority of people who watch horror movies don’t care for subtext–or have never taken a sexualities or gender course in their life. Haute Tension works in quite a profound metaphorical way, that well, probably just went over your heads because you decided to read it as literal, or couldn’t relate.

    I guess that film is better left to the sexual deviants then…

    • EvanDickson

      @JasonDidIt I went to college too buddy, just because there’s a chance Aja fitted his film to fit in within those parameters doesn’t mean it’s a profound metaphor.

      • JasonDidIt

        And I guess just because you say it isn’t, then it must not be.

        Haute Tension really isn’t for straight people–well, most straight people.

        • Nothing333

          Art is subjective. Personally I’ll go with Evan on this: I found the ending pretentious and lacking in logic enough to seriously flaw the movie. I won’t say there isn’t any merit in your interpretation, as I believe there is. But seriously, because one doesn’t see it your way doesn’t make them an uneducated pleb.

    • djblack1313

      JsonDidlt, i love the movie AND the ending but your comment is off. way off.

      • JasonDidIt

        Oh, so the film isn’t about homosexuality and how it struggles against repressive heteronormative standards? Oh, sorry, I guess I was wrong.

        • rgold

          lol, awesome. I would love to hear your take on “Elm Street 2.” ๐Ÿ™‚

        • WalkingDeadGuy

          @JasonDidlt not necessarily, not all horror movies have a hidden agenda. Take Halloween for instance, everybody always talks about how John Carpenter was conveying a message to the youth of America about the dangers of girls being promiscuous, drinking and doing drugs by killing all but the “virginal” girl next door, when Carpenter himself has said time and time again that he didn’t even think about that and he just wanted to make a good horror movie. Perhaps Aja was trying to convey a message with the ending of HT, but that doesn’t mean it gets a free pass from viewers if they didn’t enjoy it.

        • djblack1313

          Jason, i wasn’t clear in my comment to you. i’m gay myself and i definitely get your point and i got the movie. i just think you assuming people who didn’t like it (or the ending) weren’t smart enough (or whatever) to get the repressed sexuality thing is incorrect/off.

          • JasonDidIt

            Obviously I was exaggerating to emphasize a point–however, that doesn’t discount the fact that most people who may not be able to relate to the repression of sexuality, can’t (or more accurately, don’t) want to see the film in these methaphorical means is insulting. It assumes that validity of interpretation is almost only acceptable if it’s suitable to the masses. The author describes the film as a “Straight-ahead narrative”, which I would argue is entirely incorrect. The subtext in Haute Tension is so rife that you can’t not see it–so that implies that most viewers are choosing not to see it. Why are they choosing not to see it? Probably because they don’t understand it, because they may not have lived it.

            You can decide to like or not like any film you choose, but I find it mildly offensive to have a film potentially meant for a different type of audience bombarded by inaccuracies of reinterpretations that rob it of its underlying theme. Sure, the literal ending to Haute Tension kind of sucks–it litters the film with a bunch of plot holes. Taken literally, almost every film kind of sucks. It’s the thematic underpinnings of a film that make it great, and Haute Tension is bursting at the seems.

            And to reply to @WalkingDeadGuy — just because a filmmaker may not have intended to include these elements in his/her film, doesn’t make it any less apparent or valid.

        • WalkingDeadGuy

          @jasonDidlt absolutely, it doesn’t make it any less apparent or valid, but that doesn’t mean that it worked well for the viewer. I’m sure we all appreciate films with meaning behind it, and I’m actually one of the few that actually didn’t mind the ending for HT, but it doesn’t mean something shouldn’t make this list because the “intent” to convey a meaning was there. I understand why others had a problem with it, even if I’m not one of them.

    • A-Devils-Reject

      I just like the fact that anyone who never took a gender course is a sexual deviant

      • JasonDidIt

        Read my comment again…

    • NixEclips

      The story and its ending are meant to imply that it all happened in real life. Just because she wanted her friend doesn’t make it all mental. She was the killer. And it makes no sense in the context of the rest of the film.

      • JasonDidIt

        Thanks. Once again, literal.

    • I read most of the replies going on in this thread and I wanted to chime in and say this: I do agree it’s a very sexually charged film, though I didn’t see it as being very subtle or “subtext”, but almost overtly “in-your-face.” Marie masturbates right before the shit hits the fan and the killer murders the family? The killer performs fellatio on himself with a severed female head? I think you hit the nail on the head with your interpretation. I really enjoyed the film and I don’t think Aja has been on that level since, which is a shame, because many of his other films have had moments that get oh so very close, but eventually falter for me.

      • Aaron Emery

        I have to agree with you DB35, the sexual piece was there and blatant from the start.
        I could grasp the concept of Marie killing of Alexia’s family in order to have her to herself (jealousy, dominance, etc.) but the ending renders the majority of the film moot as the second half is a long chase sequence.
        NOW, I love this film and I find no fault in the ending. I see no example throughout the entire film that is contradictory to the end.

        • If this thread has done anything, it’s made me really want to watch the movie again, haha. It’s been a little while since I’ve seen it.

  • I love Haute Tension’s ending! I thought the entire movie was brilliant, Definitely in my top ten favorites.

