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[Box Office] ‘Mama’ Has HUGE Opening Weekend! Horror Reigns Again!

Universal released Mama, the Guillermo del Toro-produced horror thriller about a group of feral children raised by something sinister, on Friday and it cleaned up over the weekend. A $10 Million Friday translated into an estimated $28.1 Million dollar weekend ($33.2 if the 4-Day projections hold for the MLK Holiday). That’s a lot of money!

Even if I didn’t totally love the movie (nor did Brad, you can read his review here), there’s plenty to admire about it, particularly the fact that its story is pretty original. And that $33 Million more than doubles its $15M production budget. It had a not great B- cinemascore, but exit polling revealed that audiences liked it more than Texas Chainsaw 3D so expect it to not drop like a rock like that one did.

Now if we can only get this many people to hit the theaters for Evil Dead in April and You’re Next in August!

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  • Kwonkicker


  • anthonyd1

    YES!!! Loved this movie and I am so happy that the first to horror releases of the year have been #1 at the box office. Now please lets hope this movie holds better in the coming weeks unlike Texas Chainsaw 3D

    • anthonyd1


  • djblack1313

    i had to choose (low on cash) between MAMA or HANSEL & GRETEL WITCH HUNTERS and i chose H&G. i’m very happy MAMA did well but i also wanted to support R RATED HORROR/ACTION MOVIES. i did the same with DREDD 3D (i love that movie!!). i’m looking forward to H&G as well. i can’t wait for EVIL DEAD to be REALLY REALLY well. Evan you ought to do a write up asking us BD readers what they think EVIL DEAD’s box office will be! i hope ED does UBER-well to show the powers that be that even very gory, dark, intense horror movies can do super well!

    • djblack1313

      another intesting bit is EVIL DEAD (from what i understand) only cost $14 million to make (MAMA cost $15 million). so i think it’s going to be great #’s.

  • DarrelDreadful

    This is greats news! I think I posted a comment when TC3D was #1 and I said I was hoping MAMA was going to be #1 as well because Horror movies need to rock the box office this year and we are off to a great start. I saw Mama yesterday and I thought it was good. I pray Evil Dead has a HUGE opening, it would just be great to see. Remake or not, Evil Dead is giving a lot of what Horror fans cry for, so I hope everyone puts their ticket money away now. April will be here before we know it.

  • yellowsicktoad

    I can’t wait to see Mama and I really hope I disagree with your reviews 😛

  • ThunderDragoon

    Horror’s still alive and kicking and I’m loving it!

  • Zombie-Killa

    Going to play devil’s advocate here and be the wet blanket………..

    I’ll admit, I haven’t seen Mama just yet (haven’t felt like going to the theaters since Texas Chainsaw 3D), but going by the consensus from the VAST majority of other reviews I read, Mama is just another CGI driven and predictable mainstream PG-13 horror film.

    Yes, I’m glad horror is reigning supreme at the box office again, and thankfully, another shitty January thriller or action flick (SHOCKED Arnold’s new film performed so poorly) isn’t dominating the standings. BUT if Mama really is (again, I haven’t seen it yet, so maybe some of you guys can help me out/educate me) another predictable PG-13 horror film, that had a nice run at the box office, then why should we get excited? As long as they make a profit, Hollywood is just going to stick to the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” formula, and we’ll see the same old, same old shit every year.

    Again, good news, but going by other reviews I’ve read (including this place) Mama isn’t something that’s going to set the world of horror on fire.

    • anthonyd1

      I have seen it and its way better and more original than some of the recent PG-13 shit shows like The Apparition, The Possession, One Missed Call, Shutter, and so on. Mama isn’t groundbreaking but its up with there with the the better PG-13 horror films like Insidious and The Ring and for that I think we should be very proud of this debut.

      • Zombie-Killa

        Ah, some more insight. That’s what I was looking for, and those are some good examples! I still haven’t seen The Apparition (and I don’t think I want to), but One Missed Call was SHIT. Thanks Anthony!

  • AndrewSoukup24

    Seen Mama yesterday and thought it was good until like the last 20 min…thought the ending was just awful…I thought Texas Chainsaw 3D was better but that wasn’t very good either.

    • AndrewSoukup24

      pg-13 horror films are just rarely any good.

  • Aaron Emery

    Just got back from this and at best I would say it was a small step above all the other generic horror we all see (far too much *sigh*). I’ll give credit where it’s due though, at least ‘Mama’ tried something different. It had an original (and pretty damn entriguing) premise, good acting, and had some really cool shots. The downfall was in the half assed CGI! Spoiler** the titular Mama was a cartoon**. The most effective scenes in this movie were the ones that didn’t show much (tug-of-war!!). Hey, it could be worse, we could have gotten another exorcism flick! ~_~

  • Ultrazilla

    Good movie! Not the best, but I was very entertained. Lots of creepy and cool shots too. People are complaining about the CGI, but it wasn’t that bad. In fact, other than the very end, the CGI was handled very well and looked awesome. The movements they gave the antagonist were unique and looked fine as CGI. Also liked the short CGI feral children shots, not sure how they could have done that without animation. Yes, you can tell it’s CGI, but who gives a fuck, you can tell make up, suitmation and claymation when you see it as well.

  • BWAShotgun

    Totally gonna go to the theather to see You’re Next, but Evil Dead sucks badly.

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