Get Your Ghost Hunt On With ‘616: Paranormal Incident’

  • ihearthorror

    HOT MESS ALERT! This found footage film was obviously low budget, but when they go low budget, do they have to go low budget on the screenplay too?!? I mean, 3 minutes into the film, it literally switches to a porn setup. We go to a hand held camera shot of a fake foreign sounding dude following a hot babe around while she continuously keeps flashing him. If I wanted to watch a porno, Id go watch one, but I came to watch a horror movie. I don’t like to mix the two together, and yet, some horror filmmakers think that they go together like zombies & brains. Anyhoo, back to the mess, so then the film goes to investigating an abandon prison by the FBI and the FBI’s cameras… yeah, I’m still confused. When the lead FBI Agent bends over and the camera focuses in on her tramp stamp that was it for me. I made it 22:10 into the movie and that’s only because I really wanted to give a full review, but I just couldn’t make it. This is definitely one you want to pass on.

    1 outta 10

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