  • Aaron Emery

    Yea the PA4 ending was even lamer than the first 3 (lame) endings. I brought my 12 year old niece to see it and she laughed (she won’t typically watch horror because she is easily scared).
    I couldn’t agree more about THE RING, seeing her crawl out of the TV killed it for me.


    WTF? Seriously? I’ve got a new article idea for you: “Worst Lists Ever.”

    The final scene in The Ring is iconic. It is what made the movie an international sensation in Asia — it actually surprises you because it is completely unexpected.

    High Tension is a film that is shown through the eyes of the main character. It portrays her confrontation with her more murderous impulses and her sexual frustration, characterized as male. In other words, two personalities fighting for dominance. Same thing as A Tale of Two Sisters. Did you hate that too?

    And microwave scene from The Last House On The Left was very well done. One of those urban legends that people tell you about — to be careful of microwaves and not stand too close to them because they can boil your skin.

    Overall, this list is a failure and a huge disappointment to a horror fan such as myself. But who knows, maybe it’s a generational thing. Older people never really enjoy what’s more modern.

    • I agree with you completely.

    • anezka

      The problem in Haute Tension is that there are things that can’t be explained in the field of two personalities. How can she be driving a car and have an accident and her other personality don’t? I like the ending, but I think they got lost in that part of the plot.

    • ChelseaGoneAwry

      I’m sorry, but there’s no reason to attack the article writer just because you disagree with his list. He based it off of what other fans suggested, and his own personal opinions.
      That said, I do agree with you that Haute Tension’s ending, for me, was a huge jaw dropper and totally made the movie – but twist endings like that are not everyone’s cup of tea.
      Also, the end of LHOTL was ridiculous. Microwaves don’t even operate with the door open, nor would prolonged exposure to it cause an explosive effect on a human skull. It was a scare tactic intending to pander to an audience thirsty for a bloody revenge. The viewers want to see this guy go down in a way ten times worse than any other character in the movie, and they get that. That doesn’t mean the ending makes sense from a “laws of physics” standpoint.
      No disrespect intended here, I just think @EvanDickinson wrote a good article that raised valid points and there’s no reason to get nasty.


        @ChelseaGonAwry I don’t think I “got nasty,” but I did call the writer out as being full of it. Which he is. And this site in general lately. I fail to see how they can promote a load a tripe like VHS so fervently and then turn around and criticize films with much more developed ideas, much higher production values, much more character development, and much better acting.

        No, microwaves don’t operate that way, but when has anything in the movies been one hundred percent realistic and feasibly possible? I think a head explosion in the microwave was a unique play on an old fear that has been passed down from the older generations.

        To the above commenter, @anezka, the film was shown through her perspective, so because she believed she was experiencing it, that is how it was shown. Also it works as a metaphor for the confrontation of her two personalities taking on physical manifestation for the sake of relating the story through the film.

        • EvanDickson

 If you want a thorough – and more serious examination of HAUTE TENSION, I’d be glad to write an article about it later.

          Suffice to say, I actually like the movie but had issues with the ending. I know what it’s going for, but I think it could have made some small choices that would have made it all coalesce better.

          Anyway… relax. It’ll all work out!


            I must have an agitated tone in my writing. I am relaxed. I’m not even mad. I just don’t like seeing quality films being smeared on the same site that promotes VHS like it’s not a piece of crap, which anyone can plainly see by watching it.

            I’d like to read a full review. It’s not a perfect film by far, but I think if a film is even a little bit enjoyable yet perplexing, it deserves a little bit more thinking and credit for trying to do something that not many films, much less horror films, do.

          • djblack1313

            Evan i’d also like to read a full write up on HIGH TENSION. not because i’m challenging you on your view but because i enjoy your writing.

        • NixEclips

          Last House should have ended before that stupid microwave BS. For a microwave death that acknowledges the faulty logic, see the POS Evil Laugh. Starring Scott Baio’s brother!

    • djblack1313

      venus, PLEASE don’t be ageist. i’m “older”/”old” and i loved HT, LAST HOUSE and the ending to THE RING. it’s not a generational thing. just sayin’.


        What I mean by that is that many older horror fans are “purists” in that they don’t like the trend of remakes because they maintain the belief that what comes first is innately better. And that they also prefer the older horror films to the newer ones due to the reliance on CGI and the higher production values, as opposed to the “gritty” look of the original TCM and Halloween. That’s what I meant. Suppose I could have been a bit more specific.

        • djblack1313

          venus, oh! i see where you’re coming from now. thanx for clarifying for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • DisturbedPixie

      I have to agree that The Ring’s ending MADE the movie. I saw that film in theaters twice, and that’s a rarity for me and it’s because of that ending and the second time I screamed and kicked at the screen just as much if not more than the first time. It’s so easy to leave it as less is more and expect kudos for allowing people to use their imagination. Using your imagination is what makes books great, not films. And this was terrifying.

      And High Tension works for me. I don’t see how you can work in a plot hole when it’s about someone’s perception when they are deeply disturbed. A psychotic mind doesn’t need to piece everything together perfectly. It explores women as killers, seeing your friend in a sexual way, battling your true self to play the role expected of you, men not being the only people who can have repressed sexual urges, and more. It’s really hard to find a good lesbian film, and there are only several horror lesbian films in existence. What is even more special is it was in theaters widely in the US even though it is a french horror lesbian film. If anything, that’s iconic in itself. I have no hate for High Tension. It’s classic.

