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[BD Review] Brad Finds A Lot To Like In ‘Warm Bodies’

Summit Entertainment releases All the Boys Love Mandy Lane and 50/50 director Jonathan Levine’s Warm Bodies today, February 1st and Brad (Mr. Disgusting) is here to share is review. The good news is that he liked what he saw and would recommend it – with a few exceptions. I had planned to follow this review up with my own take, but since I’m sort of (barely) in the movie I’ve decided that I won’t be writing an official review. But I will say that I pretty much agree with Brad on this one (though I like it just a little bit more).

‘Warm Bodies’ is beautifully shot, features relatable characters, and a carries a romance that the viewer may actually connect with. There’s a lot to like about Warm Bodies, even if you’re into old school horror. Still, the hardcore horror nuts may be turned off by the lack of violence and gore typically shrouding the zombie subgenre…

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