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Some Extremely Dedicated Fans Have Translated The Japan Exclusive ‘Silent Hill Play Novel’

Japan gets a lot of great exclusives, like the Silent Hill Sounds Box and Fatal Frame IV — both of which I’m still pretty bitter about — but at least now we can sort of cross one off the list. The Silent Hill Play Novel was an altered version of the original Silent Hill that released for the Game Boy Advance exclusively in Japan back in 2001. It was a visual novel of sorts that retold the story of the first game through text-based gameplay with some player interaction that came from basic decisions and various puzzles. Strangely enough, it lacked one of the most iconic things about the survival horror franchise, a soundtrack.

If you missed it, now is your chance to experience the long forgotten game, which has been translated and made fully playable by Amy Balot of Silent Hill fansite Alchemilla Hospital and translator Toby Normoyle. It took seven years, but it’s finally here. This just goes to show the dedication some fans have for the franchises they love, and that can sometimes lead to incredibly cool projects like these. You can check out the Silent Hill Play Novel as an HTML Flash game that can be played online or as a download at their website.

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