  • Jhanse3 (Jhanse29)

    Haute Tension was an amazing movie up until the ending made it irrelevant. I love Aja but i can’t really rewatch it and actually enjoy it that much anymore. LHOTL was amazing. I have seen it many times. But I do agree I would have rather seen the parents kill the bad guy with their own hands instead of the overly dramatic microwave scene. Friday part 8 was ok. I was never that dissappointed in how little they were in ny. But the toxic waste turning him back into a boy was stupid as it gets.

  • anezka

    I love Haute Tension. That being said, I have to agree that, although the twist in the end could have been good, the plot was not entirely prepared for the revelation and it left some holes. I don’t think that there are any holes in the beginning, because everything can be explained considering Marie is mentally sick, but the scenes with the cars in the end cannot be explained at all. I still love the film though and kind of like the ending.

  • horrorking95

    The ending to High Tension is terribly misunderstood. OK I’m going to be spoiling here, you might remember the opening with Marie chanting some rubbish in some sort of mental institution. Well this is the start of the film, everything that unfolds is what Marie is telling us. Obviously this is all a lie as it turns out that Marie killed everyone because of her love for Alexa. I think it’s a brilliant ending and adds another dimension to an already outstanding film. As for The Ring, I think it’s an outstanding heart-stopping and iconic moment and I also don’t see what all the fuss is about the Last House on the Left ending.

    • Lionel-Cosgrove

      If the whole movie is based on what Maria is telling us, then why does she reveal herself as the actual killer in the end? She clearly hasn’t made any breakthroughs at the conclusion, so why not relay the entire story as the delusion that it is and keep the killer intact? Even if you do decide to buy this reasoning, it’s still essentially a “it was all a dream” ending which is universally disappointing. Haute Tension is a great film, but the ending is far from brilliant.

      • diapers

        Maybe she is reliving the events in a kinda linear manner whilst locked in the loony bin? Like replaying the nights events up until her personalities merged, and her mind was basically inventing ways for the two to be concurrent. I ain’t no psychologist, but I had mucho fun with the ending. I do understand it annoyed the crap out of alot of peeps, including just about everyone I have watched it with.

  • grayghost

    I just wish Aja would have just made ‘Intensity’ the Dean Koontz book he stole the first half of High Tension from. I would have liked to see his vision of the rest of the book. Edgler Vess from the book is a great charater hat needs to be revisited.
    On a side note does anybody know where you can get a copy of the Fox mini series of ‘Intensity’

    • kerney914

      @ grayghost – I boot a dvd of Intensity back in 2008 from it was a bootleg but played fine (you could see the tv logo on the bottom of the screen) i just checked & is still available from ioffer & also is available on amazon.

      • kerney914

        ***bought not boot

      • grayghost

        thanks..Ill look for it.

    • snotboy21

      OMG! Thank you so much I was literally itching to post just that until I saw that you did.

  • RamoneOfTheDead

    Where’s Yellow Brick Road on this list? Dumbest movie ending ever made.

    Movie had loads of potential till the “that really didn’t happen” murder scene. I was waiting for some sort of mass hallucination that theye’d snap out of. Nope. None. He really just pulled her ear? off then her leg. Really? Movie ran downhill from there.

  • WalkingDeadGuy

    I agree with most of the films on the list, Evan, but ‘The Ring’ really gave the audience that little extra piece of cake they were craving after the scene in the well where we all assumed would be the movies ending. I also like the idea that you may only survive if you keep this curse going by showing someone else the tape, and essentially being responsible for someone else’s death; i thought that was great stuff and a great set-up for sequels (although that never came to be). Also, although I’m personally not bothered by the ending, I can certainly understand the dislike for ‘High Tension’s, love that movie.

  • divisionbell

    I agree with the last scene for Last House. Felt like it was a joke on the set that they just went with.

    Haute tension is excellent as was The Ring.

  • georginhs1994

    I will have to disagree with the ending of The Last House on the Left… in my opinion it was very good, it showed exactly how enraged the family was for what had happened to their daughter. It showed how paranoid they became in order to protect their child.

    As for Friday the 13th… the ENDING was terrible? ah, no. the MOVIE was terrible.

  • I love High Tension, but I get why someone would hate the ending. I don’t think anyone can refute the filmmaking of the ending, though. It is beautiful.

  • willyd

    I remember the first time I saw High Tension and being in awe for the most part of that movie. However, that ending blew the fuck outta me and I have watched it only one other time since then. I’m all for twist endings but cmon!!! The movie was rendered impossible to watch after that finale. I’m sorry its just my opinion.

    • wildgator25

      Ha! See this is a perfect example of difference of opinion. I can’t say I “loved” the ending, but after seeing it, I had to watch the movie again. The second time through was amazing when you take into consideration who the actual killer is!

      • willyd

        Maybe I need to see it again. I just know that I am deathly afraid of any movie promising a “Twist Ending”. I don’t need anymore horror movies that expects u to believe the final hero/heroine is the cause of all the bloodshed. To me its a little lazy.

        • DisturbedPixie

          in a crazed mind you can be both the hero and the bad guy. It’s very easy when you have trouble perceiving reality. Maybe it’s because I have experience in a mental ward, but I have no problem with the ending.

