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New ‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’ Multiplayer Trailer Channels ‘Left 4 Dead’

It isn’t difficult to compare the multiplayer offering in the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines to Left 4 Dead — the same comparisons were made for the multiplayer in Dead Space 2 — but they’ve has made it even easier by giving the Xenomorphs abilities any L4D fan is already too familiar with. An alien that spits acid? Sounds familiar. A kamikaze alien that likes to get in your personal bubble so it can explode, showering you in giblets? Yep. How about an alien that’s really big, can take tons of damage, and likes to brute force your unsuspecting ass right into a wall? Colonial Marines has that too. I’m not complaining, because it still looks fun, I only wish it were a little more original. See the multiplayer in action after the break.

Aliens: Colonial Marines releases on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC on February 12th.

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