  • yellowsicktoad

    Haute Tension really took me by surprise, I was sucked in from start to finish. Aja suddenly became a name to respect in my eyes, especially after The Hill Have Eyes.
    (I pretend Mirrors doesn’t exist)

    • willyd

      Lol! Mirrors? Never heard of it. ( yea that movie sucked)

  • LilBastardFromHell

    I also loved the ending of haute tension. Probably because the acting was just perfect, especially in the last scene. I was freaked out…
    And The Ring – the whole movie would have been pointless if we hadn’t seen that girl crawling out of the TV…

  • K-Dogg

    I loved Haute Tension, but that ending lacks all intelligence, besides being stupid. I, for one, won’t let it ruin what was an amazing movie up to that point. But for those saying I dislike it just because of the twist…the twist is fine, just the stupidity behind it is bad, like—- How does the Truck exist AT ALL!! I get that you wanna say she put herself in a different mindset to be this killer (multiple personalities), but the truck should NOT EXIST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trioxin83

    See now I love The Ring, Last House and High Tension! Am I the only one who noticed that High Tension follows Dean Koontz’s book Intensity almost exactly? I may have to delve further into that…

    • Trioxin83

      err…nevermind, it is just the first part of the book and movie that are kinda the same…my bad…

  • willyd

    Maybe the twist ending to High Tension should’ve had an evil twin. I’m just saying, that would’ve made way more sense. Lol!

  • Jasonicus

    High Tension can go fuck itself. One of the worst endings ever.

  • eyes_only510

    I hated the ending for Haute Tension so much. I think it would have made more sense and played out better if it had turned out she had hired the killer to attack the family, not knowing how psycho he really was and after everything she went through to save the women she loved only to be rejected when she found out the truth is what caused her to go insane at the end.

  • Trevor Hodge

    Death By Microwave!

  • tungbandit

    i absolutely hated the ending of saw 3d. a terrible to “end” the franchise in my opinion

  • Remember-Slithis

    First off High Tension made perfect sense to me.She was crazy and allot of the film is what is going on in her crazy mind not what’s real!That’s why you kind of get that it was all a dream middle finger from the plot at the end!The Ring is over hyped I actually enjoyed part 2 more.Friday the 13Th pt8,Well it is part8 what do you expect.And yes it is awful!Pa3 is alright if you dig those films.Last House remake was good until the stupid microwave scene!Good list and good conversation.

  • Slasher_Lover23

    Quite honestly I liked PA4 because it was more fun than scary. The PA movies aren’t even scary to begin with and the scares are cheap. So I think the writers realized this and decided to make it as campy as possible. The ending was amusing, so I didn’t hate it. And I personally find Demon Katie a lot more creepier than some lame ghost,demon, whatever.

    The Ring ending with Samara coming out of the tv is one my all time favorite movie scenes. I found it very creepy.

    Otherwise I agree with your choices. Haute Tension’s ending could have been great had it not been for a lot of time line crap. Prime example being the trucker getting head in his car while Marie and Alex are at the house. If Marie is supposed to be the trucker, which setting actually happened? Hell was Marie even with Alex at all or did she just show up at the house?

  • Melodee

    When it comes to Haute Tension I have to say I was dissapointed and it had nothing to do with the ending. I think its because I watched with such high expectations and it didn’t live up to them…may be I should watch it again. As for Paranormal Activity or as I like to call it Paranormal Inactivity (because nothing happens) I don’t believe any of the films deserve horror status. Also PA3……nothing happens……watched the whole thing waiting for something to make me jump….no such luck….even less “Activity” than the first one. Literally nothing happened.

  • snotboy21

    While I didn’t necessarily hate the ending to Haute Tension as much as most, it’s a bit difficult to agree that the man in the truck giving himself head from a decapitated woman is the heroine the whole time. Psychological twist my ass. Oh and to all you people talking about the need to romanticize older gritty films due to age can suck it. I’m young and gay and actually respect and love the older hardcore sans Jessica Biel movies. If a movie is gonna revolve around tits you better show them. Also the microwave ending makes sense despite being utterly ridiculous. Its like when you open a washing machine it stops. You just have to tape down the sensor to keep either going.

    • Melodee

      I forgot about the truck driver getting head. Now all I can picture is her doing that HAHAHAHAHAHA! Definite plot hole.

  • c-s-a78

    my 5 would hav to be…
    1)texas chainsaw massacre the next generation(whats up with that ending??)!
    2)feast 2 & 3(the 1st one was good but the others were just baddd)!
    3)Insidious(sorry,but it just lost the plot for me)!
    4)cabin in the woods(same as above)!
    5)prometheus(wasnt just the ending!)!

  • Zombie-Killa

    Cabin Fever is my #1 pick. An incredibly stupid fucking climax is followed by some weird celebration between the old store clerk and some customers. And for some odd reason the my “n word” stuff was supposed to be funny? Really??? Fucking terrible, and that massive clusterfuck of an ending is the main reason why I enjoy the sequel more. Long live Spring Fever! lol.

    The Devil Inside is a close second for me, and I might take some heat for this, but The Blair Witch Project would be my #3 pick.

    Honorable mentions:

    Halloween H2 (2009) the unrated version- …..what the fuck Rob Zombie?

    Apollo 18- stupid, boring movie, with a very underwhelming ending

    Cloverfield- this counts as a horror movie right? Anyway, I get the whole pulling the plug at the last moment ideology, but come on. They built up the Cloverfield monster as this huge apocalyptic threat, we barely see a full shot of him, AND then to top it off, they end the movie with that lame ass “the camera cut-off as the bombs dropped” bullshit.

    • darkscarecrow

      You know, I have been reading the comments on this and I will say this. You have a valid point in all the films you mentioned. Rob Zombie in my opinion has one movie under his belt that he should be proud of and that’s “The Devils Rejects.” Also I don’t know how you feel on this but I sincerely wish he would quite casting his wife in everything he puts out. Sherri Moon can’t act and should only be staring in perhaps Troma films. The rest of your choices I agree with you 100%. Great Post!

      • c-s-a78

        i full agree.she dose play a trashy mole well though cos every 2nd word is allways “F” Sherri Moon is hot!!!

  • mikeknowskarate

    ever think of putting a limit on how many times a person can comment on an article? it’s getting a little annoying trying to read comments w/ djblack commenting on every other comment 21345x.

    • Zombie-Killa

      Eh, why? djblack isn’t spamming this article, and he’s actually driving discussion/participation with his posts. I don’t understand where you’re coming from.

  • JoshM

    As far as Last House On The Left is concerned, I never saw the original (SORRY!!!) but I did enjoy the remake. I also enjoyed the microwave scene at the end. I have to comment on the rape comment though. I hate rape more than anything and I avoid movies that I know ahead of time have rape in them, but I didn’t think the rape in that movie was that bad, the rape in Leaving Las Vegas (I know not a horror movie, but still worth mentioning here) literally made me sick and depressed for three hours after I was done watching it. Another thing about rape, this time in a horror movie, and this time at the end of a horror movie, and a movie I’m shocked didn’t make this list: WRONG TURN 5!!!!!!!!!! I know the rape was implied and we didn’t actually see it happen, but, it was repeated rape that was implied, it made me sick to my stomach (again, literally) and for me that by far tops the list of worst horror movie endings.

  • EvilHead1981

    A lot of horror movies have terrible endings. Though, I would’ve put Martyrs up on there.

    • wildgator25

      And now you are talking straight up blasphemy. Martyrs ending was jaw-dropping if anything.

  • Jasonlives91

    The Devil Inside definitely deserves a spot on here. I was actually growing to like it. Things start moving faster, tension starts building, shit’s hitting the fan….oh it’s over? I’m told to visit a website? Brought the whole movie down. I also agree with whoever said Saw 3D should be on here. Awful and lazy ending and in all honesty not a great movie after Saw VI redeemed the franchise. Was anyone surprised about Dr. Gordon? Lazy and pretty predictable.

    • Zombie-Killa

      Jason, I agree about The Devil Inside. Funny thing is, I was actually HOOKED into the movie…..until the end. Terrible, just terrible. AND then to top it off, you give your PAYING audience a big middle finger and a “HA HA! WE GOT YOU!” by telling them to finish the movie on a website? Unacceptable.

      BUT the Dr. Gordon twist at the end of Saw 7 DID catch me off guard, but that’s it. It wasn’t a shocking “OH MAN I CAN’T Believe THAT JUST HAPPENED!!!!!!!!” surprise. It was very underwhelming and “meh.” ‘Till this day, I’m still upset over Jill’s death. She should’ve been the one to carry on Jigsaw’s legacy! lol.

      • Aaron Emery

        See with THE DEVIL INSIDE it ended like any other found footage film, the problem I had was the URL at the end telling all who paid to see this that they can now go online for more information. That is a big fuck you to all of us that paid $10+ ticket prices. I still like the movie and try to advocate for it as I know a few commenters on here haven’t seen it and may like it. If it wasn’t for the ending I would have loved it. Too bad on that one really.

        • Zombie-Killa

          Aaron, that’s why The Devil Inside frustrates me SO much. The scene with the contorted girl’s exorcism made me CRINGE. It was that creepy. And the hospital scene at the very end was fantastic. Plus, the car cash at the end would’ve been the perfect cliffhanger……..but the link to the website had to popup. Ugh.

          No joke, some people in my theater were actually demanding their money back, and the people, who clean the theater had this lost “eh, I can’t do anything?” look on their faces. lol.

  • XMarkX

    Ugh, right on mentioning the Last House remake. I was not siked on that ending at all. So stupid. Also, a big problem with that film for me: the antagonists should’ve looked more like dirtballs. That cast didn’t reach anywhere near the level of creepy that David Hess and clan did in the original, to me anyways.

  • MadJester

    Last Exorcism…..I mean really?? What a load of crap

    • willyd

      How bout the Devil Inside and that ending that had the viewers log onto a website after we paid 12.75 for the damn movie. Ugh!!!

  • Infect

    Definitely agree about High Tension, and I really liked the movie up until the ending. When it comes to fiction, people expect a hero and a villain that’s established early in the story. When the split personality twist comes at the end, it feels as if the writers/producers are saying “HA. You were rooting for the villain this whole time! We got you!” – with a pretentious sense of creativity, which was strong enough to cleverly fool an audience. Only it’s not that creative and feels more like a cop-out which alienates the viewers. All they really have to do is add a couple hallucination scenes from the main character – and every other loophole gets magically patched. I’d say for most, that kind of twist would impress someone once, and anytime after that would fall under the Fool Me Twice category: a bitter taste. And we’ve seen that twist before many times: Identity, My Bloody Valentine 3D, Secret Window, etc…At least with American Psycho it was apparent early on.

  • Falk

    Am I the only one who thought the ring/ringu was boring. I saw both versions hoping at least one was worth the hype and was utterly disappointed.

    • wildgator25

      No, Falk you are not the only one. I found the Ring to be quite tedious to watch. I think a lot of it came from the hype around that movie and everyone saying that it was a must watch movie at the time.

  • darkscarecrow

    I agree on your analogy in regard to Haute Tension and Last House on the Left. The ending to Last House is the one I have the biggest problem with. It was the lamest moment in that movie and I loved the film, up until that moment. Haute Tension being one of my favorite French films still has major plot holes and if you consider the gas station scene and other factors. It just doesn’t add up.

    Where I disagree is The Ring. Samara climbing out of the television is one of scariest moments in the film if not the scariest (besides the actual viewing of the tape) which gave me nightmares. Of course we all are entitled to our opinion’s. I just find that The Ring was flawless for a pg-13 film that nobody knew would have such an impact on audiences. Not to strike up an argument but I believe the consensus of fan’s of that film would agree that the television scene was one of the movies strong points.

    In my personal opinion a movie that I loved and enjoyed was John Carpenters The Thing. However I was not fond of the ending. Remember when the game came out on Play Station? If memory serves, you find out what happened to Macready after winning the game.

    • K-Dogg

      Here, here…. I thought that final Samara scene was amazing, and still scares me to this day.

  • Mr.Mirage

    “Write a list,” my then-editor said, “People love lists. They can argue and debate about the list without ever thinking. About anything.”

    Well… even then, I thought that was a little too much like a middle finger at the readers. This list has a couple of fave’s with which I must take quibble… I adore the Ring series, although prefer the Japanese originals, and Haute Tension, while a bit of an admitted fumble along, was like suddenly drinking espresso after a year of weak coffee.

    For me, any film that totally cheeses out deserves the disrespect shown of simply being ignored. Examples abound, usually the Oh! It was all a dream… or some such lame ass excuse for an ending.

    I prefer to discuss films that are often referred to as Classic, but are really, in essence, terrible… until the ending. Like the original The Hills Have Eyes… about a buck twenty shown in the production (did the film stock come from leftover porn stock of the era?), but the ending, for me… totally nails everything down solid.

    There are those that hated Diary Of The Dead, and the ending made it a permanent favorite, leaping up to a tie with the original NotLD.

  • ThunderDragoon

    Besides PA4 and Friday Part VIII, I actualy like the rest of these movies’ endings lol.

  • viking1983

    HAUTE TENSION is the greatest horror film of the past 20 years there is nothing wrong with it at all, the ending is perfect

    • wildgator25

      You sir, need to watch more horror movies then. I agree that Haute Tension (not the weak ass US release High Tension, I mean the original French uncut version) is a great movie. But… you need to watch I Saw the Devil, Martyrs, Inside, or Frontier(s) if you want to see just a few of the movies that blow Haute Tension out of the water.

      • DeadInHell

        It’s funny, you just named some of the horror movies which I think are most overrated these days by genre fans. The french “new wave” gets far too much credit for bringing nothing much that is new or worthwhile to the table. Inside is the most inexplicably overrated of them all, built entirely on idiotic plot contrivances. And just about as believable, original, and terrifying as a Rob Zombie film, or a barrel-scraping Netflix streaming title (now there’s some real chills, thinking about suffering through another one of those).

        Haute Tension is superior not only because it is a clear precursor to and influence on the rest of these films, but because it’s actually engrossing, forward moving, and…well, rather fucking tense. Inside and Martyrs are just french torture porn. It was like watching a more pretentious Hostile, or in the case of Inside, every home invasion horror film ever made. Frontier(s) is much better, but still little more than a revisit of classic american horror, being obviously influenced and patterned after the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and others. Haute Tension, infamous twist aside, was just more compelling, more distinct, and more effective than those films. Maybe I’m just partial to the slasher genre, and not so much to the home invasion/torture porn/evil TCM murder cabal stuff. Maybe it also has to do with Aja’s film coming out years before these others, and obviously influencing them.

        I don’t understand why horror fans are so eager to bathe all new French horror in effusive praise. These films aren’t doing much of anything new. They aren’t revolutionizing or revitalizing the genre. Certainly not now, after films like Haute Tension already explored and established the way in which these new films approach their brutality and extreme violence. They’re just recycling old bits, mining tired formulas and themes. They just happen to also be…French. If you ask me, it’s a bit of the Emperor’s New Clothes. Too many horror fans running around saying things like “the worst french horror is probably still better than American horror, derppp”. It’s just a way for morons on the internet to pretend that they’re in on something, or that they “get” something that others are missing.

        Of course, I’m not knocking everyone who enjoys these movies. I don’t think that I’m the only “true” horror fan or anything. I just think the praise is unwarranted, and as a result better films are often overshadowed without reason.

      • viking1983

        I have seen all those films, your judgement of me is very weak, i loved i saw the devil but it comes a close 2nd behind haute tension as the best horror of the past 20 years, inside and frontiers are great, martyrs was a piece of crap

    • nixdad

      Well, there it is then. Next case.
      Glad you settled that for us.
      Hey, about that pesky Middle East conflict and our national debt…could you work those out real quick when you have a minute?

      • wildgator25

        Never in my reply was any intention to belittle viking. I made an insinuation about Haute Tension not being the greatest movie of the past 20 years (my opinion)and offered other movies that I feel are better (once again my opinion), and you go off on a right wing tangent.

        Thank you for your great rhetoric.

  • MachetAY

    HT and The Ring… really? What about Insidious and the Halloween 2 remake?

    • c-s-a78


    • DeadInHell

      Insidious really was god awful. Movie and ending both.

      The thing with H2 though, is…which ending? I loathe Zombie’s remakes, but each one is pretty different depending on which cut you’re talking about. The ending of the theatrical cut is different (and perhaps less clichetarded) than the “unrated” director’s cut. Said cut also adds like 20 minutes of excruciating new scenes and makes Laurie even more insufferable. And no, none of the new stuff is gore, or nudity, or anything like that. The “unrated” label was just for marketing purposes, the new scenes are all just exceedingly dull dialogue or exposition scenes which only make the film unnecessarily long. But that’s another gripe entirely…

  • snotboy21

    I almost forgot. I have it. Probably the worst ending to me in the past 10 or so years has got to be Cursed. First off not a great movie to begin with, definitely not Wes Cravens best(although its no My Soul to Take). But some fun is to be had along the way and I’ve always loved Christina Ricci. The ending is so abrupt and happy I could have sworn I was watching the end of a Gilmore Girls episode. All this mayhem and horror yet at the end they just sigh, hold hands smile and skip off. I remember seeing it in the movie theater and just praying that it wouldn’t end the way it was unfolding in front of me. If they had maybe even gave Christina Ricci just a glimmer in her eye or something. But no. The End. So happy! Could have strangled someone.

  • violentdope

    Should have named this post 5 horrible horror movies…the ending is the best part!!!!!!!!

  • nixdad

    I can’t believe this many people actually saw Haute Tension! I’m absolutely certain that I don’t personally know anyone who has seen it. I have. Wasn’t impressed, could care less about the sexpref of the girl, thought the ending was a joke and the only parts I remember were the subtitles and the girl getting down on herself. Sorry, HT fans.

  • WalkWithMeInDarkness

    I love High Tension, but yes, the end leaves the film with plot holes. But I just chalk it up to the fact that the story is being told from the point of view of a mentally disturbed woman, and there are going to be flaws in the story of a psycho. As far as bad endings, THE DEVIL INSIDE, ROB ZOMBIE’S HALLOWEEN 2 (I think the whole movie is horrible, but the ending was just stupid IMO.) Also, APRIL FOOL’S DAY, both the original and the awful remake(I know some people love the joke ending, but i was severely disappointed.)

  • TrixieMalicious

    I remember watching Haute Tension on a choir trip in high school and the ending making me sick to my stomach, well sicker to my stomach. I think it’s a pretty good movie with an okay ending.

  • ill_mindedd

    paranormal 4 sucked in general. even if the ending was good it couldnt have made up for the first boring hour and 15 minutes.

    • grayghost

      I didn’t see PA4 but in that screen shot they used for this article I see a couple easter eggs…
      The bear in the background is the one from PA1..
      and the foot prints on the wall are from PA1 also
      I still think they should back away from this story line and maybe do a story about whomever is editing these clips and releasing them to the public..then it doesn’t have to be found footage.

  • HorrorFromDownUnder

    My Sister’s Keeper had the saddest ending. I hate that movie ๐Ÿ™

  • James_Silence

    the ending for High Tension actually does make sense unfortunately its Alexandre Aja fault for it being confusing.

    if you listen to the commentary, Aja talks about how he had many clues and hints in the movie that suggested it was all in Marie’s head, but Aja decided to leave the clues out cause he thought it was too obvious. If you watch the movie again, it starts with the police video taping Marie’s interrogation, so the movie is basically everything MARIE thought in her fucked up HEAD actually happened, now clearly shes some sort of skitzo and really thinks there was a male killer..but once the movie reveals that she was really the killer, the movie is now being told from Alex’s point of view and what really happened, cause the movie ends with Alex talking to the police behind the two way mirror

  • joeshmo447

    I couldn’t agree more with the ending to the ring! Even with the plot holes in high tension that was still an awesome movie. Also the reason why they killed tht guy with a microwave in the last house on the left was BECAUSE of the rape and what they did to their daughter, lets be honest horror movies are a way of letting it all out and if someone rapped your daughter you wouldn’t consider putting his head in a microwave? The only reason they did that was because its just a movie not real life…..kinda like star wars if that makes it easier

  • niceguyeddie1971

    High Tension was an excellent film, actually the first film I feared a woman antagonist since Karen Black in Burnt Offerings. The end of The Ring sucked…agree totally Evan

  • danny1201

    Um….The Exorcist 2: The Heretic, anyone? No one has mentioned that abomination of a movie? Lol

  • but-sir-the-piranha

    Just as my avatar gives away, Jason Takes Manhattan is awesome. Cheesy as hell but there’s some great deaths. I also agree with the majority of folks who replied, High Tension was a great film and completely underrated.

  • dr.lamb

    Three words: “The Tall Man”. Worst. Ending. Ever.

  • bdskull419

    Also need to add Jeepers Creepers to this list. Most of the movie was good. Then the screen goes dark, and I say out loud to myself “Aww. Damn it. That’s how there gonna end it.” With the kid being in the warehouse with no eyes. No, trying to chase the creature down? I hate it when movies end on the: “It’s been an hour and a half, times up” ending. Should’ve been at least 45 minutes longer. With one more confrontation.

  • kari999

    High Tension has a bad ending because it’s the only part of the film that is original. The film is almost a scene by scene rip off of ‘Intensity’ (1997 tv movie based on the book by Dean Koontz) starring John C. McGinley as the killer. Right up until the gas station scene.

  • scarletsimple

    I do not agree about the Last House on the Left. Like someone else said…just like the washing machine when you open the door it stops…unless you tape down the sensor. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    High Tension was a no go for me. I really generally don’t love movies where the protagonist ends up nuts. Universal downer. I appreciate Aja though and The Hills Have Eyes is one of the best remakes ever.

    PA4? Suck. Whole movie. I really liked 1 and 2 but 3 was kind of lame, and 4 means that I will never pay to see another on in theaters. CGI witches? Really?

    The Ring? Meh, I wouldn’t put it on the “worst” list but I wouldn’t put it on the “best” either.

    JGTM? No comment lol.

    Movies that have endings that seriously deserve this list? (spoliers)

    1. Insidious – WTF? It was a great movie right up until it turned into a Poltergeist remake. The first 2/3rds are great.

    2. The Tall Man – This isn’t really horror but it was featured in some articles on this site so I thought I’d add it. This is a convoluted and badly acted movie about fucking child relocation. SKIP IT. Or just watch until the last half and pretend it was Slender Man.

    3. The Last Exorcism – Seriously. Just stop watching when they drive away at the end. It was like they finished the movie and then decided that they needed a different ending so hired a different set of writers to figure it out. A friend of mine went to the bathroom when they drove away and when she came back she thought it was a different movie.

    • anezka

      I liked The Tall Man, although I think it was very badly advertised of being a horror flick. It wasn’t in any way. And it also changed a lot what Pascal Laughier did in Martyrs, and it might have disappointed many viewers. I would like to see him in a gorier fashion again as well.
      But I don’t think the ending was bad. It fits perfectly in the whole story and don’t leave many holes behind.

  • KevieKev

    Some of my favorite hooror movies of all time have had terrible endings. Let’s go through it.

    1. Nightmare on Elm St. Yes… you heard me. After all that happens, Nancy simply saying “You’re just a dream” and Freddie disappearing is bad in and of itself. But the mother getting pulled through the door as if Freddie’s arm as a vacuum is just awful.

    2. Candyman. This is such a smart horror film, until the finale that is. I think the perfect ending would have been right at Helen’s funeral, with the folks of Cabrini Green dropping the hook on her grave with that resounding echo. If they stopped the movie there, it would have been so erie and unsettling. But nooo… her widowed husband who screwed her over says Helen 5 times, and she’s the new Candyman I guess(?)

    3. The Descent with the American ending. This is probably my favorite recent horror movie. But earlier in the film, one of the women says “We’re 2 miles underground, you didn’t see daylight.” Well guess what… they keep going down, and down, and down. There is no “ascent” in this movie. So for Sarah to escape the cave of horrors and find her way back to the car, and for Juno, who she just killed waiting for her in the front seat, is just ridiculous. Go for the uncut version, where that’s just a dream sequence and she is left all crazy in the cave having seriously lost her mind.

    4. Dawn of the Dead 2005 Remake. The movie takes place in Wisconsin. They want to go on the boat to an island where?… In Lake Michigan? Please.

    5. Then, it’s a tie with 2 movies with “alternate personalities” twists: High Tension and Identity. High Tension: What a great slasher film! But I hate the message that repressed homosexual urges bring out an alternate personality. Also, if the girl was the killer at the same time, how was she able to follow them in another car, and then get so banged up in the following car accident? I totally didn’t get it. And the whole “all the personalities duking it out in a hotel” thing in Identity just completely didn’t work for me.

  • Kinga Paine

    I’m going to cause controversy here – I just did not like the ending of the original ‘Halloween’ – Michael get’s shot six times, he falls, he crashes and then… he just vanishes…end! Cop out for me!

    Great, great film but never a perfect ten because of the ending!

    Sorry everyone!

    • Justen

      No, I completely get what you’re saying. It’s highly unrealistic and definitely feels like a cop out. But being fiction, Michael is supposed to embody evil and therefore be hard as hell to kill.

    • DeadInHell

      That isn’t controversial. It’s just…dumb.

      Halloween’s ending is one of the most iconic of all time. It’s not a “cop out”. Neither of you imbeciles even knows what a cop out is.

  • Justen

    Leading up to Samara crawling out of the television set, I loved The Ring and thought it was a sophisticated ghost story. That one scene, though, kind of ruined it for me, too. It’s a lot scarier with her just being in the tv. Plus she looked all digitized in the real world, and it was kind of weird (not scary). I agree with the microwave kill in LHOTL. Microwaves don’t even work unless the door is closed….I felt like that was added just because there were and continue to be a string on ultra-violent films with gory, innovative death scenes, and it was trying to pull that off.

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